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There’s always next year.
I wasn't the biggest Awen Guttenbiel fan, but watching him drag Casey Maguire out of that skirmish and give him a couple for the road is a thing of beauty.

Hell yearh. dammit, they need to bring back the beef. It will fire our team up.

We've gone soft because no one throws punches anymore. Its just gay wrestling.
Stacey Jones"s return to the NRL....setting up a winning try V Manly I think it was, the best call might have been Aussie radio....David Morrow, the little general hasn't lost any of it' (sadly not true) But an epic moment from Jones....truley rolled back the years.

My favorite Warriors game of all time was the 2001 near end of season Storm clash (round twenty five clash for the 8th spot in the top eight).

It"s a game that became part of the NRL all time classic matches series.

Daniel Anderson's debut season as coach. We needed a minimum of a draw to make our first ever finals series. Melbourne on the other hand needed to beat the Warriors to make the finals and for the following rounds for and against results to fall their was a year of Warriors V Melbourne for the last berth in the top eight.

The rivalry with Melbourne by then was well and truly entrenched......remembering that the NZ side were the first team to put a stop to the fairy tale March of the Storm.....a Rupert Murdoch creation....that had gone undefeated in their debut season......years before (1998).....till they met the Warriors.

The Storm were a super league war Frankenstein team, with a salary cap exemption and their transplanted coaching talent in Chris Anderson.

If you are at a loss as to why there is this hoodoo....then let me enlighten you.

The Warriors were created before Melbourne.....the Warriors had this preconception that their lack of success was because of their newness (they had ridden on that premise till the Storm made a mockery of that excuse).

When Melbourne joined after the Warriors....they made us look bad with four games straight undefeated (till they met us).

They went on from that loss to the Warriors to win eight games with a draw (and only one loss to the dragons).....pretty much an unheard of run for a debut club (only two losses in the first seasons first fifteen hit outs).

Then they faced us for the second time....and lost.

Warriors players had no respect for the Storm, they were not a team our lot had grown up watching in the Winfield cup....they were Johnny come lately's.....a new younger sibling in the NRL nest.

The Warriors are a mental side.....a confidence team, as such they have largely bullied their younger sibling since inception.

I the stage is set and the Storm want a war in 2001, earlier that season the Storm had thumped the new Anderson Warriors 40 to 20 on our home ground.

The return match was in round 25 at Dcoklands stadium...a night game they were red hot favorites to win (sound familiar)....they smashed our blokes from the kick off.......and we smashed theirs.

The Warriors were so busted they ended up with no replacements.

But our brave thirteen....did not tire.....they refused to lie down....and that got to the Storm in the second half of a game where they should have won.

In the dying minutes both teams had personnel lying on the ground as the replacement less Warriors hung onto a lead for grim death.

That game was rightfully ended in a draw..... The Warriors made the finals and were destroyed a week later by the minor prems.....the Eels.

The Storm coach claimed that as a victory "we did that to them.....we broke them'

History shows the following year the Warriors won the Minor prems and made a GF absent of the bragging Storm.

That game stands as the antithesis of all the Warriors cliche criticism...they were consitent, they played for eighty minutes and they ground out a draw instead of one of their much celebrated upset wins.

Now if the Warriors could instill the mentality of a Storm clash 26 rounds a season they would be unbeatable.

We need to build a legend (punch ups and all) of the kind we have V Broncos and Storm to get this clubs mental /confidence side sorted.
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Can't find a short video for it, but Lance Hohaia's try vs Broncos 2010 was amazing. The smooth re-gather was so epic

Killed them 36-4 if I remember correctly
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First two tries are great.
"John kicks it high and it's gone DOWNTOMANUVATUVEIANDHE'SSCORED"!!!

Also, that defensive effort against Penrith. You can see Matulino, Royal and a few others throwing themselves everywhere and truly putting their bodies on the line. Sad that we no longer see that.

The 48-16 demolition of Brisbane at Suncorp that same year. That was a great day.

