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a few really big eye openers for me from that article are:
1. While the right edge scored more tries they also conceded more as well
2. Our offloading was the "most effective" in the competition. This is something we've always wanted to see, a good balance of offloads and grind. It's nice to see that we're playing to our strengths.
3. Using the backs to do a lot of the yardage work IS a part of Kearney's game plan (or 'game model' as he calls is), which explains his use of Maumalo and Kata who have both showed deficiencies in other areas at times
4. The Warriors record for conceding tries after penalties was the fourth best. While this isn't something I'm overly proud of having hated the Roosters for so long because of their skill at it, if that's what it takes to win games and comps i guess i'm all for it.
for my Warrirors review i gave them a B+

the season was a success for many reasons, not just the fact the team got back to winning ways after 6 woeful seasons

what i liked the most wasnt the players roster but the people bought in to help the team, (george , smith )most of all the new trainer Corvo, i did say to someone when he was announced that he would be our best buy for 2018 and it certainly showed in the boys fitness.

Green, Harris, Pulu, Passi, those boys made a big difference to our previous teams and it shows you dont have to go out and spend a million bucks on one guy if you get half a dozen guys that actually want to put the effort in and play for each other.

Bring on 2019, im picking top 4
Interesting to hear Kearney confirm that Hiku is a really smart operator in the defence.

So its that bouncing off tackle technique issue and the odd patch of Lazyness.

Pita go have a two week sleepover at the bro Dean Whare(s) Whare eh.

Get that brother to teach you to hit and stick....its another 100k on your next salary negotiation, serious dough....real bread Pita....BREAD.
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It shows how close they were from being Minor Premiers. Winnable games against the Sharks, Titans and Bulldogs would of done it. Just lapses of concentration that came into it.
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