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We didn't have much on Kane Ferris during our last update in 2015 apart from the fact that he was playing for the Celebration Lions in Christchurch and was still being selected for the odd Canterbury Bulls game.

Info is still vague on Kane but he is still living in Christchurch as of January 2022 at least. Found a possible job for him but its from one of those websites that farms info off other sites and tries to sell it.

Screenshot 2022 11 22 80526 PM

I checked the He Waka Tapu site and he is not part of the staff they had showing. Have reached out to OMG who hasn't been back to the forum in a while but knows Kane well. Will have to revisit this one soon...


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We had little info on Paul Atkins in 2015. He was a PE teacher in 2010 at Alfriston College but we couldn't find any trace of him after that.

Had some luck this time finding him at Okaihau College in Northland still working as a PE teacher and he's been there since at least 2017. The Facebook post below was taken from the schools account during their athletics day in March 2022.

Logo 150x150 black dark

Welcome to Okaihau College​

Okaihau College is located in Okaihau which is in the heart of Te Tai Tokerau. We offer a modern and welcoming learning environment, with committed and supportive teaching and support staff. We provide our students with a culturally rich and authentic educational experience and are committed to providing an education which nurtures intelligence and lifelong learning, encourages achievement, creativity, confidence and fosters relationships between home and school.

Screenshot 2022 11 22 95008 PM


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Our last update Steve Price was owner/operator of the Waipu Four Square.

He has since returned to Australia. They moved back to North Queensland to further son Riley Price's career after he was signed by the North Queensland Cowboys but he has had roles with the Canterbury Bulldogs as General Manager of Football and a management role with Westfund Health.

I asked Andy Raymond on Instagram what Steve was doing now after he did a podcast with him and Andy said he was working in the mines but Ive been unable to find where or what he's doing.

Riley Price will move into the North Queensland Cowboys top 30 in 2023.

Price: Growing up I've been lucky to have him by my side

Kate Cornish
Tue 28 Dec 2021, 12:24 PM

Club super fan and contributor Kate Cornish speaks to 20-year-old forward Riley Price about his growth since moving to North Queensland, training alongside the full-time squad and the elite sporting genes in his family.

He may have made his first rugby league tackle at the tender age of five for the Mount Albert Lions in Auckland, New Zealand, but Riley Price says he feels right at home in Townsville and he is ready for his shot to make his debut with the Cowboys, should he be so lucky to get the chance.

“I remember watching dad play footy every weekend and as soon as I was old enough to play, I did. I started at five-years-old and was straight into the action. As soon as I picked up a footy, I just loved it.”

Blessed with elite sporting genes and a strong competitive nature, Price says his dad, Queensland State of Origin stalwart, Steve Price, has already played an important part in his fledgling career, always giving advice on improving elements of his game and encouraging his son to be the best person he can be on and off the field.

“Growing up I have been lucky to have him by my side obviously with footy, but also with things that are not about footy as well. Whether I’ve played a good game or a bad game, he is always there with tips about what I could improve. I am very lucky to have him in my life.”

Another mentor in Price’s life is a name familiar to Cowboys fans, Brent Tate. For any young athlete, having a strong support network is vital to their success and Price knows he is lucky to have someone as experienced as his uncle in his corner and in Townsville with him.

“My uncle has given me advice as well about being professional on and off the field. Footy isn’t just a job where you turn up to play and then go home. It is also about what you do off the field and at home.”

Price caught the eye of the Cowboys in 2019 when he was a just 17-years-old and straight out of high school. He credits the club with improvements in his game including his speed and his strength over that time.

“I have come a long way since 2019. I was only 75kgs when I arrived and playing in the middle, but every day I take things in from coaches and not just at the Cowboys, but from the Blackhawks, too. My game has definitely stepped up since being in North Queensland.”

For Price, the 2021 season had its fair share of ups-and-downs and he found the transition from the Under 20’s to Queensland Cup a great challenge. Price played in eight games this year, and while he did suffer a broken clavicle early in the season, he says he’s feeling great and is eager for more opportunities in 2022.

Getting to train beside some of the best in the business is enough to keep his motivation high and to show coaching staff exactly what he has to offer, and with pre-season training now in full swing, every player is out to be noticed.

“When you are a young kid that is what you dream about doing, training alongside players like Jason Taumalolo. They are the players that I grew up watching so it is quite surreal.

Everyone is going out on the training paddock everyday trying to be their best, and sometimes you might not get it right, but it is great to be around this group with people who have been there and done it before. They are there to help you get through and to help you be the best player and person you can be.”

The Hutchinson Builders Centre is a head-turner and the quality of resources now available to players is certainly not lost on Price. He says having the chance to train in and experience this world class facility is an experience that takes training and performance to the next level.

