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Jun 21, 2012
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Warriors vs Broncos Gameday Chatter [Round 6, 2018]

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May 19, 2012
I called it way earlier in the week & I stand by it ... Warriors to open up a can o whup ass on the Donks

Now that's not to say this is how the team themselves should be thinking, they should just keep doing whats been working for them & follow the brocess

But as a fan I feel extremely confident for this one ... no living in the past nervous nelly here

I also see we have some Donks fans sifting through here ... so I changed my avatar just for them ... hee haw mofos :finger::p

I can't believe some of you so called diehard Warriors fans are fraternizing with the enemy ... that's tantamount to treason :mad::p
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Oct 11, 2014
As someone who at start of this year predicted that NZ Warriors would lose their first five games and Kearney would be sacked and replaced by former Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire by third game, I can't tell you how good it feels right now to know that I have been practically wrong about everything ! Alex Corvo won't make a difference ! Wrong ! Blake Green as a player won't do much and he definitely won't free up Shaun Johnson ! Wrong ! Issac Luke will keep going backwards ! Wrong ! Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is just too young and inexperience still to be captain ! Wrong ! Adam Blair and Tohu Harris are too old and won't make any impact in forwards ! Wrong ! David Fusitua is not center ! Wrong ! We won't win game without Simon Mannering, he's just too important ! Wrong ! Stephen Kearney can't coach ! Wrong ! Come on NZ Warriors keep proving me wrong ! Broncos by 12 ... :p
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