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Who will win ?

  • Warriors Taming 13+

    Votes: 9 17.3%
  • Warriors 12-

    Votes: 11 21.2%
  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

    Votes: 15 28.8%
  • Panthers 12-

    Votes: 7 13.5%
  • Panthers 13+

    Votes: 10 19.2%

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Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 20, 2012
Wonder who will disappoint us most today.... the Warriors or the Black Caps?


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Apr 23, 2012
I wasn’t expecting the Black Caps to win and that also applies to the Warriors this afternoon.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
Other than that do you see any other potential wins across the rest of the season? I struggle to.

I struggle to see us going 3/3 over the next 3 weeks tbh.

Maybe if one of the top teams rests players in the last couple of rounds we could sneak a win or a close honourable loss that gets SK extended for an additional 3 years.


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Apr 10, 2016
Wonder who will disappoint us most today.... the Warriors or the Black Caps?
Considering the black caps are third on the points table I would say the Warriors as the only way they will get to third would be from the bottom up.
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Aug 18, 2013
4 points out the top 8 now, surely a loss here would all but end the season, I just cant see us winning this one. Panthers by 8

Yep, the way this round is panning out, you could say their season is on the line here - for both teams. So really, they should be bringing the energy and determination befitting a Grand Final to this match. We'll see.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 27, 2012
I have no hope with the backrow we are starting with, geez thats a eye sore. Want to skip the game but will probs end up watching it when the time comes.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
And this gameday thread basically mirrors the state of season 2019.

I read Paasi said the rumours of Lodge potentially coming was a sign that the pack needs to step up.

I mean, wasn't that moment every game?
If it wasn't so sick it would be funny.
I teally don't want to go today, watch some shite players, eat shite food and pay through the nose for it. I wondet if anybody has asked for their money back yet?
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Off The Bench

Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 26, 2014
Yep or step up for one game .
Man I wish we'd signed Lodge should have told him
You will have a whole team of bitches to pick on .if
You come to the woorries
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