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With all the reffing issues of late, id like to see a time where both coaches get a 20 minute meeting with the refs, touchies, and conference call to the bunker, on game day to highlight the refs focus on particular infringements, and for the coaches to highlight their expectations. I think mentioning Cameron Smiths manipulation of the refs would make for a more interesting game, as the refs wouldnt want to be seen to be weak to his control and would keep their distance.

Just an opportunity for coaches to remind refs that they want a fair 10m and no slowing the play down, would be nice.

Anyway. I think the combination of Simon's future being decided, and Charity day will get us up. I dont think Johnson or Lino will be big in the outcome. I think our forwards and our edges, as well as a few big line breaking runs from Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will give us the win in a close one. We will win by ten, but will be 4 points ahead and held down our own end, and only win it in the last couple of minutes through a huge break or intercept by Ken to put Kata away in the end. Lino to kick the last conversion for a limping Shaun Johnson.
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