General YOUR Warriors Team for 2015



Going on who we currently have......

1. Tomkins
2. Fish
3. Hurrell
4. Laumape
5. Fusitua
6. The Chad
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Matulino
9. Havili
10. Lillyman
11. Mannering
12. The Hoff (C)
13. Seb

14. Lolohea
15. Matagi
16. Vatuvai
17. Benry

18. Lousi

NSWarriors Captain - TL
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1. Fish
2. Fusitua
3. Laumape
4. Hurrell
5. Manu
6. Chad / Tomkins- Please get new boots!!!!
7. Johnson
8. Lilyman
9. Havilli
11. Henry
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering

14. Lolohea
15. Rapira
16. Matagi
17. Matulino


Warriors Orange Peeler
40%? Please! Are you serious?
60% attack
20% field placement and kick return
20% defence.

His attacking play isnt 100%. Hayne would take the bench mark. His defence is almost non-existent and his kick returns look like he's sliding into home base.

40% is fair in my opinion.

I laugh at your breakdown where you say Sam Tomkin is the best fullback in the team. Really lol! We only have him and Glen Fisiiahi...
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1.Hoffman (to be signed during the off season )
3 Matai (not sure if just a rumor if it is just a rumor then Mat Allwood)
4, Hurrell
5, Vatuvei
7 johnson
8 Lillyman
9 Havili
10 Matagi
11 Hoffman
12 Matulino
13 Mannering

14 Henry
15 Lousi
16 Ikahihifo


4. Tuimoala Lolohea
Tuimoala Lolohea. I don’t think the halves is his best position just yet. I think he has the ability and size to play centre and be really good at it. Potentially could play 6 later in his career. This would give him a great introduction to consistent first grade without the pressure of running the team. I also don’t believe having to running 6’s in our halves is the way to go and I don't believe Tui is ready for this yet.


Somewhat similar to what souths have done (very successfully) with Dylan Walker.

there is definitely some merit in this idea.
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Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

Or move Vatuvei to the forwards, we're still a dozen or so players short of a team.


This year yet?
7.Johnson (C)
9.someone new/havilli/townsend
10.someone new and big and angry
12.Matulino (the form one)
15.Henry (the healthy version)
16.someone new
17. Someone new

Need to weed out some of the shit but dont have alot to replace it with unfortunately.
Need Lolohea in there somewhere but not sure where (long term 6)
Wanna see Tomkins at 6 as his defence is too much of a liability and we lose kick returns with him.
Would like to see what chad offers at hooker with havilli backing him up, chads not quite there as a half but I like his attitude and passing game.
Tommy will be in there somewhere id bet, he hasnt been great but doesnt deserve to be the scapegoat many are making him I struggle to find a spot for him on current form.
Fullback and wing is a bit of a worry, went with Fish but do wonder if he'll break again and his hands/d can be suspect (same with Fusitua).
Would be fine if Manu moved to the forwards but equally happy to keep him on the wing. His turning speed is a liability but we would loose a point of difference with his hit ups if we were to move him.
Decided to give Johnson the captaincy, as much as I admire Mannering its just time for a change (like the passing of the torch from Price), as shown when he was miked up hes a bossy little bastard and im sure hewill get Iin the refs ears well, also might help to sort of some of the hierarchy issues with hookers and other halves.

Still gutted by the end of this year, feel let down as a longtime fan by how the guy performed-it hurts and now to put up with the aussie jokes about the Warriors.
BUT I will be back next year with newfound optimism to cheer on the boys (no doubt in a new jersey too).
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Tomkins at 6? NO FUCKING WAY!!!
Firstly his passing game is not up to it. He is incredibly inaccurate when throwing a ball over 10m.
Its taken him a season to learn how to be an NRL fullback and still hasn't got that 100%. It'll take him atleast a year to be NRL quality in 6, then he'll have one good season in 6.
Can Tomkins take on the line and draw defenders to create space for his teammates?
Can Tomkins create a gap to run through?
What does 2 seasons of Tomkins at 6 do to Tui?
Can Tomkins run straight at the line and take hits without losing meters every time?
No, Tomkins is a fullback.
Tui should be our 6. A full preseason with Johnson should teach him a bit. With Hoffman beside him he should also become a solid defender.