“It is quite amazing when you think about what we have up here. It would have to be one of the best centres in the country. It is the little things that the high-performance team are able to do now that they were not able to do before that makes a difference.”

Getting his shot at first grade is a personal goal for Price in 2022, and he hopes that by playing consistent football, week in and week out he will realise his dream of running out onto the field making his first-grade debut.

“I have been dreaming of that moment since I was little, so when Todd (Payten) and the coaching staff think the time is right, I will ready.”

With big footy shoes to fill within the family, the sibling rivalry is also strong in the Price household. Price’s older sister, Jamie-Lee, is a sporting star in her own right. She is a current Australian Diamond, and one of the best defensive mid-courters in the world, with 18 Test Caps to her name.

“It is awesome watching her do her thing in her sport. It makes me really proud to see her represent her country. She is one of the most dominant players in her position so it's great to see her doing what she loves. We definitely get competitive when we get home and we do some gym sessions together.”

With Cowboys Head of Football, Micheal Luck, believing that Price is one of the best forwards in his age group, the sky is the limit for this young player looking to leave his own mark in the rugby league world.

“When the people who run this club have that sort of belief and trust in you, that is amazing. They are the ones who have given me the opportunity to do what I love to do, so I am quite grateful for the position that I am in.”

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In 2015 Todd Byrne was the Bulk Liquids Berth Officer at Port Botany, NSW, Australia for OPEC Systems. His Linkedin account was still the same as that 2015 visit but when I checked OPEC Systems website he was no where to be found.

Was lucky enough to stumble upon a podcast by Bunnies TV from September 2021 talking with Todd Byrne about the infamous Scott Satler tackle and reviewing the 2021 Rabbitohs vs Panthers Grand Final.

In it he talks about bumping into Shannon Hegarty who then got him into a biometrics exercise called functional patterns. Long story short he speaks about their plan to open a biometrics centre in Waterloo, Sydney, Australia called Functional Patterns Sydney (FPS).

19.55 - 24.20 and again at 27.15 - finish​

I have found their website and Instagram page but cant find any mention of Byrne at all but Shannon Hegarty has a profile on it so I know I have the right place. Hegarty is the only name on the FPS business registry.

For a quick look at what functional pattern is watch the clip below.

No idea on this one but have to believe he is involved somehow based on that podcast...


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Kava King Ruben Wiki was the Warriors Strength and Conditioning Coach during our last visit. A role he has had on and off since 2010.

Not sure if he still does the odd session with the team but he and his wife have had Wiki Workz Fitness since 2008. They moved into a facility a number of years in Otara and run their classes there.

Screenshot 2022 11 23 55116 PM



Wiki Workz Fitness is headed by husband and wife team Ruben and Santa Wiki. With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, Ruben and Santa’s strong belief in teamwork and support has seen our Wiki Workz family through some incredible achievements in everything from health and weight loss through to strength training, endurance and competition. Together with our highly qualified and passionate coaches, we present an exercise program that promotes preventative injury and utilises functional movements to improve strength and cardio conditioning. Wiki Workz is an open gym, with our 270 sqm floor providing a welcoming space for athletes and teams to work on their high-performance skills training.

In our classes, members are encouraged to lend their voices and support one another whenever we’re out on the working floor, promoting positive communication and a wellness team culture – a vital part of our Wiki Workz ethos. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND At Wiki Workz we provide exercises for all fitness levels, providing support and encouragement to every single member of our gym to work alongside them in setting and achieving their goals. With a strong foundation of encouragement and mentorship, we work to develop a positive and passionate mindset toward health and fitness in each of our clients that shine through clearly in our 45min and 60min classes.

All new members are warmly greeted by our team and made to feel welcome, so come along and experience life in the Wiki Workz whanau today!

Screenshot 2022 11 23 55747 PM
Screenshot 2022 11 23 55600 PM
Screenshot 2022 11 23 55534 PM
You can also find Wiki Worz on Instagram and Facebook...



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In 2015 Nathan Fien was partner at company mortgage brokage firm Corporate Finance Group in Wollongong, Sydney.

Seems he's out on his ace now and running his own company called Upside Finance based in Sydney, Australia.

316814952 10230129345236255 2969494723376467936 n

316677522 10230129345516262 8269881742860906837 n

316544025 10230129333475961 1290590276933651503 n

161335261 259524105795040 6300354292197807722 n


Upside Finance sets out to understand your motivations, harness your financial potential and make your ambitions happen.

Upside Finance is a boutique mortgage broker and property loan advisor, offering clients a full suite of lending options and property finance solutions.

Our job is to act as the guiding force behind your financial goals, all the while empowering you with information, resources and results along the way.


Guiding you towards finance that thrives. Upside Finance assesses each client’s unique circumstances with diligence and care, and takes a 360 degree approach in catering to them.
We treat every situation individually, seeking to uncover your concerns, understand your ambitions and work tirelessly towards making them happen.

