General Warriors written off ? 2022

We really need our more senior players and leaders to step up like Price and Wiki back in the day - the BEST captains. Always got the team in the right frame of mind and set the tone of games. Even when mistakes were made - they seemed to rally the troops. We need to get rid of this error rate no doubt. But we really need the more experienced boys to step up. And we need to play as a damn team. When we play as a team we are unstoppable. I know it was just a trial but when we played Melb and beat them - we were a cohesive team. Playing for each other. Saturday was not that. It was individuals just trying to do tricks and the tricks don’t pay off when we aren’t doing it with and for each other. I don’t think it’s cause for alarm yet. But this is one of the BEST squads we have had since those Price and Wiki days. The ceiling this team can hit is high - so let’s bloody hit it! I want the Warriors to be that team again that other teams are scared to play because we play exciting but also good footy! Hope the boys are taking a long hard look at themselves and are ready to roar on Saturday! Go the WARRIORS! 🔥
Not sure how everyone else is feeling .. but to me the balloon popped before rnd 1 ..
Usually always look forward to the new season and round 1 KO and have done since 95.
Yet this year .. feels like flogging a dead horse and just going through the motions.
This rebuild (still going since the Kearney days) has stagnated to the point of the club making up the numbers... maybe all the shit and dramas over the last decade or so has numbed the senses.
Yet The Borg still won't give up on the club.. 27 yrs and counting popped balloon or not..
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Just another day in paradise
No one putting up their hand to be our coach, only people who have no experience or people like Brown who have awful NRL records of coaching. Expect Coaches like the Bulldogs Coach if Brown gets kicked!

Not sure I agree. Alot of discussions happen behind closed doors. Just like recruiting players, talent scouting good coaches is a skill. We found unknowns like Todd Payten, Daniel Anderson, and Ivan Cleary. I am sure there are many other future and current assistant coaches willing to step in and take on challenge.


If the warriors were based in NZ I would give them a good chance of finishing well in the top 8. When the warriors do come back to NZ permanently is Reece walch going to come to he talks about going back to Brisbane team alot
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