Rumour Warriors Player Split Rumour 2016

I disagree. I think we have reached a tipping point where the old culture has been found out and exposed. Of course some players don't like the change and are trying to revolt and take the gullible rest with them. I say carry on with the cleanout Jim. Pity that some contracts are for so long... its gonna take a while longer yet.

That's better than having no chance of getting there at all.
If you could pinpoint the 'culture' problems on a couple of players than perhaps however it is practically every player that is performing well south of potential. I should add that my views are based in part on a couple of things I've heard from the wider Warriors network - part of the feedback was from well over a year ago and unfortunately appears to be somewhat prophetic.
Probably not, but are exit interviews carried out with players and staff leaving the Warriors. That could be illuminating.
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The decision to take the captaincy off Mannering was made by Cappy, straight away he lost respect
1) Mannering said that he wanted to step away from the role as it was taking too much time away from his young family and the burden was weighing him down and affecting his enjoyment for the game.
2) Not sure why everyone is complaining about Hoffman getting the Captaincy. Is it because he is Australian and captains a NZ team where the fanbase has different expectations for the local players vrs Australian imports?
3) If the players cared that much when Mannering was the captain we wouldnt have lost 8 odd in a row last season whilst he still had the C next to his name. Wasnt just the loss, it was the limpdick performances in each of them. If the players cared so much about the captaincy, they would have given a shit and atleast tried when Mannering has his last game as captain in his hometown of Nelson.

Lets face it, who were the other options if it is indeed true that Mannering wanted to step down as captain? Luke? Johnson? Lillyman? Matulino? Vatuvei? Thompson? Its not like those players have had stellar season to date, so the criticism of the captaincy would rear its ugly head regardless of who was in charge. If Mannering was still captain, people would once again be saying that he needs to go just as people did last year. In hindsight, maybe it was never a captaincy issue at the club as the level of performances from the club in general has still been the same from last year.
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As the picture is Matulino, does that mean they are implying it is him?

I sincerely doubt the RLW "photo of Warriors players" manillla folder is so bare that the photo of Ben M was all they had....

And he was one of the Drugged Amigos.

The other side of the coin:
186 pages in the sack cappy thread. I think just about no one sees McFadden bringing us success. A senior player has stood up and said, I dont think this is working we should do something about it. The article has said he's stopped backing Cappy and asked younger players to do the same. And then the article goes on to list that's everything wrong with the warriors this year and tries to draw a link between the two. Which may be true, may not be 100% true. If this senior player is asking younger players to question cappy's strategies in the team meetings instead of blindly following them.....If wanting success is what is driving dissent then, I dont necessarily see an issue with that. If the senior player is saying, lets under perform so Cappy gets fired.....well thats match fixing imo, and like Greenberg said yesterday, those players should be banned from warriors for life.

Assuming its the former and not the latter...
some of the players who'll definately be in Cappys corner...Shaun Johnson/Hoffman/TL/Robson/Wright/Lolohea/Lillyman
the names that are coming up on the other side...Matulino, Manu, Mannering, Thompson(considering he was caught up in the pills saga), Lisone, Vete (perhaps the players being influenced)

In terms of effort/consistently turning up every week, is one significantly better than the other?
If you producing shit every week, its ok cause you are backing the coach?
If the coach is producing shit every week, its ok to blindly back him?

I dont know the extent of the issue or the nature of the issue...but maybe things are not as black and white as we are assuming them to be

Well, if you're producing shit because that's what the boss told you to produce, you can't be fired before the coach. You're doing your job. You'll probably hate it and quietly look for another job or the other way out of that is if you can convince your boss's boss that that stuff your boss wants you to produce is actually shit and please can you do something about this, talk to the board etc?

Wanting to success is all well and good, but what are the players doing to try and get that success?

If you're deliberately telling everyone to ignore your boss/deliberately make lousy product because you just don't like him, whatever he's getting you to produce, then you've got an issue.
My problem with Hoffman as captain has nothing to do with him being an Australian - I have 2 of them in my household. My problem with him is 1. his communication style and 2. his performance doesn't back up his message.

