Rumour Warriors Player Movements, Re-signings, And Rumour Mill: 2013

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Very strange goings on when it comes to the hooking department

Nafe Seluini, not wanted here but was a star at 20's level
Aaron Heremaia, converted half
Lance Hohaia, converted half/fullback
Pita Godinet, makeshift/cover
Alehana Mara, under utilized,hesitant to use him
Nathan Friend, solid but injury prone recently
Elijah Taylor, another makeshift

Now talk of Travis Waddell being purchased, talk about disaster city in a crucial position, Havili and Bishop take note, you may do well in 20's but it don't mean nothing in top grade

to be honest a quality hooker is worth his weight in gold.
It is not as easy as you think.

the warriors wanted quality and they had to pay for it - Friend.
No obviously he is in an injury cloud - and they think they might need some depth.
At least this year they are doing or considering doing something about it.

Mara would of got plenty of game time last year if he wasnt injured.
Seluini wasnt a star - he was just a runner, no passing game

Heremaia is the best quality/value hooker out of the lot.

As for Bishop & Havili - they have been training with first grade the whole off-season and I am pretty sure they good a fg trial.

Both are too big & Bishop is purely a runner. Havili - got a bit of a passing game but still not ready.
If friend is out long-term - who do they play. Mara was ruled out of dunedin game with injury too??
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I seem to remember a lot of debate when Mara first hit the scene...he was very promising , then Aaron Heremaia came back and he was replaced. There Were periods of injury and times where people Like Brown got cast into the roll instead.

I think that kind of managing of the hooking gets annoying from the cheap seats.
i think get through this year with our 3 or 4 make shift hookers and then spend hard and get a top class rake !!!
thats what Friend was supposed to be. He had the record, 2nd in line for Queensland many thought and only kept out by the best around.

It seems like nearly everyone who comes over here suffers injury problems though. Maybe its our climate..
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Prop Suaia Matagi has had his train-on contract upgraded to full-time contract with the Vodafone Warriors.

Warriors Coach Matt Elliott said: "Suaia has impressed us and absolutely earned his contract. Its great to have him with us full time."

Suaia is set to make his 19th appearance for the Auckland Vulcans when the side takes on Manly at Brookvale Oval this Saturday.

Vulcans Facebook.
A guy i work with is deeply entrenched in waikato league....He has herd in league circles Steve Rapira is likely to leave for Penrith. Ivan is pushing for the Rapira combo,wants Sam too


A guy i work with is deeply entrenched in waikato league....He has herd in league circles Steve Rapira is likely to leave for Penrith. Ivan is pushing for the Rapira combo,wants Sam too

He can have Steve, not Sam..

Do the Rapira brothers have to come as a package deal? Steve is clearly going to struggle to cement a spot at NRL level no matter where he goes.


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I can live without Steve. We have a gang of youngsters coming through that can offer us the same qualities if not more. Sam Rapira on the other hand is a player that the warriors have invested alot in and over the last couple of seasons has really come through. The freaky thing is he's still a couple of years off reaching his peak being only 25 years old. IMO if we have both Sam and Mutts in our pack then the other 2 props can be whoever. We cannot lose Sam at any costs...
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