Gameday < 2021 Warriors vs Manly Gameday Chatter [Round 6, 2016]

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  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • DRAW

  • Manly 12-

  • Manly 13+

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There is absolutely no fucking way he should be on report for that, which means the video referee cannot intervene. I'm done. Turned it off.


if you continue to do the same thing you get the same result.

we are constantly doing the same things wrong.


a. change what we are doing

b. change who is doing it

i'm done
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They put that on report. This is really incredible stuff. Hoffman knows cheating when he sees it.
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Yes a few questionable decisions from the referees, but they're not at fault for the countless errors we make.

A game we should have won if we played normally, but it's Manly so ofc we were going to lose anyway. We'll lose to the Dragons too.
That apology we get from the refs boss next week will definitely make me feel better about the two points we've been robbed of.

Just cop the fine Cappy you gutless cu**.
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