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If I was in the press conference after, I would pose to Kearney “ arnt you, your coaching team and your players embarrassed and ashamed to be this bad at your jobs?”
Kearney will just retort that he is better at his job than the dropkicks that signed him a 3yr extension before this season.

Incompetence all over this club. The problem is that most of them get defensive rather than look to solve the problems. First part of fixing sometging is accepting you have a problem. This club just doesn't do that.
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That was the second problem in that key red zone attacking set. When the play was to the right Lawton went left and vice versa. Where the fuck is Roache. Injured probably.
And when he could have gotten a few more meters he passed it. Decision-making when running is poor tonight. They don't know how to exploit numbers.
Can’t stand watching it any longer. Here in Oz the caller’s pay must be dependent on how many times he says “Cameron Smith”. Him and his sidekick are so fuckin one-sided. We’re not playing well, but we’re not so bad that we don’t rate a mention. Fuck it.
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I think Brisbane knew exactly what they were doing letting Kodi walk and replacing him with 18 year old. You don't make that kinda call unless you know the other bloke is shit house. Kodi is at best a bench dumny half not a starting half and we are in for a world of pain for a couple more years with him and green running the show
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