1 Tomkins
2 Fish
3 Hurrell
4 Laumape
5 Vatuvei
6 Lolohea
7 Johnson
8 Lillyman
9 Friend
10 Matulino
11 Henry
12 Hoffman
13 Mannering

14 Leuluai
15 Rapira
16 Matagi
17 Ikahihifo

Pretty depressing naming this team but unless we make signings we have very few alternatives. Just have to hope Hoffman brings renewed energy to our forward pack and the other players find form again.


1. Fish
2. Allwood
3. Lolohea
4. Laumape
5. Fusitua
6. Tomkins
7. Johnson
8. Lillyman
9. Friend to alternate with Chad till Havili and Chad are ready to take over
10. Hoffman
12. Mannering
11. Matulino
13 Ikahihifo / Lousi to alternate at 18th man.

14. Chad
15. Manu
16. Henry
17. Hurrell

What u say ! ? ! ?!

My bench full of backs is dependent of Hoffman playing eighty at Prop , Mannering playing eighty and Matulino being taken off for Benry when My Blockbusting backs who run like props come on.

Hurrell at 13 off the bench. To play center when hardened off / fitness pushed to a new level.

Lolohea to open up the left edge.

Johnson and Tomkins to pair up and play off each other.

Hoffman to play eighty minutes at Prop , he and Lillyman to anchor us from the start. Hoffman to kick start sets, Lillyman to work his arse off with that late hit up he favors.

Vatuvei and Hurrell to come on and Make George Burgi and Sam Kassiono look like footnotes when people talk about bench impact.

Townsend to put a young man with good hands and no fear of work at hooker.

My team will go forward. My team will move the ball like no other Warrior side ever seen.

Forwards go forward.....backs are faster than this years.....skill level to play off the back of the momentum is higher across the team.

Lastly no special players are left out.
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I agree with others in that we would be better served with Tomkins in the 6, Henry or Chad to 9 or both, we do need a super high workrate Prop that has got a skill set also, he doesn't have to be 115kg plus..

1. Fisiahi - with 2 for real ball players his hole running could be sublime, It would be good to see him a bit slower but heavier in the New Year
2.Fusitua - I hope he is being force fed concrete pills
3.Kon - I don't think he is at 70% of his potential yet, so much room for improvement and he should be getting the ball 20 times a game minimum..
4.Ngani - Another that is far from his potential, having someone running that fringe decently and keeping him to task will bring out the best in him.
5. Manu - I would love to see how he would go on a fringe or the middle but he is fine where he is, you would think that no other winger has tries scored around them if you believed what you read around here..
The above Freshness does worry me, but Shaun Johnson and Tomkins are great talkers and should go good if everyone has their listening ears on..

6. Tomkins - He really isn't a great Fullback, does some great things as a link man but a good running Fullback looking to terrorise would have torn the Panthers and others up a heap of times, FTR defending in the line is much much easier than defending at Fullback or Wing.
7. Shaun Johnson - He should be Captain
8. Jake - You know exactly what your going to get with Jake, but even he has seemed to be not pulling his weight lately -not his fault IMO
9. Chad/Benry..either of these 2 can handle 80mins, Chad has shown some very good defensive workrates for a half. This is the position that will make or break us, ideally we need an 80 minute Hooker so that rules Havili out IMO
10. WE need an ugly 10, Seb maybe..
11. Hoffman - I'd prefer him on Shaun Johnson's side, we need a good talker
12.Matulino - Average Prop, outstanding fringe backrower
13.Manners- No Captaincy , an ugly angry ex Captain that will need to up his workrate for the good of the team, he should only be running the footy in our 30 and their 30..

