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Sorry are you saying the players came back overweight or that they came back at the correct weight but need to lose more because the club are looking to use a smaller pack?
You said new direction. Was that new when they got back meaning they had got down to what they thought they needed to be?
Best example is the pic above of Agnatius Paasi. The pack came back on target. Just the staff wanted most of the props to drop a few extra kilos, lean out. 3-4 kilos from what I was told. Part of a new direction in game play. That's all I know...


So after years of having a small front row .We have gone for a smaller front row ?

I think it means a fitter front row

An our coach has told the players to disrespect the ball.

I must have missed that SK quote.


Almost didn't recognise Paasi. Dudes looking in mint condition.
Be interesting to see where Kearney has him in his plans. View attachment 24327
Holy shit !
A picture speaks a thousand words.
Paasi is a naturally bulky body type, even when he was caning it to save his career....those PI Genes would put dense muscle and fat on him ( picture the Fuifui build he had when he dominated the NRL nines....he was fit as but bulky).

That photo is of different guy.

That's science right science.....exercise science....psycho social science ( the athlete committing to the programme and looking like a pre European times fish and bird eating Tongan Machine).

No processed foods cheats can change an athlete like that.

He looks like Wiki and Gavet.


That's as exciting as seeing fat boy Packer turn himself into a different human.

@mt.wellingtons hint of a different direction....people are concentrating on the shift to offloads.

Fat Warriors offload.

Ripping up our pack and adding tacklebots can only suggest one thing:

We are going to be a mobile defensive unit that can go and go and go.

That's WOT would excite me.

If you wanna offload u gotta be able to back up the higher turnover rate.

A pack with Harris and Mannering permanently paired is meant to drive tackling to new levels ( where Hoffman and Lowrie failed) you only need look at the absence of a world class trainer that can get the others to be fit enough to follow the Mannering and Harris's of the World.
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Focus on fitness sure sign Warriors have run out of ideas

  • Roache out for season
    * Hingano signs with Raiders
    * Warriors bidders fall out

    For starters, it implies the other 15 clubs in the NRL come into the opening round of the season on a beer and fish and chip diet, with a bit of training thrown in.


    Warriors chief executive Cameron George, left, has been pretty bullish since taking over from Jim Doyle.

    Not the Warriors. They've got Alex Corvo. He's the best.

    As if to say the trainers everywhere else have no idea what they're doing.

    The Warriors are a soft touch; and almost always have been.

    But not this year, apparently. No, Corvo's worked them hard.

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    There's an edge. There'll be effort and grit and all that kind of good stuff.

    Again, it's the route you go down when you don't know what else to do. You get the players fit, hope to catch a team or two out, get some early momentum and then try not to run out of gas.

    The good teams are built for the finals. The others hope to start fast and hang on.

    It's a method the Blues Super Rugby team know only too well.

    Sadly Corvo, nor chief executive Cameron George, can out there and do it on the players' behalf.

    George has come in and talked a good game; largely around what the team are going to do and how proud fans will feel when they see it. It's not uncommon for a chief executive to act as spruiker-in-chief, but the Warriors are in a position actions are the only remedy for the years of empty promises.

    Adam Blair's recruitment has been called a coup. Blake Green's too. Not to mention the retention of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.

    But, as ever, it won't be the physical state of the players nor quality of the supporting cast that determines the fate of the Warriors' season. It's all about star halfback Shaun Johnson.

    If he can regularly find tired forwards to skip around, or the confidence to ball-play at the defensive line, then the Warriors will win games.

    If it's going to be another season of him sitting deep and playing sideways, then they won't.

    The Warriors don't possess anyone with an adequate kicking game, nor the ability to control games and manipulate the opposition.

    They have quick, elusive guys such as Johnson, Tuivasa-Sheck and Issac Luke. If they're not running at defenders, then they're not much use to you.

    In a game as, occasionally, robotic as rugby league, it's those flair players - the ones who have the imagination to see opportunities and ability to exploit them - who make the difference.

    Yet the favoured method of Warriors coach Stephen Kearney is completion rates. Control the ball and you'll inevitably score points. Right?

    That didn't work in year one of his tenure, so in's come Corvo to try and get everyone fit.

    It's hard to see Kearney getting many more rolls of the dice if this doesn't work.

    - Stuff


Kind of a ridiculous article. Sure the tag line of working on fitness is running out of ideas sounds good, until you actually think about it. If the Storm came out and said they struggled with ball control last season so this off season they were focusing on it, it would come across as good coaching. But this guys trying to say that the Warriors acknowledging fitness as an issue and working hard to turn it around isn’t of any real value.
He then goes on to say that we play boring football. Which was certainly true last year, however there’s been countless times that players and administrators have said they are not planning to play like that this year.
He’s choosing to focus on the areas of change that suit his (flawed) argument and while ignoring the other publicly known areas that prove him wrong.
Massively second rate journalism in my opinion.


Every club at every level wants to be as fit as possible. When I was young one of my coaches emphasized fitness a lot. The theory was they wouldn't get tired, get frustrated and want to start fights instead of keeping their concentration on the game. We have a club that traditionally you hear about them playing well for 60 minutes before falling apart. The Aussies often talk about staying with the Warriors and running over them later in the game. Some years that might not be true but it's a stigma we are stuck with until we change it.

Yes the other clubs are also striving for the same thing in terms of fitness and most of them will have highly rated strength and conditioning trainers. Corvo comes highly rated for a reason, even the NRL media are mentioning Corvo getting the side into shape.

Not sure about fitness being the last resort. Lets flip it around some of the other sides would have changed from a big side to a mobile side over the years, or tweaked their game plan. A change in fitness requirements would come with that.

Going into the season not all articles are going to be about a new beginning. Some need to be negative especially after missing the finals for 5 years, plus some guys just like to stick the boot in. The players just need to win on the field and prove them wrong.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
its real easy to refute this article, or to hold it up as gospel. Just wait 5 days and we will know if there is a difference or not.

No matter the score, by the end of the game those of us who have sad pathetic lives and live for this shit, will know exactly whats coming this season.
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