As for the coach part of his Linkedin profile he has just left the club at the end of this season after coaching them to 3 Illawarra Premierships.

The story is behind a paywall sorry so cant copy and paste.

Thanks to TheMorningEmu we have a more accurate update...

Screen Shot 2022 11 24 at 103850 AM
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Obviously during our last update in 2015 Simon Mannering was still playing for the club and would retire in 2018.

Since retiring Mannering has worked in assistant coaching roles with the Kiwi Ferns in 2018 and the Brisbane Broncos in the WNRL. In 2020 it was announced that he would be returning to the Warriors as a part time coach and mentor.

According to his interview with Monty Betham on his show Once a Warrior he is back living in Nelson and doing a building apprenticeship.



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Our last update Micheal Luck was working as the North Queensland Cowboys’ Manager of Recruitment and Development.

He is still working with the Cowboys but has moved up a couple of notches to General Manager of Football.

316684741 10230136286009770 3818476142063708404 n
316682810 10230136286449781 8246757555070121907 n

Cowboys name new Head of Football Mon 19 Oct 2020, 11:20 AM


Today the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys announced the appointment of Micheal Luck, the club’s current Chief Operating Officer, to the role of Head of Football. After a short period of transition between roles, Luck will assume full-time responsibilities for the club’s football department from the end of the year.

In announcing Luck’s new role, CEO Jeff Reibel said the club had looked to one of their own, whose relentlessness, tenacity and counsel had been so vital in such a challenging year, to lead the football department through this pivotal period of change.

“In his role as Head of Football, Micheal will bring continuity, stability and history as we embark upon a new era. It gives me great pleasure to appoint a highly respected and credentialled sports administrator to run our football operations who is also able to impart the knowledge of what it means to be a Cowboy and belong to a club that is so fundamentally interwoven with the North Queensland community,” he said.

Reibel also said that Luck’s experience, aptitude and approach in working on both sides of the business, both football and administration, would allow him to navigate the commercial and operational complexities in running the club’s football department seamlessly.

“Micheal’s early career at the Cowboys was in the football department as the Elite Pathways Manager and then he moved over to the administrative side when he took on the position of General Manager – HR. Following that, he was appointed the broader role of Chief Operating Officer with oversight of the club’s football, commercial, membership and brand departments.

“Having successfully overseen the migration of game day operations from 1300SMILES Stadium to Queensland Country Bank Stadium, and ensured the administrative performance of the club continues to achieve top four status amongst its NRL peers, Micheal has now been given the task of spearheading the re-generation of the club’s football department in conjunction with new Head Coach Todd Payten.”

Luck said it was a privilege to be asked to take direct responsibility for the club’s football department including management of the NRL, coaching, performance, medical and pathways teams, and he would rely on the 20 years of experience he had garnered both on and off the field in performing his new duties.

“I am excited for the opportunity to shape the club’s football program from the ground up, utilising the insights, understandings and skillset gained from playing NRL for 12 seasons and working in club-land for an additional eight,” he said.

“What I love about working in football is the clarity and accountability that comes from having to produce an outcome week-in, week-out. I’m excited to stretch my skills across every aspect of our football operations and build a sustainably-successful football program.

“I’m also looking forward to furthering our club’s foundational vision of being a beacon of hope for the North Queensland community and a place for home-grown talent to fulfill their professional rugby league aspirations. While we will continue to welcome players from across the country, I am committed to identifying, nurturing and supporting those who have grown up in North Queensland.”



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Grant Rovelli was working for Aon insurance and playing footy for the Souths Sharks in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

These days he is still working for Aon but had a few promotions since 2015.

316814084 10230136554896492 9168718365363775071 n
316691224 10230136555216500 8536583200803025079 n


Aon appoints former NRL player as Regional Director for South East Queensland​

Sydney, 15 March, 2019 - Aon (NYSE:AON), the leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, has appointed former NRL player, Grant Rovelli to lead the company’s continued growth in the region.​

Mr. Rovelli played for the North Queensland Cowboys Young Guns for two seasons, before moving to the Sydney Roosters for three years where as captain he led the 2004 Grand Final winning premier league side. Grant Rovelli played an impressive 94 NRL games with the Warriors and North Queensland Cowboys.

Reporting to Kevan Johnston, Managing Director, Commercial, Mr Rovelli will be responsible for leading a staff of 47, across eight branches.

Mr. Johnston said, “Grant will bring to South East Queensland a fresh set of eyes and new ideas with drive, energy, determination and an absolute focus on a team approach - all with a strong client service mentality so we improve retention and growth across the region. From the footy field to the boardroom, Grant has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and a real passion for his home state.

“Grant will also join the Commercial Leadership team and I am incredibly pleased with the diversity of thought at the senior leadership level in our business, which will be further enhanced by this appointment.”

