General Who Should The Warriors Sign For 2017?

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Mar 17, 2014
I would like Proctor because he is a Kiwi and a Maori, we need more of them than Aussies, but coming from the Melbourne system worries me.

Hey bruce, sorry mate have to disagree with you on this one ( love reading your posts and with much respect to you ) here is why.......

The current KIWI team can't beat the Ozzy's, in fact we look so second rate against them it's not even worth getting up and watching the game. The best thing we do it the starting Haka.... Ok, YES we have had injury and that hasn't helped, but even still, we just can't match them of late, and it shows.

So this is were I tend to lean towards an even balance of NZ boy's V Ozzy boy's in our team. ( Warrior's ) Filling spots full of KIWIS IMO is wrong, and we will never win a comp if we go down that path, unless the KEY spots are with GOOD Ozzy players ( not has been journey men ) but players in their prime. Hey just my opinion of course.
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