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  • Manly 12-

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Two things from the first half. Lolohea needs to be closer to the action at all times. And Robson needs to go as soon as Leuluai is fit to play 80mins. All he does is catch and pass, he offers zero threat to the defence, making easier for Manly to defend those outside him.
No momentum for the first 30. Our forwards getting owned and dominated (lillyman in particular just weak). Shitload of penalties (some bs, most our own dumb lack of discipline) compounded with errors.

Luckily Manly are a team that tire. Play tight at the start of the 2nd half, then start moving the ball on

Jordan G

Wouldn't be the Warriors without some soft tries to break down the good work done on D otherwise.

A lot of luck went against us which gave Manly a lot of possession. Evened up by the end of the half. Need to keep that momentum going with a big set on D to start the half.
Gubb is absolute garbage. Time to give Ali a shot!

He's like the hair bears or Villa the gorilla....he has a head of hair that stands out so therefore he does. He quite frankly sucks.


Kata's top knot looks to have grown. Looks like a full blown mop on the top of his head the way its flopping around as he moves.
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