For the last three years, Mr Rovelli has been the Manager of Aon’s Mackay branch, working with the 13 strong team to support the local business community, achieving consistent year on year growth.

Commenting on his new role, Mr. Rovelli said, “Over the last three years, our team has established a strong local presence building ties and trusted relationships in the community. Our client first approach has been focused on bringing global solutions and capability to meet local business needs. I look forward to driving this approach throughout the network and our clients across the entire SEQ region.”



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Our last update saw George Gatis running the family fish and chip shop Simple Tops Seafood Bar in North Queensland, Australia.

I could go on but he's a prison officer in Townsville, North Queensland.

He goes into it in some detail at the 1:14:00 mark and well worth a listen for the next 5 minutes after.

1:36:00 mark he talks about his work again.

For obvious reasons we arent going to find a site with his staff profile on it...


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Patty Ah Van was still playing in the Super League for Widnes Vikings when we last checked on him. He stayed with them until 2018 before moving back and forth between the North Wales Crusaders and Villeghailhenc-Aragon who we spoke about with both the Anderson brothers.

At 35 years old he'll start his 18th professional season when he turns out for third tier competition team Oldham RLFC.
Oldham logo pushy

Patrick signing exciting — Littler​

Published October 17, 2022​

OUR signing of big, strong, winger Patrick Ah Van, former star of Super League, holder of five international caps for Samoa and once a prolific try scorer for Bradford Bulls and Widnes Vikings, has caused Roughyeds coach Stu Littler, like our fans, to be ’excited’ at the prospect of seeing him in an Oldham jersey.

Born in New Zealand, and now aged 34, Patrick played for Bradford and Widnes in their big-time days, scoring 73 tries and 56 goals for Widnes (404 points) in 99 games between 2012 and 2018 and, before that, another nine tries and 87 goals (210 points) in 26 games for the Bulls in 2011.

Of Samoan and Chinese descent, he played in the Auckland Rugby League in his formative years, representing New Zealand under-16s; the Junior Kiwis, whom he captained in 2007; and New Zealand Residents.

He ultimately joined New Zealand Warriors, for whom he made his debut against Manly Sea Eagles, going on to better things with more than 50 appearances before coming to the North of England to sign for the Bulls.

After one season there, he transferred to Widnes and he is probably best known for what he achieved in his long stay there.

His last two seasons were spent with North Wales Crusaders.

Said Littler:
“We are delighted to get Patrick’s signing over the line, He is very experienced and he has a great knowledge of the game. He’s also very durable, having missed very few games wherever he played.
“He’s a big unit who can cover several positions such as wing, centre, half-back or second-row. Playing on the wing, he was a real thorn in our side when we played against Cru last season
“We are vert excited at the prospect if seeing him in an Oldham jersey.
“Chris (Hamilton) and I met him for signing talks and he was really keen to know what our aspirations are for next season.”

There will be a lot more signings still to come to complete the squad for 2023, so watch this website and our social media channels for the latest updates.

NOTE: In part 2 of this story we give Ah Van’s scoring stats for Widnes Vikings. They were scored in Super League only. His overall record for Widnes was 95 tries and 73 goals in 123 games, including five games in 2019 when he returned to the club to play for free following the club’s period of administration.



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Last time we looked Misi Taulapapa was still playing for the Sheffield Eagles in England. He actually left the same year as the update and moved to Featherstone Rovers then Newcastle Thunder. In 2021 he signed with Doncaster RLFC and just last week at the ripe age of 40 he signed a 1 year contract to go another round with Doncaster in a player/coach role

19 NOV 2022



The Dons are delighted to confirm the experienced Misi Taulapapa has signed a player-coach deal with the club for 2023.​

Taulapapa’s influence in the dressing room has made a big difference with the Dons reaching the Betfred League One play-off final in both of his seasons at the Eco-Power Stadium.

While he will still be looking to make an impact on the field, the new deal will also see him transition onto the coaching staff to add his extensive rugby league knowledge.

The Samoan international has played more than 300 career games, spending time with NRL sides New Zealand Warriors and Cronulla Sharks, before a long spell with Sheffield Eagles when he arrived in England.

After agreeing his deal, Taulapapa said: “I’m looking forward to this new season and being able to learn a lot from the coaching staff at the club as well as giving my all on the pitch for the Dons.

“The togetherness within the group is massive and the fact we’ve managed to keep the majority together from last season should mean we’re able to hit the ground running both in pre-season and when the league campaign starts.

“Culture can go a long way in rugby league and the people at the top of the club have been clear that our aim has got to be promotion in 2023.”



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Sam Rapira was still playing for the Warriors in 2015 which would be his season with us before moving to the Huddersfield Giants for two seasons.

