Rumour Warriors Player Split Rumour 2016

I have just been reading Rugby League Week. The latest rumour is that one Senior Player has stop supporting Cappy and encouraging the younger players to do the same.
I am sick to death of these rumours I just want to start seeing and reading about a team that is united as a group for a change.




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If you're looking for a place to hide from public scrutiny, sorry to say, but a pro footy club isn't it....

I can see why McFadden want's them to get out there and have some fun.

Smiling after a loss is way better than this funeral...
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This is really starting to get depressing. I barely want to read the news let alone watch a game anymore.

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?
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Mr Bob

Which senior guy could it be I wonder ?

We're so fucking stacked with seniors it's not funny

Shaun Johnson
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

That's literally 3/4 of our starting line up!

Basket case, the lot of them.

Mixed in with a coach who isn't held accountable for his win loss record.

Joke of a club.
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As the picture is Matulino, does that mean they are implying it is him? Probably would want a coach change anyways as the rest of us do. Maybe the whole team needs a fresh start after the trouble makers are out. Its like an organisation bringing in someone to do the unpleasant job of getting rid of the dead wood and then they replace him and hopefully happy families.
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Maybe it is the senior guy that was told to rest up and have a 'break' for a bit then come back and read a scripted apology of sorts, did anyone buy into that? was it sincere? could this player influence younger players? would a younger player tweet what was really said among this group? too easy I think.
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Its all true but hardly news.

McFadden has been getting undermined.

The question is do you blame management or employee when the workers revolt for the third time in a row ?

Getting rid of Hurrell was like popping the biggest pimple....the real problem is the acne.

The problem with this club is that a culture exists where the employees think they should hold yearly elections for the position of coach.

I'm really glad this has come out, we need to expose truth behind the inexplicable results.

I hope the league media continue to host a post mortems of the Warrior Cadaver.

The only thing that upsets me about this story, is that Cappy will be the Palangi that has no idea he is being measured by his smiley charges in a negative way.

Cappy you are fkd bro, step aside before the Mafia pull some strings and guarantee no wins are forth coming

Quit we can give another coach a whole new cycle to sack a generation of Warriors.

One day we may get that super coach.

That day our roster is likely to see no protected playing names.
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well doh!

Any work place with a number of employees will have "cliques" or factions...nothing new here.

I'm not going to even begin to guess who the senior player is....Manu I bet!
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Its definitely the white guys fault for not respecting the tribal leaders at the club.

You can't disrespect them in front of their tribes without consequences.

Such is the culture clash that is defining this club...

Western civilisation is founded on individual persuit, personal responsibility. Island life isn't.

We westerners still have these desires for tribal life, and this is where footy comes in. The club is our tribal fix.

These guys are killing that buzz right now.

Until these children all start looking at the club as their tribe, this shit will carry on. Sadly the fans will not.

You're either a Warrior or you're not. McFadden is the coach until Doyle and Watson say otherwise. Good luck trying to get those two sacked.

Its time for all the outsiders to leave.
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Where there's smoke there's fire.. No one would be surprised if this was true.

If this is true, there are obviously guys who put themselves in front of the team/entire club. If you're not happy with the boss, there's better ways to deal with it than de rail the club. Pathetic really.

IMO this is just a story created by the RLW. Same as the one one about someone complaining our guys were trained to hard for that NSW cup vs QLD cup game. Creating the view that the Warriors are lazy with shit attitudes in all the Australian readers heads, with no evidence..
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Thats going to do wonders for our recruitment chances
Good point. We could be in the same position Souths were before Crowe came in injecting more money or the Eels when they were cycling through coaches. We have a hard enough time getting good Aussies over here to start with; add to that poor form over recent seasons along with a high turnover of coaches. Now our issues instead of been in the local NZ media are highlighted in Australia.

If this true or not; or if the side has pride in their performances and want to turn things around. We shall see over the remaining part of the season.
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The Cleary article on the same page was an interesting read. A little politicking to get his old job back? Or sticking up for his old club that he has fond memories of.

The Warriors aren't inconsistent or not more inconsistent than any other side.:confused: That's me trying to remember and paraphrase what he said.

He did highlight the travel as an issue and the fact it's international with a lot of waiting around.

We got the obligatory. When I arrived as a player 16 years ago I found the culture different to other sides. Not better or worse different. Guys still want to win as much as any other club.
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