General Warriors: From obsession to apathy


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Sep 1, 2015
A lot of businesses, including SKY TV and the NRL have a lot riding on the Warriors.

There might be bullshit coming out to the fans and the press from JD and SK but it will not be washing with the guys with the chequebooks. Vodafone are not that flush with cash these days, they must be asking questions too. After all it was the association with the Warriors that took DB Green beer off the market after decades of successful sales.

My guess is that behind the scenes real questions are being asked. My fear is that JD might either quit or be pushed out because I don't know where they are going to find somebody to replace him.

My other guess is that it is the playing culture in the club that is to blame. I say guess, because I don't know for sure, but good players, even young ones, seem to prefer going across the ditch to play. That speaks volumes.

One thing is for sure Buzz Rothfield, the muppet whom hangs out with pimps is way off the mark in wanting the Warriors out of the comp. He wants Perth in FFS. Check your TV ratings you muppet, nothing happens in Perth, they even go outside to watch planes land yet nobody wanted to watch the Super Rugby franchise.

It is the NZ TV population that keeps the NRL in the advertisers eyes, the Warriors are going nowhere, but they need to sort this shite, fast.
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Jul 18, 2013
Completely agree. The last couple of years I've found myself going from not missing a game to not even caring about results. These days I don't even check to see who they're playing and what time. Haven't watched a warriors game in a few weeks, not intentionally, it just doesn't really interest me. Thats not to say I'm not still a fan, but I think OP nailed it by describing the atmosphere as apathetic.


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Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
Same here actually. Now I just don't really care. I was fine on Friday night. Apathy is exactly the right sentiment.

This actually reminds me of WCW. In 1997 they assembled probably the greatest pro wrestling roster ever. They had enormous ratings and attendances.

Within 4 years they were dead. They kept offering up bullshit until they finally keeled over.

Aw man, don't remind me about WCW. Wrestling still hasn't recovered from them falling over. :(


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Apr 10, 2016
Hey guys, thought I'd post this here before letting it loose elsewhere. Some may find it a tad harsh, but it's how I (and many many people I've spoken with) feel. Feel free to tear it apart, but I feel like the time for sugar coating has well and truly gone. Most of it isn't new sentiment for us who frequent here, just collective thoughts.


Something is happening. Change is happening. As a Warriors supporter, there is a mood in the air that I have never experienced in 20 years. Or should I say, lack of mood - apathy is the only word I can find to describe it. The lack of enthusiasm, emotion, and even general interest in some cases, is a stark contrast to years gone by.

There was a time when the Warriors meant everything to me. Over the past 2 decades, my weeks and weekends have been dominated by everything rugby league and Warriors. My general mood over the week soured after a loss, then brightened again as game-day approached. My circle of friends similarly dove head first into the sport and the Auckland-based side with obsessive eagerness that was essentially unmatched by anything for years.

However during the last few seasons, I have noticed a gradual shift in mindset. It started out as simply less anger, less frustration after a loss. Then some started to avoid watching the games once it was clear the Warriors weren’t going to make the 8. This progressed to snorts of derision during the propaganda-filled preseasons, and collective eye-rolling when we were fed articles declaring a ‘fitter, stronger, more focused squad than ever before’. The club slowly descended from an entity that once filled us with pride, enjoyment, passion – to something that we oddly found ourselves resenting. We were putting everything we had into it, and getting nothing in return.

From my perspective, this season has seen the biggest change of all. The fiery passion amongst many supporters is not only gone, it has been replaced with almost nothing at all. People simply no longer care about the outcome. I feel I can speak about this with a degree of confidence, having helped run the largest online supporters forum for the past decade. There will always be a sub-set of supporter that lives and dies by the results on the field, but this breed is dwindling.

From a competition standpoint, I would suggest the Knights are in a deeper hole than the Warriors, but they at least have some past success to fall back on. I don't see the Warriors winning a premiership for a long time, if ever. If I have to star gaze, they are probably on the verge of a Newcastle style 'rebuild' with very little light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t say this lightly, or as a knee-jerk reaction to what has unfolded so far this year. The Warriors simply do not produce footballers good enough to compete for sustained periods of time. What we see are many players who are good at one or two things only. Some are great on attack, but can’t defend, or lack basic ball handling skills. Some are great defenders, but can’t break a tackle to save themselves. It is quite apparent that the players with all-round abilities tend to end up in rugby union, and why wouldn’t they? Spending your days in the pulsating industrial hub of Penrose must surely pale in comparison to an All Black jersey and all the comes with it.

The attribute which is most consistently lacking however, is mental fortitude. Most players this club produces lack it in spades. It can be hidden to a degree in a side filled with players who have it, but is sorely exposed here. The so-called nursery of junior league players in Auckland is nothing but a giant youtube highlight reel with zero substance. There is nothing about the junior players in our current squad that suggests they are anything but fringe first graders, let alone the type of players you can build a club around. The future looks incredibly dim.

