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Ok, so I got the bets on and I'm confident again. Warriors by 6. Forwards will lift but I would have preferred this game over there. Bigger hoodoo to bin.

What's the weather? crap here in the 'Naki


Today is a good day ☀️
Let’s see if the boys come out focused

I’m expecting a big shift from last weeks hiccup....

It will be tight

Warrior <12
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Today is a good day ☀️
We’ll win because @AusWarriorsFan’s favourite player Lino will be there to lead us to the Promised Land.


He’ll save us today right AusWarrior?

Especially now that we’ve ridden ourselves of that Shaun Johnson problem.

He’ll better the 2 drops goals under a minute after a beautiful try conversion. That amateur Shaun Johnson has done it so must be a cake walk for Lino.
Anyone from syd going to the palace tonight to watch the game? matiunz matiunz i think you said you were?

I might see you there.
They seem to have a decent happy hour on Friday nights :)

I've had my seat booked for a warriors GF win since before they even played. Watching those Winfield cups boy. Every game is GF. Win this bloody game warriors - beat the bloody dwagons - everything's momentum, win the bloody GF - finally


Dragons will win it in the forwards and through better discipline.

Our left edge to be a real let down both on attack and defence.

I agree Lino will get roasted if we lose, though I suspect the ball he receives will not be quite what he got in Sydney against a fairly limp Roosters side. I am picking the Dragons to be much more clinical.


Unfortunately for King Lino, the Dragons won't complete at 60% like the Roosters with all 4 props running for a combined 200m. The young bull will have his work cut out for him this time.

Goodluck to Lino and Gelling hope they have solid outtings, never keen to see players have shockers.

Had this at 60/40 even before the Broncos loss and injuries so not expecting much, hopefully the boys can keep it close or even magically eek out a down in the trenches win. Would be tough to go into Weds Anzac game off the back of 2 poor home losses if it goes down last weeks route.
Expecting a loss, but will be happy with a much improved effort and keeping the margin within 2-3 tries. Bizarrely, it may help the team to have some difficult losses now. Ideally just this game and the Storm one at most though. It will help us refocus and fly under the radar a little. Would obviously prefer a win though. Dragons were looking vulnerable until the whole Sharks pack went down injured ... shows that there are weaknesses in their team. I am just unsure if a team with a 4th string centre and 2nd string half will be capable of exploiting those weaknesses
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This game deffinately ain't won b4 kick off!!!
And we won't see a relapse ala 2017,16,15,14,13,&12......
Well.....bettr phuckn NOT.......

Create history again boi's!!!!!
And take there scalp......
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