Recruitment Warriors Recruitment and Rumour Mill - 2016

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A $1 million (our standard offer) 80 minute youngish hooker.

A world class winger.

A James Graham type.
and names come to mind?
personally I was hoping havili was going to be ready this year but judging by his last game perhaps not
I think we should go after josh charnley (wigan)
maybe ben flower?
1. Andrew mc collough
2. Resign Tomkins (move to six long term)
3. Taupau, thaiday or Ben Flower.
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Warriors Recruitment and Rumour Mill - 2016

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the sunday telegraph is reporting we are about to announce the signing of james gavet. tried to find it online but cant. its in the summer buzz section

edit: same area is also reporting we are are in secret talks with ivan cleary

i could type the article out after breakfast if anyone is interested
Phil Rothfield probably read it on here.;)
A couple of days and he'll turn up to training an we'll know for sure.
Asked about that Cleary rumour that fox put up today he is in secret talks take it as you will might of just stole the fact he is here from the forum

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I can't see Jim Doyle going back on his word about Cappy being the coach and them not being interested in Cleary...he has said it enough times and doesn't have a track record of playing games!
Warriors have Cleary in their sights
– January 3, 2016

Ivan Cleary has been in secret talks with the Warriors about resuming his NRL coaching career in New Zealand.

Touted as a potential coach at the Tigers should Jason Taylor suffer an early season fail, Wests are facing stiff competition for the ousted Panthers coach with Cleary’s former club the Warriors making a clandestine approach to bring him back to NZ.

The Sunday Telegraph has been told Cleary has already begun discussing the finer details of a Warriors return in a move that would see the club punt current coach Andrew McFadden.

Cleary quit the Warriors in 2011 after being poached by the Panthers — but is now without a job after a fallout with Phil Gould saw him dumped with a year left to run on his Penrith deal.

Load of shit.

Cleary may be having discussions to be involved in some capacity, hell he might even be sounded out as a "if we start bad and it comes to it" scenario, but to make it sound like we're looking at sacking Cappy for Cleary only a couple months out from the start of the season after everything Doyle has said is the most ridiculous bow drawing I've seen in some time and pretty much kills the tiniest shred of credibility that zero tackle had in my mind.
Load of shit.

Cleary may be having discussions to be involved in some capacity, hell he might even be sounded out as a "if we start bad and it comes to it" scenario, but to make it sound like we're looking at sacking Cappy for Cleary only a couple months out from the start of the season after everything Doyle has said is the most ridiculous bow drawing I've seen in some time and pretty much kills the tiniest shred of credibility that zero tackle had in my mind.

That's my thinking as well, hell every signing we have had since Big Jim arrived has been completely off the radar and the announcement has been the first mention. I'll stick with my belief that half these guys get their info from fan forums.
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Cleary is over here for a holiday catching up some mates. Just saw on Twitter someone saw him at the airport today leaving.

Bet the house that he didn't speak with anyone about a coaching/mentoring role for the Warriors.

JD has already said Cappy is the man to coach the side....and he doesn't want Cleary for a mentor role as it is just a part time gig.

But why let the truth and facts get in the way of a good rumour..
I'd be gutted if there any shred of truth to this for a number of reasons, not one of which has anything to do with my being a fan of Cappy.

Firstly, Jim really hasn't put a foot wrong since he's been here - in fact, I'd go as far as to say that he's been the best thing that's ever happened to the Warriors, and a great deal of that has been as a result of the man's integerity, sincerity and honesty. Publicly backing Cappy in the manner in which he has, and then retracting that through this sort of maneuvering would immediately put us at a disadvantage as an organization, purely because those principles that have been so fundamental in the rebirth of the club since Jim took over would be damaged. All of a sudden, we'd once again be in the position where we are no longer sure we can trust the word of the front office. I don't think the importance of this can be overstated.

Secondly, after everything that has (admittedly, frustratingly slowly) been building the last couple of years, why on earth would you want to start that process all over again. New structures, new training regimes, new plays, yada yada yada. It's literally the last thing we need right now. We finally have a stable front office, a stable coaching staff, and a good roster. Let's give these boys a chance to fully eradicate the poor culture that has marred the preceding last few campaigns, and see if they can create something special.

Thirdly, why would you risk alienating the coaching staff that Cappy has assembled? I imagine Justin Morgan would be pretty perturbed if the events these rumours mongers are suggesting actually unfold. Again, this is all about stability - Jim and Cappy have been working towards creating that within the club, why risk it?

Anyway, I truly don't believe it, because my faith in Jim's ability is such that I know he wouldn't risk putting the club in an unfavorable position by making this sort of error of judgment.
John Hart knew nothing about league. However he was a top manager at Fletchers before rugby went professional and had a lot of experience that crossed sport and business. I didn't like the idea of them getting him in and I think a few in the game thought he had too much to say for himself at the club. However he formed a good working relationship with Ivan Cleary and backed him 100% when the knives came out. It might have been a part time gig but he was always at the games.

I am sure JD trusts Cappys knowledge of tactics and coaching. What he won't have much confidence in his ability to handle the scope of the job like press politics and the like. Cleary got on well with the press but he didn't enjoy the job.

I recall when Cappy was first appointed Phil Gould wrote the job here was too big for a newbie. So he really needs somebody to do set tasks off the ball to allow him to concentrate on what he is good at. Guys like Bennett and Bellamy run their clubs, even if they are only the "coach", but they are the only ones I can think of. Jason Taylor sure doesn't run Wests but couldn't he do with a decent mentor right now.

So the job is not about being another coach, it is about providing background support. The contract will specify what the mentor is to do, and it won't be to back stab the coach.
I hope not. Lets move on beyond Ivan guys... that was years ago. I just don't get folks wanting Ivan back (playing style boring-az, not personality with the press, etc ) and the folks who keep on wanting Elijah Taylor back.

Guys, we have a hell of a line up right through the wider squad and a CEO who has his act together...we got rid of Cleary/Taylor for a reason, both have done nothing special since they left, justifying releasing them in the first place. Let's move on from both.

We don't need an average second rower, or an average experienced coach. If a top-class experienced coach is available to offer mentorship, then great I'm sure Cappy would welcome that.
Warriors in talks with former Brisbane Broncos prop James Gavet


Broncos prop James Gavet could be headed back to the Warriors.

The Warriors are locked in talks with former Bronco James Gavet about returning to the National Rugby League club.

The 26-year-old, who has previously played with the Bulldogs and Wests Tigers, was given an early release from his contract in October to seek a move to a new club.

At first the Warriors were hesitant about picking up Gavet, whose career has been hindered by injuries.

While no contract has yet been signed between the Warriors and Gavet, it is understood that talks are advanced.

Gavet ruptured his ACL at training before the Broncos' round three game against the Cowboys in 2015 and needed a knee reconstruction.

For several months the Warriors have been searching for another prop to join their roster, but don't have much room left inside the salary cap. Given Gavet's bad run with injuries over his career, the Warriors may be able to pick him up for a good deal.

Front rowers currently on the books are Jacob Lillyman, Ben Matulino, Ligi Sau, Charlie Grubb, Sam Lisone and Albert Vete.

The recruitment of Gavet would bring about intense competition among the the players to be one of the four props named in the 17 for each game.

If Gavet signs will the Warriors, he will be yet another player brought back to the club they initially let go.

Gavet played for the Warriors' under-20 side in 2009 and advanced to the NSW Cup the following season. In 2011 he was named NSW Cup prop of the season and then signed a deal with the Bulldogs for 2012.

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