Gameday < 2021 Warriors vs Eels Gameday Chatter [Round 26, 2016]

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Who will win?

  • Warriors Smoked Eel!

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • Warriors Golden Point

  • DRAW

  • Eels Golden Point

  • Eels 12-

  • Eels 13+

  • Eel Feeding Frenzy!

  • Seasons over so who gives a shit!

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Of course they would. Do you expect them to disrespect their boss? Who does that and get to keep their job. But if you read SJs body language during that interview it tells a different story

It sure does...when saying he thinks McFadden is the man for the job, he produces a pretty common tell which says he doesn't believe what he's saying.
How many times have the refs/Bunker screwed us with bad calls this year?
Yeah, i kinda agree, watched for many years, and its like what Cheika said about his wallabies being biased by the refs, well i reckon its been like that for the warriors since inception, my conspiracy theory is that there is an aussie contingency that dont want kiwis in the comp at all.

I know we cannot blame them.... but the Warriors are severely handicapped week in week out.

Not only do they have the beat the opposition, but they have to beat themselves AND the refs/Bunker...
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