Found an interview done by Jerry Seuseu and Ali Lauitiiti through NZRL where Sam Rapira says he has bought some land in his wifes homeland of Manaia in the Corromandel Peninsula and is working as a teacher aide. The interview is over a year old so he should have his degree by now.

5:00 - 6:15 Where he's living and why
27:00 - 31:10 What he's doing now for work and leisure
33:00 Where he's working

*Appears the link wont work but click on the link in the grey srceen to watch it directly on the NZRLs Facebook page.

Give the interview a listen. Its a great insight into his time here as well as what he's doing now...

TWOM 600


Ngā puke ki Hauraki ka tārehu
E mihi ana ki te whenua
E tangi ana ki te tangata
Ko Moehau kei waho
Ko Te Aroha kei roto
Ko Motutere kei waenganui
Huri whakauta ki ngā tahuna o Hauraki
Ko Marutūahu te tangata!

Te Wharekura o Manaia is a Kura-ā Iwi is dedicated to providing a stable, caring and stimulating environment where learning flourishes. We believe that all children are able to succeed at school and the way of achieving this success is through quality instruction and working in partnership with our whānau and community.

We value co-operation, tolerance and respect for others. We expect children to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. We believe in setting high standards for learning and behaviour.

Although our children are living in a rapidly changing world we believe we need to give them the skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the future, by grounding them strongly in the values and culture of their community.

Our school is well resourced and the staff are skilled in using up-to-date Information Technology in the classrooms. Each class has access to computers and the Internet.

We also value the Arts and believe in the importance of developing creativity in each child. Most importantly we believe in a sound partnership
between our school, whānau and community. This is your school and we value your support and involvement.

We have an open-door policy, which means you are welcome into the school at any time. We look forward to working with you to make your child’s time at our school one of achievement and positive growth.

Nāku i roto i ngā mihi,

Nā Martin Mikaere

Screenshot 2022 11 26 35735 AM
Screenshot 2022 11 26 35801 AM
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Last update

Last update Wade McKinnon was working as a fireman at the Auckland International Airport.

He is still in NZ and with the fire service but has moved into Fire and Emergency.

From fiery fullback to firefighter

Richard Becht &
Wed 31 Jul 2019, 12:07 PM

Few players lit up a game quite the way Wade McKinnon did when he was at his peak with the Vodafone Warriors.

He’ll always have a place in club folklore as a supreme competitor, an often-fiery fullback whose game was a fascinating fusion of fabulous skill, full-on commitment and a fair measure of feistiness.

McKinnon’s breath-taking 2007 campaign was among the most outstanding by a player across the Vodafone Warriors’ 25 seasons so far, highlighted by his remarkable solo try against Penrith which was the embodiment of all that made him such an irresistible force.

Now 38, he’s on another journey, one that had its genesis while he was at Parramatta before becoming Vodafone Warrior #132 in 2007.

Having spent the last five years with the Auckland International Airport Rescue Fire Service, he’s now training to become a career firefighter with Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Vodafone Warriors TV travelled to the National Training Centre in Rotorua to meet McKinnon ahead of the club devoting this Friday night’s home game against Canberra to celebrating Everyday Heroes. It’s an annual opportunity to acknowledge and thank Fire and Emergency New Zealand, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Blood Service, St John New Zealand, Surf Life Saving New Zealand and the New Zealand Defence Force.


The same passion McKinnon had during his 153-game NRL career – plus 10 appearances for Hull FC in the English Super League – is just as evident when he talks about his post-football vocation. He loves what the job entails.

Rugby league and the Vodafone Warriors still feature large. On Friday night he’ll be at the ground with a group of fellow firefighter trainees and colleagues.

He also notes that he has played with or against most of his former club’s coaching staff. He played against head coach Stephen Kearney in the latter stages of his Melbourne career while he played with and against NRL assistant coaches Stacey Jones and Todd Payten as well as Canterbury Cup coach Nathan Cayless.

Since that article from July 2019 he has graduated from the NZ Fire and Safety training in September 2019.

21 firefighter recruits graduate from National Training Centre

19 September 2019

A champion triathlete, former rugby league star and a “cow cocky” are among the 21 firefighter recruits who graduated from Fire and Emergency’s National Training Centre (NTC) today.

A graduation ceremony for recruits and their families was held at the NTC in Rotorua, with the firefighters presented with their new yellow operational helmets to replace their green trainee helmets.

The firefighters also performed a number of exercises involving different firefighting scenarios, displaying skills they have learned at the course over the past three months.

Former New Zealand Warriors star fullback Wade McKinnon was also among the graduating recruits. During his playing days in the NRL, Wade had always thought about becoming a firefighter once he retired from rugby league.

Like all his colleagues, he says he was attracted to the career because it always involves helping people, whether it is at a medical emergency or putting up smoke alarms in someone’s home.

Havent been able to find exactly where he is stationed but this piece from the NZ Fire Service magazine Ignite says he's from Auckland City...

