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Be good to see who wins the crowd tonight the garden of eden (hell) or the Mt Smart (heaven), bet rugby are pissed off they never rescheduled.

I had a look at Ticketek, looks like East/West stands are more or less completely sold out. Would be willing to bet there's a decent walk up for the GA seats too.
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This year yet?
Not expecting a win but all the pressure is all on the Dragons.
We saw how heavily that undefeated tag can weigh on you last week, hopefully it’s Dragons turn to have an off day today. Biggest thing for me is to see how we bounce back from the loss, this will be the biggest tell as to how far we have come


This year yet?
Big question and probably better asked after the game, but....

If we were to win tonight off the back of another 10/10 from Lino - How could he possibly be left out of the side next week?
Will be dependent on how the win came about but I’m in no rush to throw my lot in with what may be his 2nd good game in first grade
In tribute to Darryl Eastlake, the boys'll have a HUGE game, a HUGE game, the kind of game to have you go right over the top and start screaming yer tits off and getting the voice up to the threshold of pain!

Warriors by 4.
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Billy Teets James

Ever have a wet dream, And you wake up before you get to bust a nut?

And your annoyed as Fuck?

It's like this year's journey. & last week was the wake up before the nut.

I hope today is the part where I get to go back to sleep, Continue on with the dream and gets to nut. That would be a win!! And a nut!

Nut-ting would make me feel better than a nut...oops, Win over the Drag Queens! 27-26 To the Warriors! Drop goal Lino.
Really like the statement by SK that Johnson is only rated better than Lino if he can run. Johnson will no longer be a passenger in our team. Providing that Shaun Johnson can’t run, they must feel that Lino has a greater range of skills.


Clinical kicking game anchors Dragons on their try line; Warriors by 4. Keep the bench big.
I'm pretty sure he means it doesn't matter how good a player you are if you can't run (due to injury) even a
OK weather. Average temperature. Some amount of wind. Also some humidity.
I feel like SK would think that is a little vague.
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