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  • Warriors Conquer!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • Raiders 12-

  • Raiders Pillage!

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Heard a STAT that the raiders have lost six games this season by no more than a converted try.

That clocking off at the end has been their undoing, Dogs have similar narrow loss STATS.

Tough team, they would be one of the four teams I would want to play least in the final round, the DOGS STORM and Bunnies being the other three.

The clocking off just before half time has been our undoing a number of times....
Mine is on Grand Final day, now we all know what would make that the best birthday ever!!!! Yes even better than that time I got Billy Ray Cyrus on cassette hah!

Just in the plane about to takeoff from Welly, getting excited!!!! Will be wearing my Welly Warriors jersey proudly tonight!!
Snap, my birthday’s on Grand Final day too, not kidding, I know what Birthday present I want.
Fusitua to fly over rapana(?) And dot down from a lino kick so i guess thats 5 then !

Rapana is a pretty mean athlete himself though. Dally M winger of the year last year.

I actually hoping more Roger Tuivasa-Sheck scores the 3 points for our team and wins Player of the year. Top try scorer isnt that big a deal, everyone knows its dependant on games played and Fusitua missed a few and took a few to start scoring again. I think all commentators regard him as the best high ball specialist and one of the top 3 over the sideline mid air scorers.

Heck Id love Rapana at the warriors, move Ken or Fusitua to centre, solve our Hiku problem, and have 2 lethal weapons next to each other. Rapana is the sort we need, players like him and Val Holmes who can cause broken field play and long range tries. Shaun Johnson use to be the best for a while there but hes just not the same player this season, doesnt get involved until we are in the red zone, which is us copying the Storm style of play, but the storm have Billy, Munster, Add a Car (ferrari), all capable of broken field play and long range tries.

It really is the style of player we are missing at the warriors. We have become very structured on offense (4 hit ups, redzone, go wide, bomb wide or pass short for player running onto ball 5m out) , slowing the play the ball and #2 redzone defense (who would have ever thought that would be a warriors strength), I just hope we recruit some line breaking specialists and focus on offense outside the red zone which we already have down pat. Add another 6 points a game from longer range points and we are then competing with the Storm.
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With no Gavet I really hope they swap Satae for Beale, I have little hope though.

A shame as Gavet had started to hit form

Agreed. The prop stocks will need to include Blair to prop with Papali'i and Pulu as second row subs. But does Pulu cover prop at all? Or will Beale be replacing Iggy after 25min?

Or is Bunty going to play 80?

Or have I misunderstood that our Junkyard Dog is going to play as a micro prop?
Pretty nice stat at the bottom of this article.

For just the second time in their history – 2002 was the first – the Warriors have gone through an entire season sitting inside the top eight every week.

The first few rounds we were making jokes that we were in the top 8. Felt good getting used to it.

I actually missed that fact.

It felt like we were spoon guys after the hidings we got from Souffs. Chookies. Horsies. Titans and Bulldogs.
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