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  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Dragons Golden Point

  • Dragons 12-

  • Dragons 13+

  • Dragons Inferno!

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how many coaches careers are this useless bunch of pricks gonna destroy before people realise it is the players that are the problem?
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i AM SO glad I lost my warriors shirt some were 5 years ago when i moved I hope some one is cleaning the toilet with it right now after a big runny shit
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This has actually gone past embarrassing to being rather sad.

I couldn't even get cross at the NFL passes, drops balls, missed tackles. I don't care whether Kearny stays or goes. We have long missed the eight, we are actually really embarrassing.

22yrs on and all I can think of is that fucking curved tongue moko - it really was cursed.

Ive just got nothing, like when you finally realise that hot girl you won isn't for you.

Not sure why I would keep going with it TBH.

Have a good weekend boys, leave this rubbish behind.
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And that, my friends, was the reason I haven't renewed my season tickets for the last few years!!!

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
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A little hint for y'all don't watch Friday night games involving the Warriors, it wrecks your weekend. Actually that statement may actually be better if it's just, don't watch games at anytime involving the Warriors. I gave it a miss and feel remarkably upbeat. The game finished with the result I expected, and I can go to bed and sleep soundly with no pent up anger due to watching a busload of Gumbys floundering about for 80 minutes while being commentated on by another group of Gumbys.
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What a joke. Watching the Warriors players on the Aftermatch talk positively about mutts in celebration of his 200 game.

"He's a legend"

"He's humble"

Hes this and that.

No doubt he's given great service to the club. But it begs the question. If Mutts means that much to this team, it's a wonder why the boys didn't turn up and play for him.

All words, no substance.

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