General Warriors Vs Broncos (Trial)

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Looks like we have the different team we were after. Lets see if we cross the 26 point unbeatable cliche that the old warriors bank on in the secound half.

bit of bad news sorry. Just heard Nigma has been arrested for indecent exposure. He has absolutly creamed himself watching this.
I heard he has been admitted to the Dunedin looney Bin......Authorities say he was muttering ' Wait till Locke Joins in ' as they strapped the straight jacket on him.
hurrell shows more in attack in 30seconds on the field than ropati did in 40min.
funny how tomkins never bothered to feed ropatis side in the 1st half
Good passage of play so far. Brisbane with the ascendency , Warriors hanging tough and asking lots of questions.

Townsend ups the attacking anti.

Competitive little mofo that.

Warriors ignore Tomkins to go Tui in the Corner.....we looked balanced cutting out Tomkins......I got that 2002 feeling
If Mannering is shifted to the left to allow Bukuya his preferred right edge, it's early going to stiffen up that left edge. Hurrell replaced Ropati on the left, a left edge of Townsend, Mannering, Hurrell and Vatuvei would be a very strong effort.

Awesome, awesome play from Townsend there.
Tomkins kick on the fifth sees Hoffman tackled on the ten.

The thing that strikes me most about this game is that Mannering isn't having to carry the team. The Forwards have been beastly...Townsend is ready for the NRL....we've got kick arse depth because people want Warriors starting jerseys
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