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Quarter finals: Remember to only vote for 1 team per match up

  • Rynonz

    Votes: 10 90.9%
  • Pullin Teeth

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Tajhay

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Weno

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • BoatsnHoes

    Votes: 7 63.6%
  • Warrior55

    Votes: 3 27.3%

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Choose the team you think would win the match up, remember to only vote for 1 team per match up.

Rynonz vs Pullin Teeth

RynoPullin Teeth
Wade McKinnonKevin Locke
Charnze Nicoll-KlokstadLee Oudenryn
Ngani LaumapeBrent Tate
Kevin IroPaul Whatuira
David FusituaRichie Blackmore
Frano Botica (gk)James Maloney (gk)
Stacey JonesJohn Simon
Russel PackerRichard Villasante
Isaac LukeNathan Friend
Steve Price (c)Sio Siua Taukeiaho
Jacob LillymanTyran Smith
Tohu Harris HarrisFeleti Mateo
Leeson Ah MauSimon Mannering (c)
CoachMark GrahamStephen Kearney

Tajhay vs Weno

Roger Tuivasa-SheckPhill Blake
Sean HoppeJohn Carlaw
Dean Bell (c)Konrad Hurrell
Joel MoonSonny Fai
Shontayne HapeTodd Byrne
Lance HohaiaShaun Berrigan
Shaun Johnson (gk)Greg Alexander (gk)
Joe VaganaSam Rapira (c)
Thomas LeuluaiRobbie Mears
Hitri OkeseneIafeta Paleaaesina
Dennis BettsWairangi Koopu
Ryan HoffmanSione Faumuina
Jazz TevagaJason Death
CoachMathew ElliotAndrew McFadden

BoatsnHoes vs Warrior55

Brent Webb (gk)Ivan Cleary (gk)
Francis MeliHenry Fa'afili
Clinton ToopiPeta Hiku
Lewis BrownJerome Ropati
Manu VatuveiKrisnan Inu
Sam TomkinsChad Townsend
Nathan FienKieran Foran
Jerry Seuseu (c)Ruben Wiki (c)
Motu TonyPJ Marsh
Mark TookeyAndy Platt
Ali Lauiti'itiJoe Galavao
Ben MatulinoAwen Guttenbeil
Logan SwanBen Henry
CoachIvan ClearyJohn Monie
Weno v Tajhay

Courtesy of Weno

Tajhay has one of the most solid backllines and backrows with two high power running props with Joe who can smash the buggery out of any ball carrier.
Tajhay's Fulback and halves are the exception and that's where he has it over every team.
X-Factor in these three men.

Team Weno

Cappy defensive game plan.

Greg Alexander will control this whole game with his A Class kicking game.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ,Hoppe and Hape will be nullified as Brandy wont be keeping the ball in and should slow up the start of there sets.

The on form Betts and Dean Bell will make it a hard day for Fai and Skinny so Cappy will have our pitbull Berrigan in Fai' and Skinnys defensive ear all day.
They will be we supported defensively with the reliable Koopu who can a dish out a big shot or two.
Cappy says they must hold that line with the X Factor Shaun Johnson just needing a half gap or less to wreck havoc .
If successful he should be ineffective.

Konnie and Sione have a harder task on there side with Hoffman in his time the best hole runner in the NRL/World, and the underrated ball playing center Joel Moon.
Brandy will need to be up for this task and keep Konnie on his toes.
When on our line,Carlaw swaps over with Konnie to sure up the D and should close the threat of a dangerous rampaging Hoffman,Moon is a different threat with his elusive running style and ability to hold up the line will be just what Hohaia needs to snipe in.
Hohaia is the same as his strength and power is not to be underestimated, his speed and footwork is sublime so if Konnie can listen to Brandy and stand his ground.
Then Famauina should be able to smash the buggery out of Hoffman and Moon.

Thomas on his day is sublime at dummy half
He has the the front row to make the yards with Hitro's high octane running and the big block Joe Vagana will make it a tough day at the office and open space as defensive numbers come in it should give Thomas easy pickings to scoop and shoot from dummy half.
Sam and Feka will be able to tie them up but this is where Cappy sayThe Doctor specifically comes in to fix this issue up.
Death has the mission to grass cut them all day and tire them out as durability is the pairs weakness,when there punch is gone Cappy says we will get our advantage on attack .

Jazz should be suspended but if playing Cappys pressure on defence should have him in brain explosion mode which means errors.

Cappys defensive plan,what you got Tajhay.
Wizards Warriors vs the bye

Courtesy of wizards rage

The boys turn on the TV and watch the other teams bash the shit out of each other. They know the top ranked team always gets the bye but are feeling no pressure, just an almost arrogant confidence driven by Ridges team talks.