Screenshot 2022 11 26 25535 PM
Screenshot 2022 11 26 25511 PM

Page 5 of this PDF


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Last update

Michael Crockett was one of our ghosts from the last update.

Was just about to give up on this one after searching for ages but one last search for Michael Crokett Nowra (place where he's from remembering that the majority of people settle down close to home) finally produced the goods on Facebook.

Found his old profile that hasnt had a public post since 2013 but through it I found his wife. Did a bit of FB stalking and saw her asking for a labourer for Jervis Bay Property Maintenance and whammo, found a pic of Michael doing work for the company. Quick search on the Australian business registry and he is indeed the owner/operator.

316951971 10230148153266444 8346929517312847619 n

279278619 141969858399275 6316264732171872236 n


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Last update

Michael Witt had a development company called Witt Bros Developments Ltd last time we updated his whereabouts.

A couple years after our update he would leave the building of developments to sell developments. Currently he is working for McGrath Estate Agents in Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia.

317082198 10230148551436398 2719495992263200151 n
316961577 10230148551836408 4037645883110605019 n
317338330 10230148552556426 108886784974208530 n

Screenshot 2022 11 26 91949 PM

With an impeccable reputation for outstanding client service and in-depth market knowledge, Michael Witt is a widely respected industry professional. Reliable, honest and highly information-focused, Michael is a Sales Agent who prides himself on his integrity and work ethic. A former elite athlete, Michael played professional rugby league for the Australian NRL and internationally in a celebrated career spanning more than decade, before transitioning into the property industry by founding a successful development company. Operating at the highest level in his sporting career, Michael knows first-hand that fierce dedication to your craft and unwavering loyalty to your team is key to achieving the best possible results. A sharp market strategist with a genuine desire to achieve outstanding results for his clients, Michael goes the extra mile to keep his valued clients updated throughout the entire sales process, upholding his commitment to delivering six star service with authenticity.



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Last update

Corey Lawrie was working for Action Scaffolding during our last update.

He still does scaffolding but has moved companies to Level Scaffolding. In the article below the caption under the first photo says its his company but I cant find his name on the business registry anywhere. According to his Facebook he is a foreman there.

302447533 584045773197017 1484974492994634313 n

Former Warrior gears up for another season with Hornby

By Gordon Findlater
Working for his scaffolding company, Level Scaffolding, is keeping former Warriors player Corey...

Working for his scaffolding company, Level Scaffolding, is keeping former Warriors player Corey Lawrie fit. Photo: Geoff Sloan

Former Warriors forward Corey Lawrie is gearing up to play yet another year of premier grade league in Christchurch on the cusp of his 40th birthday.

For more than 20 years, Lawrie has been helping the Hornby Panthers clubrooms make a decent turnover after games.

However, on Saturday night it could be his best effort yet, when about 200 people helped him celebrate his birthday there.

Following this weekend, Saturdays will soon return to a familiar feel with Lawrie locked in for another season with the Panthers premier side.

The second-rower had planned to play his first campaign in his 40s primarily from the bench.
However, the loss of several players to Australia and other clubs means he’s likely to play a key role for the Panthers once again.

“I think we’re still going to have a very competitive team, we’re just not going to have the superstar power we had last year.

"Sometimes that can be a good thing because we have to change the way we play and grind a wee bit harder,” said Lawrie.

Lawrie was 27 when he made his NRL debut for the Warriors in April 2007. Photo: Supplied

Lawrie was 27 when he made his NRL debut for the Warriors in April 2007. Photo: Supplied

He began his career with Hornby and made his premier debut as a 20-year-old. He was 27 when he made his NRL debut for the Warriors in April 2007.

He played four first grade games that year before spending a season in England with Doncaster.

He hasn’t done too much slowing down since then when it comes to preparation.

The Panthers started preseason training in mid-January. However, since the completion of last year’s competition, Lawrie hasn’t taken his foot off the throttle with around two circuit and weight sessions each week.

He also credits his day job as a scaffolder as playing a role in staying fit.

“My preseason never stops. I’m like a dinosaur, if I stop training I’ll become extinct.
"If I wasn’t playing I’d go home, get fat and be bored. It keeps me active and keeps the kgs off.”

During his time with the Panthers, Lawrie has won five Pat Smith Trophy grand-finals.
However, the last four years have seen the Panthers defeated in each grand-final by the Linwood Keas.

Although a rivalry has grown between the two clubs in that time, he still rates Hornby’s bitter rivalry with the Halswell Hornets as his favourite.

The Panthers defeated the Hornets in extra-time in consecutive grand-finals in 2012 and 2013.

Corey Lawrie. Photo: Geoff Sloan

Corey Lawrie. Photo: Geoff Sloan

The peak of the rivalry also saw an all-in brawl between the two sides during a round-robin meeting in 2013.

