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  • Warriors Godlike!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Titans 12-

  • Titans 13+

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Warriors vs Titans Gameday Chatter [Round 2, 2018]
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Ash Taylor out ... Cartwright into the halves ... bumper crowd ... the team looking to prove a point ... we got this ... Warriors 13+

Time to start building MSS back into a fortress that is feared by all ... the first building block is smashing the Tits

Go The Warriors!!!
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18,000 tickets pre sold....
Holy Cow Batman.

Heard the suggestion it was on the cards, but seeing it confirmed is just next level stuff from where the Warriors were one NRL game ago......

If someone had of suggested that was possible I would have called bullshit.

I hope the Nerves don't get to our lot.

May be we will be the 1st fan group to stop cheering when the team huddle and take a collective deep breath lol.

Walk up crowd will sell the place out.
Deep breathing meditators vs the squirrel grippers.

With Taylor out I expect the Titans will lift.

I would like to see us give them a good old flogging but my belief would enhance in seeing them grind the grippers before any flood gates open.

Meditators by 8
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Looking for an improvement on defence especially on the left edge. Improved discipline gave away far too many penalties last week. Chance to continue the momentum and goodwill from last week, don't blow it boys.
Beware of Konnie Hurrell . :nailbiting:
He always grows an extra leg against his old team ....the Warriors


He does....

And so does Kata.

haven't seen Kata come off second best in the Battle of the Selfish players.

Konnie is more skillful with a better ability to break tackles (Kata doesn't use his hip and shoulder as well to break people...he goes straight and barges).

Konrad has a nice draw and pass.

Kata hits better.

Kata will run rings around Konrad for endurance on any footy park.

They always have a battle within the battle....can't wait for that clash.
I have a wedding to attend today, ceremony starts the same time the game does, so im on replay duties tonight!

These games worry me, as we have been getting praised all week, its a game we're expected to win, got one of the biggest home crowds in recent times and the titans have Taylor out..... I dont care how much we win by, a second win on the trot would just be simply amazing to see
Game Day Chur

Make or Break in a sense, Win and we gain confidence and respect along with rebuilding a ruthless home ground fortress, which should have the power of extra boys on the field like at Storm games.

Drop this one and we right back to square one like snakes and ladders.

Truth is I have us as Win by 12 and that was before Ash Taylor was scrubbed.

Build a reliable extended unit that includes not only the Warriors on the grass but all of them, all of us to be competitive and be successful.

2 from 2 no major injuries, some keys boys still to come back and we looking solid.

And maybe soon we can shut those Aussie commentators up right in the chop chops!

Go Boys!!


I'm glad for those who are brimming with confidence... quite a few 'we will win this easy' type posts.

I've been following this team far too long to get ahead of myself.Based on last week's performances, I think we looked better than they did... but this is not last week, there will be a big crowd and heaps of expectation. That is typically not a great recipe for this club.

I really, really hope they continue their great form from last week.
High hopes, low expectations.
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