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May 21, 2013
Blow it up.

Start again.
Can't get any worse.

In american sports they reckon that an owner who provides enough money and then stays out of the way is ideal.

That hasn't worked too well for us.

If the new crew micro-manage everything and haul the coach and ceo in front of them every time their is a bad loss, maybe that will help.

Again, can't get a lot worse.

Tim burgess

1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2012
Whilst people don't like EW he has some financial clout, which these new owners maybe missing.

So as a supporter be caeful what you wish for, if it wasn't for EW the club may not be here today.

Also, look what has happened at Bradford Bulls in the UK due to new owners lack any real financial backing. I also witnessed it with Hull FC when an ex player bought the club, within 2 years the club was nearly extinct. It was only he merger with Gateshead that saved the club.

If Doyle is part of a consortium to buy the club there likely to have money behind them.
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Sep 1, 2015
Some of the coaching staff slunk off to a pub and got smashed after the game.

Sauce: some reliable "eye-witness" on the internet.
I think it was Mr. Frank White posted a blog.

It was before the game and on the Friday after they got off the bus. The comment was along the lines of a few beers to wind down was ok but they had gone through quite a few in the first hour and were settling in, or something to that effect.

That was only part of the blog, there was a lot more. Ozzies complaining about too much drinking is a bit odd so either it was a dud call or they were really on to it.
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Sep 1, 2015
Wonder if it's related to this latest rumour from foxsports
They might be looking for a whole new coaching structure, assuming they can find one.


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Jun 22, 2012
The edge of insanity
Sounds about right. The Warriors being taken over by a child care outfit. What's the new dress code - nappies & a plastic bib with dummies instead of mouth guards. Not de-crying the guy or his love of the game , just shit scared things will totally implode. Also wondering what Peter Brown wants from the deal.

In all honesty I'd rather have Doyle at the helm but it's not working with an absentee owner so there does need to be a change. Can't get excited about this option at all.
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Sep 1, 2015
Whilst people don't like EW he has some financial clout, which these new owners maybe missing.
I see your point very clearly.

However even the government would have trouble finding $200 million readies right now, and they would have much greater cash flow than Watson. I would prefer to use the term "appeared" to have financial clout in 2000, I would like to know his Credit Simple rating right now.

Although the NRL will check the new owners credit thoroughly, the trouble for me is they did that to the bogun billionaire at Newcastle as well and that ended sadly.

Something tells me there are more twists in this story, but that Watson is definitely on the way out.


Player Agent
Feb 22, 2016
Warriors have culture problem says prospective owner Paul Davys


    Paul Davys (left) is director of ChoiceKids childcare centre with fellow director Peter Brown (right)

  • Paul Davys says he'll fix the Warriors culture problem if he becomes their owner, and has given Eric Watson a deadline of Friday to accept his offer.

  • The Auckland businessman went public on Sunday that he wanted to buy the NRL club from Watson, who has owned the club to some degree for 17 years.

    Davys has been in negotiations with Watson for a while, but says he needs to know one way or the other by Friday on whether Watson will accept his offer, or he'll walk away.
    "If he hasn't by the end of the week then it's probably better for the club and myself to move on."

    Davys has a large stake in the childcare company ChoiceKids, but says if he does buy the Warriors he plans to be hands on.

    First priority for him would be to improve attitudes at the club.

    Attendances have been down at the Warriors this season as fans vote with their feet.

    "I look at the Warriors and see that there's a culture problem there," he said.

    "There's no doubt about that, I think any rugby league fan can see that, the current coaching staff can see it, the players can see it.

    "But it's hard to change a culture if you don't know how and sometimes you can end up scratching your head on what to do.

    "But I think I've got a fair idea and a fair amount of knowledge on how to build a culture, so that's what I can bring."

    Davys is a man who knows his league, while his business partner at ChoiceKids is NRL player agent Peter Brown.

    If he does buy the Warriors it's unknown where that would leave managing director Jim Doyle, who also has a 10 per cent stake in the club.

    It could also mean that Stephen Kearney won't be around next year.

    Davys would look closely inside the club to see what's been going wrong and said he'd need to have a sit down with Kearney.

    "I don't know Steve," Davys said.

    "I know he's passionate about the club, that he's been the Kiwis coach and has worked under some great coaches.

    "So you can only assume that Steve has a fair amount of knowledge in coaching.

    "But until I sit down with Steve and we haven't sat down and talked yet, I'm in the dark.

    "I just know that the Warriors aren't winning and there's a need for a culture change and whether that's Steve's fault or not, I don't know."

    Few people would have known much about Davys until it came out on Sunday that he'd made Watson an offer.

    He says he'll still be a "Neville Nobody" until the deal goes through, but he didn't have any problem with it coming out that he was interested.

    "I think it needed to be done because there was a lot of noise coming out from behind the scenes, so coming out is fine," he said.

    "We've been honest with what's happening and I've been honest with my intentions.

    "The Warriors has the palm of New Zealand rugby league in its hands, so it needs to be healthy and doing well."

    Davys would be involved in the daily activities of the Warriors and says his desire to get involved isn't solely driven by making a profit.

    "Any businessman doesn't want to lose money, but I don't think you look at the Warriors as just a business," he said.

    "There's a duty of care to the rugby league community to make sure we've got something young kids and even adults are aspiring to. So there are young kids wanting to play there and adults wanting to watch.

    "It's one of those businesses where you've got to have one hand on your wallet and one hand on your heart.

    "Having an owner-operator in there working in the business naturally increases productivity and maybe there is an opportunity to make some profit out of it."

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Sep 1, 2015
In american sports they reckon that an owner who provides enough money and then stays out of the way is ideal.
Watson never provided enough money, he kept it running, nothing more.


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Sep 1, 2015
Deadline of Friday. Good luck with that.

I'm not convinced he will just walk away, but these sort of deadlines rarely work.
Watson is a cool customer, I don't think deadlines will work for him either, unless he is absolutely desperate.
Whatever Davys is getting a a lot of publicity, for Choice Kids, for a guy with an otherwise very low profile.
Doyle has been very quiet on this, I doubt he is sitting on his hands.

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