“I remember one game Halswell got all of their old boys down in one corner of the field.

"I made a break and was about to score a try. I got to about the 20m line and just looked towards and gave them all the finger before I scored,” said Lawrie.

“They came up to me after the game and said ‘this is what we love’.

"That’s what I love too, after the game you’re all mates and have a beer, but on the field everyone likes a bit of niggle and character.”

Lawrie says the landscape of league in Christchurch has changed since he first began playing premiers and admits the level of the competition isn’t as high as it has been in the past.

“It’s just the number of players in Christchurch these days. When we were playing Bartercard Cup everyone still had really good premier teams all the way through.

"Now, if you’re a reasonable player and keep yourself in good nick, you can still compete, but the quality isn’t what it used to be.”

This year may be Lawrie’s last playing full-time for the premier side, but he has a motivation to keep lacing up the boots in seasons to come.

He hopes to play senior rugby league with his 17-year-old son Jason - who will be eligible to play seniors next year.

“I’d like to be able to play a year or two alongside him in reserve grade, that’s what I’m aiming to get to,” said Lawrie.

That article is from 2020 but he was still playing for the Hornby Panthers just two months ago at the age of 41. Think his Panthers team lost in the Grand Final...

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Aidan Kirk was working as a Project Manager for Baxter Building in Sydney, Australia in 2015.

Nowadays he is Associate Director of Mace Group, Sydney, Australia.

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Not quite sure what Mace does but I think they are engineering consultants and developers on building sustainability. One thing I do know is that they are everywhere with offices across the globe.

Mace Group logo


At Mace, we are global experts in shaping the built environment. From development and consultancy, to construction and operations, we connect expertise across the entire property lifecycle to help our clients, people, communities and society achieve more than they believe is possible. You can see our impact everywhere: from skylines that form cities around the world to the infrastructure that communities depend on to live, work and play. Over 30 years, our growth has been fuelled by an adventurous spirit and the relentless pursuit of a better way.

Today, we employ over 6,300 talented and passionate people across five global hubs in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, the Americas, Sub Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific.

Every day we’re moving closer towards our vision: leading the way to a more connected, resilient and sustainable world. The built environment holds many of the keys to this future. In an industry that’s too often been part of the problems, we’re determined to create solutions. That’s why, at the heart of everything we do, there’s a purpose that drives us: to redefine the boundaries of ambition. On behalf of our people, communities and society, we see every challenge as an opportunity to dream bigger and bring ambitions to life. Together, we find a way to unleash the potential within every place, project and person – inspiring the stories that shape our lives and change our world.



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Brent Tate was playing for the North Queensland Cowboys during our last update. Just months later he would be forced to retire due to injury and take up an ambassador role at the Cowboys.

Thanks to the Cowboys site we have a recent article telling us exactly what he is up to now.

Where are they now: Brent Tate
Sun 30 Jan 2022, 04:19 PM

7. What have you been up to since retiring in 2014?

I came out of footy and worked with the Cowboys in their corporate and commercial team for four or five years. From there I went and worked with Westfund Health Insurance which has been a complete change of pace from the rugby league world but I was sort of really keen to sink my teeth into the corporate sector. Also, me and Rob Peel own TRL in Townsville and Cairns. We have grown that to 30 teams consistently here in Townsville and we'll launch Cairns some time this year. Along with that I have my commentating role with Fox Sports and then being on the footy committee at the Cowboys. It's nice to still have some involvement without being involved in the day-to-day running of it. I haven't struggled with life after footy, I've been the opposite. I loved footy but I have loved getting away from it and doing something different with my life.


317083297 10230149764586726 7950925081669752643 n
317081935 10230149764986736 3436056552196376991 n

So theres a bit to cover here but lets start with his bread and butter gig as National Manager - New Business and Client Relationships at Westfund Health Insurance. As far as I can tell Tate goes around making public appearances for them. Basically the public face of the company and using his connections with league to form new partnerships.


Westfund Health Insurance​

Lithgow, New South Wales

Back in 1881, a group of miners got together to share the unexpected costs of healthcare – this act of cooperation and community formed the seeds of Westfund Health Insurance.

Since then, we've grown into a leading not-for-profit health insurer helping hundreds of thousands of members access quality and affordable healthcare across Australia.We are committed to empowering communities, getting the most for our members and helping everyone to make sense of health care. It's the foundation of our Feel Good Cover – health insurance that doesn't just do its job but adds an extra level of care. We are proud to provide quality health insurance to families, couples, individuals and organisations across Australia.

Members have access to one of the nation's largest private hospital networks. Proudly Australian owned and operated, our Head Office is located in Lithgow, NSW and we employ close to 200 people across our Australia-wide network.

Brent Tate is coming to town

June 2, 2016 - 2:48PM
Former Cowboys' player Brent Tate. Picture: Dave Hunt-AAP

Former Cowboys' player Brent Tate. Picture: Dave Hunt-AAP

COWBOYS' legend Brent Tate will be visiting Central Queensland next week, dropping into Westfund care centres in Emerald and Moranbah.

Westfund Health Insurance has become the club's community partner and official health fund following a three-year partnership agreement.

Tate will be dropping into Emerald on June 9 from 2-4pm and Moranbah on June 10 from 11am-1pm to meet and greet the public.

Westfund sees Gold Stars in Cowboys partnership
Tue 1 Mar 2022, 01:28 PM
Screenshot 2022 11 27 23844 AM

The growth of womens’ elite rugby league in Northern Australia was the focus of a major partnership signed this week between Westfund and the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys, with the North Queensland Toyota Gold Stars taking centre stage.

For the first time, the Gold Stars will receive a fully branded kit including a team jersey, on which the Westfund logo will feature on the top back panel.

The one-year deal will also see the not-for-profit health fund continue as the club’s exclusive health insurance provider for the 2022 season.

Cowboys Chief Executive Officer Jeff Reibel said the Gold Stars, the Cowboys’ Queensland Rugby League Womens (QRLW) side, were already set for a strong season, made stronger by the backing of Westfund’s investment.

“Westfund has maintained an unbroken relationship with the Cowboys since joining us in 2016 as a Cowboys Community Partner, building on this collaboration to become a major partner of the Cowboys and investing in our QRLW Gold Stars in 2022,” he said.

“This partnership was a natural fit between our brands given our shared ethos to deliver healthy career and lifestyle opportunities for remote and regional Queenslanders,” he said.
“We’re thrilled to see this partnership evolve to include support for womens’ rugby league, which will create elite sporting career pathways for young local talent.”

Brent Tate, Westfund’s National Manager and former Cowboy, said the partnership would build on the member-owned fund’s work to support young people to pursue healthy and rewarding lives.

“The reach and impact of the established Cowboys brand is unparalleled in northern Australia, with the club’s fans some of the most passionate in the code - and growing just as passionate about the Gold Stars,” Mr Tate said.

“Westfund is more than a health fund, with a proven history of supporting Queenslanders to achieve quality health outcomes since 1953, so we’re proud to partner with the Cowboys to continue forging these strong ties throughout 2022 with the Gold Stars as a focus,” he said.

The other thing Tate is involved in is co-owning Touch Rugby League (TRL).

TRL (Touch Rugby League) is non-contact Rugby League. Not only does TRL incorporate kicking, but proper rugby league play-the-balls. As a result, TRL eliminates the annoying touch tactics around quick ‘dump and runs’ and also provides a smoother and quicker game than the TAG codes.

You can actually buy franchises to this game for untapped areas through their website.

Screen Shot 2020 02 14 at 30304 pm 980x932


TRL Australia is proud to announce the dawn of a new era for North Queensland.
Former Australian, Queensland and NRL player, Brent Tate & local, successful business identity Robert Peel, are merging their combined passions and attributes to lead TRL Townsville into a new era!

As Australia’s fastest growing social sport with over 4000 teams every year, TRL is at the forefront of the sporting revolution in Australia. With solid foundations formed in Townsville and looking forward to the future, Brent and Rob openly have expressed their excitement and desire to see TRL “reach its full potential in one of Australia’s most enthusiastic and dedicated sporting communities”. TRL Australia thanks the outgoing TRL Townsville Manager Justin Smith, for his enthusiasm and commitment to the grassroots development of TRL in Townsville and we wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.

In addition, TRL Australia is proud to announce that Brent and Robert will both also lead TRL Cairns, Australia’s latest region in a continuously expanding group of playing communities.
Both Brent and Robert believe the emergence of Cairns as a new region for the sport, “presents a unique opportunity to expand TRL and the impact sport can positively attribute to local communities”. Stay tuned for more information with respect to the launch of TRL Cairns in mid 2020.

With 470,000 people residing across Queensland’s two most northern cities, the new era presents an exciting and opportunistic time for the local communities and the future of sport in Queensland.

Edward Wilson
General Manager
TRL Australia

I couldn't find an online profile for Tate in terms of his commentary work with Fox Sports nor his ambassador role with Queensland Morons but Im sure we have all seen him on the sidelines doing commentary and his role with Queensland see's him at jersey launches as well as involved with training camp...


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Our last update Ian Henderson was still playing for the Catalan Dragons. 2015 would be his last of his 5 years in France and he would play 3 games for the Sydney Roosters in 2016 before an injury saw him retire.

Have had to give up the chase on Hendo. Name was too common and he shares it with a well known broadcaster and soccer player among others. Managed to find his Facebook page but no new public posts since June 2021 where he posted the profile pic below.

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If anyone can help with this update please let us know thanks...
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