No injuries to report...

Maumalo has a minor finger strain while going hard on PlayStation and pongia is coming off a weeks suspension but he’s used to that. Luck needs a few stitches removed but he will be good to go.

We should be injury free and well rested and ready to face an injury depleted team after some fierce battles going into round 2.
BoatsnHoes vs Warrior55

Courtesy of warriors55

Fullback – I have the ultra-reliable Ivan Cleary. Smart footballer, good positional play, good defence and a sharpshooter from the kicking tee. Huge influence on us getting to the grand final in 2002.

Centres - I've decided to go with a player who has the silky ball-playing skills of a half – Peta Hiku. He is paired up with the immensely talented Jerome Ropati. There were not many better centres when he was fit and in form.

Wings – I have the mercurial Krisnan Inu who was one of the most dangerous players in the NRL when he was in form and Henry Fa’afili the expert finisher with some great try celebration moves!

Halves – I have selected Kieran Foran based on his Manly career. Takes the line on, had the best and hardest defensive game I have ever seen from a half and a good short kicking game. The other half is the calming influence of Chad Townsend who is a premiership winner with Cronulla. They compliment each other nicely.

Hooker – This was the person I wanted the most. PJ Marsh. Great running, passing and defensive game. Dynamite out of dummy half. It is no coincidence we made the grand final in 2002 with him driving the team around the park.

Front Row – Two hardened veterans. Ruben Wiki and Andy Platt. If we are judging the teams mainly based on overall career form and not Warriors form then Platt is a no-brainer. This guy was a titan of the game. Played a ton of games for St Helens, Wigan and Great Britain. Ruben Wiki was a devastating player with the Raiders and solid with the Warriors. Needs no introductions. He will be my captain. He has mana and the players will follow him.

Back Row – Here I have gone with one half of the hair bears Joe Galavao and the tough and reliable Awen Guttenbiel. Galavao was one of the most devastating, electric and powerful runners of the football especially when he was at the Panthers. Guttenbeil was tough, formidable and reliable. Can fu*ck people up at times as his hit on the Roosters I posted on this thread earlier.

Lock – Ben Henry is a player would have been a mainstay in our side for many years but had his career cruelly cut short by injury. Gave 100% every game. Made his tackles and a good link player.

Coach - I am going to go with John Monie who has the best overall coaching record out of all the options. Coached Paramatta to a premiership in the 80's. Also won 4 Championships and Challenge Cups in a row as Wigan coach which had never been achieved before or since. He also actually had a 55% win ratio as coach of the Warriors. This is better than Ivan Cleary who had a 49% win ratio.

As we are judging it across his whole coaching career he is the obvious choice for me.

I feel my team has good balance all the way through. Tough front rowers with big motors. They will lead by example. I have the best hooker that has played for the Warriors. Electric and tough edge forwards and a reliable lock forward. My back 3 compliment each other perfectly (one electric, one reliable and one a finisher) and my centres have good ball skills and offensive games. I have a great goalkicker and one of the toughest halves to ever play the game who is a premiership winner as well as another premiership winning half.


OFFENCE - (Tackle 1) PJ Marsh will get me rolling up the field with my front rowers Wiki and Platt with Guttenbiel supporting. On (Tackle 2) Marsh will dart from dummy half to gain 15 metres around the ruck. On (Tackle 3) my halves will move it wider to the likes of Galuvao and Ropati to bust the line and look to offload. Then on (Tackle 4) Foran will take the line on and try to set up his outside men. Hiku feeding Fa’fali will be lethal. On the (Tast Tackle) Foran (Manly form) will put through a grubber or Townsend will bomb for Inu and Fa’afili. Or to mix things up Foran will throw a perfect cut out pass to set up my wingers.

DEFENCE - my team will be brutal. Wiki, Platt and Guttenbiel will stop players in their tracks. Ben Henry and PJ Marsh will be tackle machines with very few missed tackles. If the opposition break the line or go for a 40/20 Ivan Cleary will be there to clean up and also cover any defensive misreads by my centres.

Hope the voters can appreciate my team and the way I constructed it with the players available.
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Rynonz vs Pullin Teeth

Mckinnon, Botica (left), Jones (right and roaming), Luke

Middles: Packer, Price and Ah Mau

Right side edge:
Tohu Harris Harris, Ngani Laumape, David Fusitua

Left side edge:
Jacob Lillyman, Kevin Iro, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad

The game plan is simple with this team. Forwards to get a roll on up the middle, Luke to look for opportunities at dummy half, Jones to play what he sees a bit wider, Mckinnon to support, Fusitua to finish tries in the corner and Botica to convert them.