Take late last year as an example. All the talk was that Hoffman didn't hold back in his assessment of how poorly the Warriors finished the season. Well go back and look at those games and see how he played, how he defended. He was fucking woeful. This year his defence in the red zone ha once again been weak. He hasn't earned the right to talk the talk.
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We are four and seven I hope no one in the team is happy with their performance this season. Little sceptical about this leak given the fact that Doyle runs a tight ship around leaks.

Players obviously aren't happy given the senior meeting that's happened. From Cappy's tone this week they've obviously passed on some concerns and we will see if anything changes this week.
Cappy and Mannering get on together? who thinks that? Mannering not wanting to be Captain whilst Cappy is coach, now who thinks that? my hand is up.
Cappy and Mannering get on together? who thinks that? Mannering not wanting to be Captain whilst Cappy is coach, now who thinks that? my hand is up.

So, you'd have Mannering back as captain? What for, if you accept the rumours about how shit he treated Bluey in front of other players are true?
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Cappy and Mannering get on together? who thinks that? Mannering not wanting to be Captain whilst Cappy is coach, now who thinks that? my hand is up.

Maybe Mannering just had enough of his unprofessional side losing all the time, and got sick of fronting the press conference? Maybe he legitimately wanted to spend more time with his family and not have to fly to Australia for media commitments every fortnight on top of travelling there for games? Maybe he felt 6 seasons was enough and they needed another captain to change the direction at the club? Maybe he reads this forum and felt he should relinquish the captaincy because of the criticism he received on it while he was the captain?

I don't think you can say Mannering doesn't get on with the coach.

Oddly, without Mannering as captain, the team's performances have gone backwards.
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Jordan G

So let me get this right. All those years of people asking for Mannering to be removed from captaincy for someone more talkative and assertive as if it would somehow magically fix all our problems, and it didn't work?

Shock, horror, gasp.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Its definitely the white guys fault for not respecting the tribal leaders at the club.

You can't disrespect them in front of their tribes without consequences.

Such is the culture clash that is defining this club...

Western civilisation is founded on individual persuit, personal responsibility. Island life isn't.

We westerners still have these desires for tribal life, and this is where footy comes in. The club is our tribal fix.

These guys are killing that buzz right now.

Until these children all start looking at the club as their tribe, this shit will carry on. Sadly the fans will not.

You're either a Warrior or you're not. McFadden is the coach until Doyle and Watson say otherwise. Good luck trying to get those two sacked.

Its time for all the outsiders to leave.
Thats it for me . On ignore u go
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Conspiracy theory; :p

Maybe with the allegatons of match fixing at Manly, Manly has tried to create a diversion of attention from themselves by the media to split their focus and implicate from a player the unrest within the Warriors. Either that or the Manly rumour is 100% accurate and someone with ties to the Warriors, ie, Mateo is still mates with the ringleader of the Warriors revolt and decided to let it slip to the media that way.

Or maybe there is nothing in anything that has been said and the Warriors are just playing like shit, either way I'll be at the game tomorrow and watching the players off the ball, to see who gives a shit and who doesn't, along with catching up with my old mates in the East block:joyful:
OK lets play that game then. Who would you have chosen as captain if Mannering did decide to move away from that captaincy role?
If I'm completely honest, outside of Mannering, there are no obvious stand up captains, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck at a stretch and the same for Hoffman, but all the rest seem like boys and not men when it comes to being a true leader
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Roger Tuivasa-Sheck doesn't strike me as a captain yet.

The most obvious choice for me would have been Shaun Johnson, or Shaun Johnson and Luke as co-captains.

Perfect combination moving forward. 7.Shaun Johnson 9.Luke Co Captains. Once all this other nonsense we keep hearing about clears then I'd definitely like to see those two as captains. Having 1 as stand alone doesn't bother me either. Both are capable of captaining this team.
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