Rapira - I don't think the Props were to blame for their dismal stats the last few games, right into his Prime I got a feeling it will be a big year for him..
Matagi - shown glimpses of last year but has found it difficult to work his way into games,
Sionne Lousi - He has had an interesting season, moments of looking like exactly what we need and other times a bit meh, hard to leave out tho.
Benry/Chad -
Lolohea is a wildcard, looks like the long term 6 and maybe more effective at the back the Tomkins, I just don't think we need another playmaker back there..

It would be a crack up to see TL,Friend and Mateo named co Captains of the reserves, funny but needed on more than 1 front because It's a bit depressing that I struggle to add more names to this list after the past 3 seasons and is showing that we need more experience at the club pushing for spots, the young freshies is not the way forward, they need players to learn off on a weekly basis..
Dankokoro 2.0

Dankokoro 2.0

Manu at prop. And as captain qualifies as out there.

I dunno, the Manu to the forwards debate has been raging for 3 years. Not really a radical idea.. Maybe not as a starting prop but as a bench forward? Still, he would be carting the ball up the middle, like he's been doing for the last several seasons.. And he was our captain when Simon was injured. He wouldn't be my choice though.


I really cannot do this with the current squad. We need to recruit to be more competitive next year, and that means removing players with shocking stats in 2014. I don't think there is a quick fix for this squad which is why we must recruit at least 3-4 quality players. Matai and Watmough would be a start, and I think a seasoned prop such as Shillington may come cheap. I would also push Shaun Johnson to #6 and look at a #7, such as Tyrone Roberts from the knights. If TL gets his act together he can play #9, and I would also be on the look out for a quality winger with good all-round capabilities that would also come cheap. I am thinking someone like Valentine Holmes from Cronulla would be an was target given all the nonsense going on over there. Lets stop "having faith" that things will improve and start being aggressive and make it happen.


Does anyone have any info on why Rapira, Matulino and Matagi were all sub standard for the majority of the year?

Training, attitude, endurance, off season stuff (e.g. too much weights not enough speed work)?

Do you also think that having Friend at dummy half is compounding the go forward issue? As there is no threat from dummy half the markers and defensive line can slide across to take the hit up. His passing can be quite delayed so by the time he gets the ball to the forward the defensive line is already up on them?
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Dankokoro 2.0

Dankokoro 2.0

I really cannot do this with the current squad. We need to recruit to be more competitive next year, and that means removing players with shocking stats in 2014.

You said it... I refuse to name a team because i'd have to name a lot of players who have been rubbish for the majority of the season. I'm glad we signed Hoffman now, even tho we paid overs, because a) he'll bring his Storm work ethic with him, and b) we get to not name one of those other dicks.. Bukuya.. seriously, what a waste of space (and cap).
BA-AD Luck

BA-AD Luck

What I would like to see:
Tomkins to partner Johnson in the halves like the 9s.
Lolohea to be given opportunities throughout the season. Some games required from the bench, some games in Reserves. Every other team seems to have no problem using their young guns, why do we?
Fisiiahi to have an injury free season and own the fullback position.
Hurrell not to require extras when he returns for pre season training.
One big bopper Prop to our pack. Sam Lousi is our only option and I want more speed and reliability.
Manu to ignite our pack.
Allwood to be ... :) Could he be our first signing that delivers in his first year with us?

I am thinking along these lines.
Mannering (c)

Lousi / Faitala-Mariner

Looking forward to the club blooding Kata as the season progresses.
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BA-AD Luck

BA-AD Luck

With a backrow of Henry, Hoffman and mannering (they should regularly play out the 80mins and provide accurate defence and hole running opportunities. They won't beat people up with the ball but they should be reliable and provide an opportunity for us to go all out in shorter spurts with our props similar to Bulldogs rotation.

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