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Useless refs aside, we've still had a couple of those attacking sets where we just do nothing but hit it up 5 times then get a shit short kick off. I like that we seems to be willing to try a bit more on attack, but we seem to be content to have attacking sets where we just do nothing. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck seems to be trying his ass off, but Shaun Johnson still needs to up his involvement. Milford last night popped up on both sides causing chaos, but Shaun Johnson seems to just sit on the right side.
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Well from the last 10 losses ....I'd say warriors will come out strong(maybe even a try or two) but will fade under Storms structure in the last qtr and concede a couple of try's and add to the 10 losses to date Fuck,,!!!......

Jordan G

Our defensive structure held a lot better this half. It was just weight of possesion that cost us.

Attack looks better but still too sideways. We just don't throw any options at the defensive line. It's always the same move with the same limited options and the same lack of support.

Ever Hopeful

We look like we will crack them every time we are in their 20, we are just not able to get there enough. The wind at our back and some square up penalties could give us a big advantage in the 2nd half.

Can Tevaga last the game though?
Did well to hold the storm for the set inside our 20. Good D and comms, Storm didnt expect to come away with nothing, not even a repeat
And Kata with the 4 points.

Caught the markers off guard, although bet the halves were cringing when they knew he had eyes for the tryline.

Storm up 12-8 as Shaun Johnson misjudges the conversion
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