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No we don't have a choice, Sea Eagles home game, they can sell it to the highest bidder. We may have requested it be after the bye. Playing Saturday/Sunday and then backing up for a match in Perth is worse than having time to recover and then play there.
It would be nice if we could arrange a home game in Chile, and take Manly there. That would shut them up.
I still think we could have petitioned the NRL...
They hate the Warriors anyway, just like the referees, it would only make them feel better.

Jordan G

One of the more entertaining games of the year. End to end. Panthers have bombed a lot of chances, Tigers have taken theirs.

The Panthers version of Tomkins just bombed a try.
I think everyone is missing the point, Cappy saw exactly what I have been calling and stopped believing the LoLo hype machine.
Only have to watch a few replays to see that his Lowlights reel far exceeds his highlights reel.
He does have talent but needs to work on quite a few areas of his game.
He showed tonight that he can catch a high ball, but only when there is no pitter patter of feet coming at him.
I personally would send him back to reserves to sort himself out.

We all see the same thing you see with Tui mate, flaws and all.

Whether he deserves to be dropped one week and brought back the next is the contentious issue. That sort of thing can knock a young players confidence.

I feel like were going over old ground here.
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Hope Cartwright doesn't get the NSW call up. He was a hungus!!!
Panthers bombed so many chances.

Either that or move him out of 6 and back into the ball playing second rower!! Can't help but wonder whether the Panthers made a mistake letting Soward go early..
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