General Warriors fun draft from 1995 onwards

Have changed my mind like 50 times but have settled with these two:

They are actually half of one of my favourite Warriors prop rotations with Rapira and Matulino.

First pick is a SOO representative and was part of the Morons dynasty. I will play him at lock as i need someone who is defensively sound, and can make some meters up the middle. Jacob Lillyman.

Second pick is another Kiwi prop forward, he was light on his feet and could always get over the advantage line. Russell Packer.

1. McKinnon
2. Nicoll-Klokstad
3. Laumape
4. K. Iro
5. Fusitua
7. Jones
8. Packer
9. Luke
10. Price (c)
12. Harris
13. Lillyman
Packers workrate was like a lock.
Over 100 meters,30+ tackles.
Awesome rotation.
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Played like how most people want Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to be used, would of had a long Warriors career if he had his head screwed on.

Kevin Locke

1. Locke
3. Tate
4. Blackmore
6. Maloney (gk)
7. Simon
8. Taukiaho
9. Friend
10. Villasante
11. Mateo
13. Mannering (C)
Are there worse examples of wasted talent at the Warriors than Locke and Faumuina? I think not, even when considering the loss of Ali back in 2004.
Debuted for the Warriors at 18
2 premiership for the Panthers and Tigers
Kiwi representative
Mr reliable
Another one that got away

Paul Whatuira

1. Locke
3. Tate
4. Whatuira
5. Blackmore
6. Maloney (gk)
7. Simon
8. Taukiaho
9. Friend
10. Villasanti
11. Mateo
13. Mannering (C)
Remember a test match Paul played in against Australia.
Was one of the greatest defensive displays I ever seen.
Hodges and co had no idea that day.


tajhay tajhay

Your pick bro

Just a couple of rounds left now fellas.

I am looking forward to the last round to see who gets stuck with you know who as their head coach LOL. Good times.
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My Phil Blake pick was strategic and this card now needs to be played now that Nobby,the last of our topline fullback s is gone.

Berrigan was strategic too.

Have a few changes.

Picked as a defensive player out wide.
Turned out to be of way more value to us than expected.

Debuted on the wing for Balmain.
Went inbetween for West Tigers.
Was the same at the beginning as a Warrior before cementing the center position.

Tenacious body on the line player with speed to burn .
F@#ked himself up a few times.

Remember him smashing Big Willie the buggery all day in a Doggies? Clash.
2002 Grand final player.

Blake shifts to fullback Berrigan to the halves.

1- Phil Blake
3- Konrad Hurrell
4- John Carlaw
5- Todd Byrne
6- Greg Alexander (G.K)
7- Shaun Berrigan
8- Sam Rapira
9- Robbie Mears
10- Iaefeta paleaaesina
11- Sonny Fai
12- Sione Famauina

BOOM!!! Two to go.
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Went for a monster pack to win the ruck battle, so im banking on getting some fast play the ball. At dummyhalf i want a hooker who can take advantage of that with natural speed an elusiveness. This guy had those qualities. Although he played standoff in the 2002 GF he would often come off the bench and add impact in several positions (did the same job for the Kiwi's), a very deceptive runner - Motu Tony.

1. Brent Webb
2. Francis Meli
3. Clinton Toopi
5. Manu Vatuvei
6. Sam Tomkins
7. Nathan Fien
8. Jerry Seuseu
9. Motu Tony
10. Mark Tookey
11. Ali Lauiti'iti
12. Ben Matulino
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