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I didnt think it would be a good game in the wet to assess Beale who is a fast track player. I still think give him another ISP game rather than shove him into 1st grade, after this Roosters game things are under control, perhaps put him in with 1 game before the bye to see how he goes in 1st grade and hope next week in ISP its a fast track.
Been at the ground watching the last half of ISP. Pretty soft underfoot so will likely be a grind through the middle. Rain still holding off here but will no doubt get some later in the game.

Hoping Lawton can use his gas to effect for this game, as the conditions were set for an Isaac Luke special.

Going to be a tight one but feel as though the boys will edge them in the forwards and get us home. Cmon boys!


In the brief time I watched had the following observations of beale

1) Seemed to get more comfortable with contact in the collision area with each tackle.
2) Used slick hands to nearly put away the winger in the corner
3) Got bounced off a tackle which led to a try.

Just was well he started in ISP this week, at the same time he was less rusty than I expected him to be.
Tubby Lolohea alright - can't seeing breaking back to the top side with that lard arse even if they had multiple injuries...

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