If I am being brutally honest - the Warriors are a club where careers come to die. Where basic skills, fitness and attitudes nose dive, never to recover to pre-Warriors levels – a few notable exceptions aside. No prior or current strategies on or off the field have worked, save for perhaps a couple of brief periods.

Jim Doyle's current strategy of recruiting Kiwis looks grand on paper but is arguably producing some of our worst ever performances. I expect to see him fall on his sword at the end of this season, as he probably should, though he has at least tried something different. In short, there is almost nothing to be positive about regarding this club and the direction it is headed.

I will probably watch again this weekend, as old habits certainly seem to die hard. Though none of what unfolds will mean very much, neither to myself nor many of my fellow supporters-turned-observers. Apathy has taken over, and it’s here to stay.
Send it into Jim


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May 7, 2012
Contradiction in terms but....the apathy is a worry.

My favorite league voices are here, not the media, and especially not the clubs press.

The invention of the interweb has allowed me the priveledge of testing ideas and and getting schooled up on my favorite game by a diverse range of people.

I think the greatest thing about this Forum in particular, is that it has taken all of the best bits from Forums past, and brought together a whole bunch of thinkers from all walks of life who share a common dialect.

As such it is an incredible achievement.

I've noticed over time a terrible down trend in Fans towards an unavoidable well researched human condition, the stages of grief.

First we went through denial.

The bloody Reffs. The Coach, the race of the players, paying overs, the media, bandwagon fans disappeared after two on and so forth.

Then comes Anger.

The Warrior problem, like the Grief model, sees people stuck at various stages.

The Warriors bank (literally in the Schurrah era) on denial.....and have anger as a back up.

As long as the fans are angry, the club survives....because it means they care.

Bargaining comes next, and this is where the Warriors are expert as a business.

They sack coaches to trap fans into this bargain of things will get better, we are trying something different......stick with us.

Depression comes next, I won't insult your intelligence.

Lastly is acceptance.

The apathy, the thread a healthy sign my Compadre's.

As for me personally, I'm too old to play rugby league, so I admit criticising the players comes with a caveat, it is a great game, like many contests, it can teach you a lot about life.

So whatever people choose to do about following the Warriors is not up for criticism IMO.

Its about personal choices.

Its about how you want to invest your time.

I have no regrets about time invested in the Warriors, they have proved a type of life lesson.

They're not to blame for my choices to spend time on them, I own that.

The fans are now mirroring the apathy of the players in an art imitates life process.

The solution positively mirror /reflect on us is obvious.

We will give a shit when they give a shit.


Things right now are where they should be.


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Sep 6, 2012
How can we be expected to care when the players themselves don't look like they want to be on the field?

There was once a time when a Warriors game was sacred for me. Nothing else came ahead of it. I always cleared my schedule and for many years I never missed a game. Those days are long gone. I'll always tune in, but I might be on my PC with it playing in the background a bit. I can't really remember the last time I was truly engaged in a second half of a Warriors game. Invariably I'll be off doing something else by the time the final whistle blows.

I guess, yeah, I agree and even mirror your sentiments. Wake me up when we have a team that cares.


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Apr 14, 2012
I'm still watching all game, every game. Mind you, did flick the tickets I had to Hamilton on Trademe after that second half "performance" last week. I wasn't going to sit in a car for 2 hours to witness that shit.

I guess it is a concern when you're not angry/happy after a game - just "meh, we won but lots to work on " or "meh, we lost and lots to work on."

But if there's another coaching change within the next two seasons, I think that's me grabbing my coat and walking out the freakin' door. Even if it was Wayne Bennett comng over....

How many times have we tried that and how many times has it worked? 0.
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Apr 3, 2016
Same here actually. Now I just don't really care. I was fine on Friday night. Apathy is exactly the right sentiment.

This actually reminds me of WCW. In 1997 they assembled probably the greatest pro wrestling roster ever. They had enormous ratings and attendances.

Within 4 years they were dead. They kept offering up bullshit until they finally keeled over.
The problem with WCW was the lunatics were running the asylum... hmmm o_O


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May 18, 2012
For me I think two things are different this year.
1, it's just the same thing every year now. All teams have good years and bad years but I can't even remember what a good year feels like. We just seem to be in the same pattern of disappointing performances with the odd great game sprinkled in to sucker you in for another month of lacklustre performance
2, there just doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. We have been told every excuse now and been through all sorts of off feild changes. There doesn't seem to be any big name player changes on the way, because why would a big name player want to come here? And even if they did I just can't see it making a difference anyway. We have arguably the best spine any NRL team had ever had and still look underwhelming.


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Jul 19, 2013
Instead of trying to lure good Aussie players over here (which never happens), Warriors management/Eric Watson should petition NRL HQ to expand the number of play-off teams to 16.
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