Start of sets:
The back 3 of Mckinnon, Nicoll-Klokstad and Fusitua who are all strong carriers of the ball, will super charge the start of sets, laying a fantastic foundation for the middles to get another roll on.

Middle play:
With Luke at the helm, he will look left and right choosing the best player to do the next hit up. One of the options is Price, who was one of the best meter eaters in history, he constantly ran for over 150+ meters, had several 200+ games and 1 300+ game in his career. Packer his running mate will easily get over 100+ and with Ah Mau also there, he will add another big body to get over the advantage line. Ah Mau also has a sneaky offload to watch out for.

Broken play:
With the middles going forward, watch out for Luke's darts from dummy half. If he makes half a break he will have Jones and Mckinnon in support. Jones was also lethal running at the line, with a back-peddling forward pack he will be hard to stop.

Kicking game: Look to Luke, Jones or Botica to get us good field position,and repeat sets. Closer to the line Jones can bomb to Fusitua who is the aerial threat and also look out for the banana kick to Mckinnon on the inside!

The middles are solid, edges and centers are also big bodies and can handle most down the edges. Our wingers can defuse bombs, and grubbers, and Nikol-Klostad provides that desperation cover defense if required. Mckinnon was also a great positional fullback and tenacious on defense as well.

Tactics against Pullin Teeth.
  • On defense we will put a lot of pressure on Friends slow delivery from dummy half, attacking their first and second receivers to try and stunt their go forward.
  • Lillymans sole job is to wrap up Mateo and to try stop his offloads, although that will be tough.
  • On attack we will also target Friend up the middle, although he makes lots of tackles they are not dominant so will look to get fast play the balls, which will then help Luke, Jones and Mckinnon wreak havoc.
  • We will also look to attack Maloney on the right edge and Mateo on the left edge as we see possible chinks in the defensive line there.
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Wizards Warriors:

We have all got good squads but what separates the good teams from the best is the strategy that underpins and defines the teams culture. Us selectors set the tone. I prefer competitive, take no prisoners players. The type that don’t hold back. Intensity. Effort on effort.... Winners

It’s Pongia as a pack leader during a period where coaches put a premium on physicality;
Its Campion’s passion, as he smashed a microphone during a half time speech;
It’s Ridge’s intensity manhandling a ref;
It’s Betham voted the most feared NRL player;
It’s Luck losing a few more pints of blood for the cause...

Of all the razzle dazzle superstars I could have chosen at the club, my first strategic choice was Campion. Mental toughness. The missing ingredient in our current line up. Campion set the tone for my selections. This is a grinding team. Strong in the forwards with possibly the best second row. Pongia and Blair as starting props are the most capped kiwi forwards of their respective generations.
The halves are solid. Ngamu started in 25 tests for NZ and Witt scored THAT try that got the Warriors through to the 2011 GF. Witt is a world class kicker, kicking at 87.82% for the Warriors and relegates Ridge at 80.22% back to a mere backup kicker. How many teams can do that!

The backs with Vagana and Ropati are silky smooth centre’s, solid on attack and elite defensive players. Vagana is up with the best centres we have ever produced and between him, the creative Kearney inside and Maumalo outside, this edge will be deadly. Dally M winger and centre combination. The left edge is all about the soft hands of Ropati unleashing the speed of Fisiiahi. My back 3 of Maumalo, Ridge and the Fish are up there with the best.

But what truely defines my team is defence. My back row and centres are defensive superstars. No glitz and glamour here. My hooker was chosen purely for his defensive abilities. Get through that lot and Ridge puts his body on the line every time as possibly our best ever defensive fullback.

Think you can screw the game in your favour by rolling out a fancy game plan? This team has 4 Kiwi captains; 6 players with 25+ Kiwi tests and that doesn’t even include Campion who leads them. You will get dragged down into a grudge match, play how I want it played and play on my terms!

So my challenge to other teams... where do you score against this team? I cannot see more than 10 points being put on against this line up. Then I moneyballing the offence, my team statistically scored 19 points per game. And that is our tournament right there, the sum of the all the parts. A ruthless, impenetrable defensive wall which will score more points than it concedes. Game. Set. Match. Wizards warriors.

T. Ropati
Campion (c)
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BoatsnHoes vs Warrior55 has gone into extra time! We need more voters to break the deadlock!

Please also vote for the other teams as well!
Will shut down the voting at 6pm NZT on 28.04 and then post up the semifinal games.
Some good teams looking like getting knocked out. Couple of the matchups are really even where one vote could decide it.
F*ck I completely missed this thread! Gutted to see I lost the battle. Thought my spine and pack would have done the business.

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