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Nov 3, 2012
Ah so that's why he didn't pass in that semi final- coz he's so grounded...
And all this time I thought he was just a greedy prick.

Lmao , saw a guy in the casino having a word or two to Logan a fair while back.
Must of brought it up , Got Logans hand to the face.
8 other men were standing around but walked off when that happened.
They must of had the same thing in mind.
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Jul 28, 2013
Have followed the Warriors since 95. Im 63 now and at the start of every season I have always thought they would do well. With what I see on paper for this year it looks a good squad. All the best boys you have given me many years of great games you have played. Looking forward to them making the top 8 as a start to a good year!!! Warriors Proud !!

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