General Warriors SG Ball Thread

Can’t really see the benefit in Otukolo and Moala playing SG Ball. They were standouts in our Jersey Flegg team last year. They would absolutely embarrass opposition 18 year olds.

If anything they’re closer to the NSW cup level of play than SG Ball.
Yeah that's all we need is two young guys dominating kids and then believing thier own hype! Very promising but would like to see them dominate isp first?
Id wish the NRL didnt scrap the Holden Cup/under 20s comp. We have unearthed some really great talent from there. If certain first graders werent performing we could at least see who is performing in the under 20s and give them a go in first grade like we used to. Some of those Warriors players in the SG Ball photo look like big units.
If anything we should be televising the ISP, at least we would be getting a mix of nrl Talent and young pups coming through, and be able to see if they can handle nrl class players?


Warriors Orange Peeler
Some good news for a change. Dare i say it but these kids are our future and we do seem to making some decent inroads at long last with development.
We have always had amazing juniors. Lets not forget we were the most successful U20 team in the comp hands down. Even before the Warriors our juniors were great. The talent has always been there. The issue has always been the development of those juniors into well rounded adult players. If we could somehow crack that code we would become a dynasty...