General YOUR Team For 2021

Aitken, Jennings, Ratuva, Evans, Murdoch-Masila, Hetherington

Beale, Milne, Green, Roache, Burr, Papali’i, Blair, Pulu, Frei, Afoa?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck


18. Berry
19. Perham
20. Pompey
21. Fusitua
22. Turner
23. Keighran
24. Kalepo/Utukolo
25. Ah-Mau
26. Ale
27. Curran
28. Slade
29. Tuimivave-Gerard
30. ?? Hetherington if so in the 17
Hard side to pick still got Herbert, Fusitua, Perham, Ah-Mau, Turner
1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.
2. Herbert
3. Hiku
4. Aitken
5. Jennings
6. Nikorima
7. Chanel Harris-Tavita
8. Jamayne Tounua-Brown
9. Egan
10. Hetherington/Rudolph
11. Katoa
12. Harris
13. Jazz

14. Turner
15. Evans
16. Ben Murdoch-Masila
17. Rudolph/ Murchie
I know highly unlikely we’ll get Rudolph or Jack then swap for Ah Mau/ Paasi. Herbert/Hiku solid edge Herbert covering Hiku on D. Ken and Fusitua haven’t been missed and love new guys attitudes, if we lose Hiku then Fusitua into centre or Ken outside Herbert.
Turner to bench and Kodi rotates with Egan when Turner on, Jazz plays 80mins of out and out mongrel so our huge bench come on for 20mins spells of destruction each a half.
Finally got some real depth.
1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. George Jennings
3. Euan Aitken
4. Peta Hiku
5. Ken Maumalo
6. Kodi Nikorima
7. Chanel Harris-Tavita
8. Jack Hetherington
9. Wayde Egan
10. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
11. Eliesa Katoa
12. Jack Murchie
13. Tohu Harris

14. Karl Lawton
15. Kane Evans
16. Ben Murdoch-Masila
17. Leeson Ah Mau

- Fusitua's money can be better spent elsewhere. Let's get Jennings in.
- Lawton comes on for Egan at the 25min mark and stays on as long as he is effective.
- Evans comes on for Hetherington at the 25min mark and stays on as long as he is effective.
- Ben Murdoch-Masila comes on for Murchie at the 30min mark and stays on as long as he is effective.
- Katoa and Harris play 80min.
- Ah Mau splits a game with Jamayne Tounua-Brown.
- Tevaga to switch with Lawton on the bench on a "horses for courses" basis.
- Turner gets a spot every fourth game or so to give Chanel Harris-Tavita a reprieve from the rigors of first grade.
- Perham first cab off the rank when a wing/center is injured/out of form.
- Ale to make his debut against one of the weaker teams early on in the season.
Warriors 2021 squad

1 R T Sheck
2 D Fusitua
3 E Aitken
4 P Hiku (Sign 2023)
5 K Maumalo
6 K Nikorima
7 C H Tavita
8 J T Brown
9 W Egan
10 L A Mau (Playing For Contract 2021)
11 B M Masila (Right Edge)
12 T Harris (Sign Befor November 1 2020)
13 J Tavanga (Sign Befor November 1 2020)

14 K Lawton (Playing For Contract 2021)
15 A Paasi
16 K Evans
17 E Katoa (Don't Rush) Impact Beast!

18 A Keighran (Sign 2023, NRL Ready)
19 P Herbert (Sign 2023, NRL Ready)
20 A Pompey (Playing For Contract, NRL Ready)
21 H Perham (Playing For Contract, NRL Ready)
22 B Afoa (Playing For Contract, NRL Ready)
23 J Murchie (Nrl Ready)

24 Paul Turner (Upgrade)
25 R Berry (Upgrade)
26 J Curren (Release) ASAP!
27 T Ale (Upgrade)
28 J Ratuva (Signed)


Blair, Beale, Green, Pulu, Roach, Milne, Selestino, Papalii, Frei,

Not a lot of space left guys! Need a young hooker and Halfback to come through and I think we have a few, nrl squads may be going to 28 so we are full as it stands?
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Can’t see a space for Hiku or Jennings unfortunately. We have Herbert, Pompey and Perham all making their case as well rounded NRL ready players but people also forget Ratuva is supposed to be pushing for a wing spot next year and is the next big thing.

We have 9 NRL capable potential players fighting for 4 starting outside back spots. Maumalo, Fusitua, Aitken, Herbert, + Hiku, Jennings, Perham, Pompey, Ratuva - in that order of importance in my opinion.
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Warriors 2021 squad

1 R T Sheck c
2 D Fusitua
3 E Aitken (Signed)
4 P Hiku (Playing For Contract)
5 K Maumalo
6 K Nikorima
7 C H Tavita
8 J T Brown
9 W Egan
10 L A Mau (Playing For Contract)
11 E Katoa
12 T Harris (Sign Before November 1)
13 J Tavanga (Sign Befor November 1)

14 K Lawton
15 K Evans (Signed)
16 A Paasi
17 B M Masila (Signed)

18 J Murchie
19 A Pompey (Playing For Contract)
20 H Perham (Playing For Contract)
21 S O'Sullivan?
22 B Afoa (Release)
23 A Blair (Release)

24 P Turner (Upgrade)
25 J Ratuva (Singed)
26 T Ale (Upgrade)
27 J Curren (Release)


Here's my 2021 squad revamped, I think we should always leave spot open for a mid season transfer. I think the other spot could be for Peter O'Sullivan's son Sean O'Sullivan, covers hooker and halves? If we can move Blair, Curren, and afoa on then three more spaces become available, plus we would have a few handy development players?

Sorry to say but herbert is the unlucky one, if we keep him the balance is no good.
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