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Mark Graham was one of the greatest players our game has had. He was a good coach too, just happened to be with the wrong club at the wrong time. As for religious arguments I don't buy into them, there is no point. My church was at Carlaw Park and Mount Wellington rubbishes it:(.

No point arguing about religion?
It's one of the best things to argue about.
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This year yet?
Have no issues at all with players personal beliefs but how much of an influence does it have on the team? And is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Slightly off-topic but there's a story in the Daily Telegraph that Will Hopoate only earned $120k this season due to his Sundays off religious clause.

Kind of surprised that the NRL would allow a contract to factor in games not played rather than just per season.
It's one of the best things to argue about - one side states facts and the sum total of human scientific knowledge, whilst the other side spouts uneducated shite about faith.

Just remember that when you're face to face with a very very upset St Peter and oh what's that, yes it's a trapdoor under your feet...

And "undeducated shite about faith", well, this is the website for it, isn't it, as a Warriors fan website? :)
That was either Ali taking the question too pedantically or Anderson being really paranoid that the players wouldn't rate the Warriors as The Thing In My Life...Does anyone know which of those it really was?
Either way you don't discard a player of Ali's ability cos of the way he answered a few questions.... you just don't. A ceo with any football experience would have told Anderson that their was no way he was moving Ali on. I think after years of failure they were willing to let Anderson do want he wanted as he had finally got the club into the finals.
It was the CEO Mick Watson who asked the question. Why? Read above, the guy was off the rails.
Oh I must have badly misunderstood what happened I thought it was a one on one with DA. But yes Watson screwed us. While other teams cheated the cap to assemble the likes of Smith, slater and inglis, Watson cheated the cap so he could spend a mill on props
Was all done by that meth head Mick Watson wasnt it???

So from your reply there was a drug addiction affecting the mind of the Warriors CEO which made him go loco on things a normal CEO would not have?

I remember at the time the Warriors media-managed it so at sounded like Ali didn't really care about the club and what it stood for and Monty and Stacey were quoted as saying (basically) the club were better off without players like Ali...
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Wot a terrible idea for a thread.

Hopoate only getting 120k plus Sundays off makes me sick.

Wanna swap jobs bro ? (in other words most of these heathens who have never read the Bible from start to finish.....are ignorant for conducting religious practice on T.V.).

If you understand the indoctrination you heathens Christ said 'it is easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven'.

Christ was crucified in loin cloth with a Crown of thorns.

These idiots with gold teeth that try to shove religion at you while playing an grossly over paid violent sport are Hypocrites.

I once worked with a self promoting know one of those goatee beard creepy white guys with a hairy chest.

A lot of my work mates were freaked out by him.

I used to remind them....if you believe in one polar extreme then you allow for the other.

I wish a Satanist would apply to play for the Warriors ( its late and my black humour is at it's darkest).

Talk back....the United Nations, the treaty, Bill of human rights.....Employment law, the players Union...would be a thing of beauty to watch collide in a MT Smart quasi temple of missapropriated slogans of #keep the Faith.
#Satanists have rights too God says so.
# True followers of Christ surrender their worldly riches which pretty much rules out all major Western religions.
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