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  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Titans Domination!

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That last try cost us a spot in the 8 for now on p/d. But with a Bye to come and the Eels verdict due we should be in there by our next match.

Also - that's how you kick a Field Goal. I know they weren't expecting it, but still...

Jordan G

Far from pretty. Thought we were flat for the majority of the game.

Who cares, we won.
Matulino MOM for me. Initial stats for him are nearly 200 metres, 33 tackles.

Our forwards were getting wrecked in the middle (with Mannering on the left edge) until Matulino came on. Gubb didn't bring much impact in the first 20. Vete seemed pretty lazy on both sides of the ball.

Honourable mention to Ayshford for keeping us in it in the first half ;)
Yes we won...but that wasn't a pretty game to watch.

Once again baffled by the use of the bench...of lack of the use. Roache comes on with 6 mins to go...waste of a spot! Gubb had fuck all minutes as well.
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