Anzac Day win over storm in 2011. One of our best performances ever. That was such a tough game.
Might just let this wonderful frozen moment in time speak for itself.
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A few that haven't been mentioned yet :

Do Henry Fa'afili's most well known try celebrations count (walkman dance, chopping the coconut, bow & arrow)? I love them.

The try that passed through almost the entire team and went from one end of the field to the other during our first win in Wellington against the Tigers was amazing to watch live (especially scoring at the corner I was sitting near)!

Witt's bendy kick in terrible conditions vs Cronulla was probably one of the best I've seen.

Ali's famous flick pass against the Broncos definitely one of the mandatory highlight reel moments when talking about Warriors history.

Wade McKinnon's post-match expletive-fest after the infamous PASSTHEBALLSWANN!!!!! unmagic moment helped soften the blow of the loss.
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best moments for me would be Francis Meli 5 try effort against the Bulldogs in the semi, Michael Witts try against Melbourne (especially the commentary) first round of finals, and Lautiti's try of faumoena pass against broncos and of course Campions punch against the broncos
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Actually the more I think about it, the better I feel about the Warriors, at the moment we are going through a lull, a fairly big F%$k'n lull, but thinking about the good points of the warriors and the moments that made us the fans we are, you soon realise how many good things we have gone through and how many more we will go through in the future.

At the moment I admit it is shit, but somehow in the future everything will be righted and we will be riding that delirious cloud of happiness that the Warriors can give us :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:

Great Thread
Who's the Warriors player giving that "Oh, shit, the friggin' teachers are comin!" look in the Brawl Game photo?

Cracks me up, his expression looks so out of place in that scene.
Who's the Warriors player giving that "Oh, shit, the friggin' teachers are comin!" look in the Brawl Game photo?

Cracks me up, his expression looks so out of place in that scene.

Its Tevita Latu haha
That's pics been on the wall since the day after that game, was a full page in the Courier Mail.
Always a talking point with the boys!
Early Photobomb. lol
Great biffo, great game, great win.
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Doing my best to remember the details of this one as it's bloody ages ago now and I've never seen footage or heard anything about it since, but its definitely a magic moment for mine.
Hope I've got all the players involved correct.

2002. Warriors v Cowboys in Townsville.
The Warriors had just scored a try, I think their 3rd or 4th of the game, still in the first half and doing it pretty easy against the then lowly Cowboys.
The Cowboys kick-off down to the back left corner, not sure who takes it but the player steaming onto the pass for the hit up is none other than the big man Mark Tookey who's been on the field for maybe 5 minutes or so.
Now like everyone else watching, the Cowboys players are expecting a stock standard Tooks kick off return, straight up the guts using all that bulk to smash out some metres.
But our boy Tooks had other ideas this time, and for all the games i'd seen him play up to that point, I'd never seen this from him ever before.
So Tookey steams onto the ball, running full flat out into the approaching Cowboys defensive line who are preparing for the heavy contact, when out the blue, and I do mean out of fucken nowhere, and at top pace, big Tooks puts on a sweeeet left foot step (or right, memory is pretty vague on which) and slips straight between 2 Cowboys defenders like a hot knife through butter.

Now, with nothing but wide open spaces in front of him and a bunch of stunned and red faced Cowboys turning around for the chase behind him, the Big Man floors it, and what a glorious sight it was!!!
As the Cowboys are closing the gap on the chase, and our flying props boots looking a little heavier by the step, Clinton Toopi speeds up next to his shoulder, takes the pass and motors on down the field.
Unfortunately one of the cowboys has caught up too (fullback maybe) and is about to pull Toops down, but just as he's about to grab him, our ever reliable fullback Ivan Cleary appears on the scene to take a beautiful Toopi pass and run the final 20 or so metres to touch down under the black dot!!

The Warriors went on to put about 50 on the Cowboys.

Ok, so keep in mind that this is off the top of the head from a memory that's from 14 years ago, but I think it's gotta be close to do how it actually happened.
Tooks' step and break was a true 'GOOOOOOOO' moment. Haha
Anyone else remember this awesome try?
I stand corrected if I've got some details wrong.
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