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One game down that didnt really impact us. So its play first, win by 30 and hope the rest lose or win by next to nothing etc. 6th place would be nice, 5th nicer.
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Heard a STAT that the raiders have lost six games this season by no more than a converted try.
Id believe it. We were one of them. Then they have lost probably the rest in the last 10 minutes. SOOOOO many games. I personally had the raiders making the 8 replacing the broncos. They could easily have made it, if they had our goal line defense and our 80 minute fitness levels. If Sticky is smart he will focus on those 2 things in the offseason because his team has the talent, boy Id like Leilua and Rapana on our team.

This will be a harder game than the panthers or st george imo
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So our bench is Pulu, Jazz, Papali'i, Beale?

Props? We don't need no stinking props.

We better get majority of possession otherwise it will be tough to stop the Raiders rolling downhill.
I reckon Blair and Ice can hold the middle in D (I reckon Ice will end up being a great middle forward) but they aren't gonna bring the yardage ... if they go with that bench we better hope Canberra's kicking game is sh*t cause its gonna come down to out back 3 to get us moving forward

We are going to have to take our chances when we can though cause Canberra are going to have plenty of good ball
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Nice to see the rah-rahs are getting concerned about all the Warriors hype and success. Clearly they are nervous!
Two articles this morning with tacit ''support'' couched in shrouded niggles. Mr. Gray opening his remarks with ''pay what you like' full house comments and then additional column remarks on how much the Kiwi Ferns were watched on Sky last weekend over the Warriors game. (research figures which I find very hard to believe and very dependent on the quality of the question being asked)

Yeah right... try comparing Warriors watchers vs Blues watchers to start, and make it clear that it was only the last few thousand tickets that went under this regime and for a special person.

And Mr Gray, if you have nothing genuinely positive to say, better to not say anything than a condescending token column in the Rah Rah Herald.

The real folks that matter are delighted at the success around the club, especially given the travel requirements, fact that that they have to fight the rah rah establishment here for air time and everything else, not to mention Aussie refs and judiciary week after week.
Who knows, we might even get a photo or two in this weekend's press and more than a 1/8 page of biased opinion.

It gave me great pleasure to cancel my NZH subscription this week when it next becomes due. I hope someone asks me why, but I doubt they will.

Cant wait for tonight. Let's have another Black out, this time with the Tonga/England atmosphere. Yeeeeehaaaa!!!
Totally agree... what a load of shit. Try putting the Black Ferns on their own billing without the build up of the AB's and see what happens. An absolute dead head piece of journalism.

Let's see them do two sell outs in a season. Man I am counting down the minutes! Bummer Gavet is not there he stood up last week I thought.
So our bench is Pulu, Jazz, Papali'i, Beale?
Lol if Beale either doesnt play or is actually on the bench, it will be the first time a player is named in fear of the starter you have named costing you the game. Roll the dice on Hiku, remember the 2 games he lost us himself, especially that last one. Or will it be the good Hiku who just draws and passes. I honestly cant see the value in him, not when Luke to green to johnson to Fusitua is doing the same thing. Id rather have Beales individual offense abilities, ie stepping back on the inside, his experience (GF winner, All Stars player) and definitely his defense. Hiku is just too big a risk this time of year. We have been going well since he lost that big one.

I also think Papali'i is a starter. Hes not replacing mannering though rofl.
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FFS Beale better not be on the bench. Raiders have a huge pack, we need our forwards to be fresh. If someone in the backline aint 100% (Big Ken, looking at you), don't play the bastard!

Looking forward to this one, hope we aim up. Could be a massive confidence boost if we beat them by a decent margin and snag 6th spot.
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Vaguely feeling like looking up “nothing to play for” vs. “something to play for” records in the final round, I feel that the “nothing to play for” record would be terrible.

Raiders really have nothing going on, its not a home game, the coach is safe for next year, the players seem like they are safe, they can’t move off of 10th no matter what happens, probably the last thing they’d get up for (apart from local boys Abbey and Havili) is coming to a rainy Auckland for one last game. It’s not that they are bad, just think they won’t care as much as the home team.

Warriors by 10+ They’ve been hyping this hard, team will respond, if they were still stuck in the old warrior ways they would have choked last week.
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Our goal line D better be up to its #2 red zone defensive team best tonight. When they throw Leuilua and (having a brain fog but looks like Leuilua but bigger) at the line 5 metres out they are damn hard to stop. One more reason to have Beale on the field not Hiku.
Tough game, Raiders nothing to lose! Everything to gain for Warriors.

We are the better side, Capt Manners 300th game, at home, we hopefully wrap this game up and propel our chances of a home semi with a 20+ win.

Also, winning and watching Sticky Stuart sook is so good for the soul.
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