Okay ladies and gents ... we discovered it was a little difficult to schedule several matches in advance, so we'll try it this way instead:

As the only person to complete and win a match, warriors_ballboy_CEO is our current champion!! (And now has that official title showing under his username!)

If anyone wants to challenge for the title, register your name in here! First come, first served!

In case you've forgotten, here's how the matches work:

Here's "the rules":

The quiz will be played in the chatroom. It will all be done in 'real-time' and contestants will have to be the fastest on their "buzzer" to answer the questions.
Your "buzzer" will be whatever word you choose .... buzz, ping, honk, mushroom, toot, ring, blart ..... whatever you like. The key is to be the first to buzz in, so it's probably a good idea to have your word typed in as the question is being asked - that way, you just have to whack the "Enter" key to buzz in. Once you've buzzed in, you'll then be asked for your answer.
WARNING: It's not a good idea to buzz in until the complete question has been asked. (You have been warned!)
To keep things moving, there won't be any "farting around" allowed. Once you've buzzed in, get your answer out reasonably quickly to avoid losing points.

The quiz will be made up of five rounds:

Round 1 - ten Warriors-based questions, first on the buzzer gets to answer. 1 point awarded for a correct answer, 1 point subtracted for a wrong answer - and the question will then be handed over to the opposition.

Round 2 - "Who Am I?" - six clues giving the identity of a well-known Rugby League identity. Six points up for grabs, this will reduce as the clues are dished out. If you buzz in with a wrong answer here you will not lose any points, but you will not get a second chance to answer the question.

Round 3 - "The Numbers Challenge" - this is where some strategy can come in handy!
A question will be asked that has multiple answers, then starting with the leading contestant at the time, each player will give one answer going back and forth until one player is unable to give an answer (or there are no more answers left). Then a final question will be asked, worth the same number of points as there were answers given.
For example:
“Name a soft drink that can be brought from a vending machineâ€Â
Player A – “Cokeâ€Â
Player B – “Fantaâ€Â
A – “Diet Cokeâ€Â
B – “Spriteâ€Â
A – “L&Pâ€Â
B – “umm… passâ€Â
In this case, a final question would then be asked (with Player A getting first shot) worth five points.
And of course, the question will be League-related … none of this soft-drink rubbish!

Round 4 – "Name the Opposition" - similar to the “Who Am I?†question, except this time a Warriors match is described with six clues.

Round 5 – ten more Warriors-based questions, but this time it’s two points awarded for a correct answer and two points lost for a wrong answer.

IN THE EVENT OF A TIE ... there will be "sudden death" questions asked until a winner is found.

So if you're keen to match your wits against the reigning champion, whack your name in this thread and we'll schedule a match for you to give it your best shot! We'll just have one match at a time instead of trying to schedule an entire round, which should make it easier for everyone concerned!

(To suit the whims of the Quizmaster, matches will most likely be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights, starting after 8pm)

AND TO KEEP IT INTERESTING ... if a champion manages to successfully defeat FOUR consecutive challengers, he will retire as Ultimate Quiz Champion - and pocket a Grand Prize of $250000 Warriors Dollars!! (This means the Champion would have played five matches - one to claim the title, and four more victories after that.)

This way, we can keep the challenges going on for as long as we need to! Hell, I don't plan on going anywhere in a hurry, so if we're still planning challenges this time next year then that's fine with me!

THE CHALLENGERS WILL BE ACCEPTED on a first-come, first-served basis. IF A CHAMPION IS DEFEATED, then all challengers must "re-register" to have a shot at the new champion.

So what are you waiting for? Who wants a shot at warriors_ballboy_CEO??

Register NOW!


honest to who this will be great just like the great one " just bring it" lol
i probably wont last the frist round.


Warrior_Hot_Stepper said:
i'm up for a challenge
Good stuff! Here we go W_B_CEO, time to put it on the line!!

I'm happy to run the challenge anytime this week (except tonight!), so I'll check it out with our current champion and let you know a time ASAP. :D


This Thursday at 8pm has been suggested for the challenge ...

W_H_S, does that suit??



Okay, W_B_CEO now has three challengers lined up ...


But where has Hot_Stepper vanished off to? I was looking forward to a match tomorrow night ... :(


Another no show last night. :(

I did ask W_B_CEO if he wanted to challenge me, but he made some lame excuse about me already knowing all the answers or something ... (wuss!)

Never mind, we'll have another shot next week. W_H_S, JonB, MENACE ... who's going to be next??


8pm Monday should be allright ... as long as we're finished in time for Game of Two Halves!

W_B_CEO, does that suit you??


iunno about monday's because my mondays always change is its will be hard for me to give you an answer.

but if anyone is still up on a 8pm Thursday challege let LeagueNut know.


WARRIORS_BALLBOY_CEO vs WARRIOR_HOT_STEPPER - The battle of the underscores!

This Thursday, 8pm, chatroom.


(And if anyone else wants to pop in on the night, I might call you up to battle if one of our contestants can't make it!)


Sir League nut i won't be there this thursday, however if and when i do get my head around this contest i would like to make a quiz for you to do against somone else because you have been good enough to do so for others


Good stuff JonB, but there's plenty of time to do that.

(Translation - I'm scared to take a quiz just in case I choke!) :oops: