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Don't think I've seen a season review thread up yet so thought I'd make one...


- Our defencive systems have improved a lot, with another season under our belts (and better players) we should hopefully be better again next year.
- The approach to away games has been a focus and has improved alot because of that
- Fitness has been a huge reason for our improvement and with another off-season we'll only be better for it
- Attacking structure was loosened and there was more warrior ball. Though I'd like to see more trick plays and interchange between our Spine.
- The gameplan of using our backs for yardage so our forwards have more energy to defend is questionable, I prefer a BIG pack with FAST, SKILLFUL backs myself. It seems to be the trend with most teams going down that route so hopefully we're not getting stuck behind the times.
- Player selection suited my personal preferences more (less lisone, bunty to the middle, mannering to locke rather than second row)
- The forwards' minutes were questionable, Satae and Pulu only ever really got the lone 10-15 minute stint coming off the bench whereas Jazz got around 60-65. I'm not sure what Kearney's logic is behind that but it just doesn't seem to be working.

Final word: At the end of last season I said I wanted to see Kearney and the staff improve from their previous mistakes and in many cases they have, however they still have a ways to go. Hopefully our new signing can make a good contribution.
Grade: B+

- Our FG signings were all really good (Harris, Beale, Green, Hiku, Paasi, Pulu)
- We need more signings for next year, especially in the forwards (it doesn't look like theres much going around so we might need to convice someone for an early release or go overseas)
- IMO re-signing Lisone and Maumalo were mistakes, hopefully we release them early. I can't see either of them making a good contribution to our long-term success or even offering much in the ways of depth. Could put Kata in the same boat.
- Luke: I hope the warriors stay tight with their contract offer to Bully (hopefully a 1yr contract on significantly less). If he doesn't take it we should go for James Segeyaro, Api Koroisau or chase Josh Hodgson like we were rumoured to be doing. Otherwise give roache a crack as a starter.
- Tevaga: Again offer him what they think hes worth and not a cent more, we cant be paying overs. If he doesnt want it then offer less to james bell and he'll do a similar job.
Final word: Kearney's kiwi/previous club connections have really helped and made a huge impact on our season, hopefully he can drag in a few more for next year.
Grade A+

- I really like the kinds of players we're bringing through at the moment (afoa, papalii, vuna) guys who are fit, hard workers who give it their best shot.
- It's also good that we're stearing clear of the talented ones who dont have the work ethic, that stuff just doesn't win 'chips.
- I'd like to see our young backs get a go in FG next season (soosemea, perham) in place of maumalo and kata
Final word: looks like we're heading in the right direction, hopefully we'll start to see the benefits of a more selective process in the next few years
Grade: B

- Improved on last year, less structure more footy (which suits our players better)
- Still needs improvement, not enough front foot ball (requires more impact from forwards)
- We need Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Johnson sniffing around in the middle more often (play to their strengths) rather than Roger Tuivasa-Sheck taking hitups and johnson watching on the sideline
- Right hand attack is as good as we'll get it imo
- Our left side needs new combinations to get more strike, they don't offer anything 1020m out atm and teams know that (id go with Green, Pulu, Hiku and Soosomea, Papalii to the bench and maumakata to reserve grade)
Final word: We've loosened the shackles from last year but really need to break them off if we want to be a force.
Grade: B-

- Vastly improved on last year but still conceding too many points on our off nights
- Scramble is really good and you can tell the guys are digging in for eachother
- Edge defense is still a struggle on some nights and individual missed tackles hurt us a lot
- Wrestle and slowing the ptb has improved a lot and we dont get penalised nearly as much as people were expecting (which is expected when the whole team is doing it properly)
Final word: Lots of improvement but will need a lot more next year if we want to be a top defensive team (which is what wins titles)
Grade: C

Forward pack:
- Guys are digging in really hard for eachother which is good
- Kearney's obviously sticking with his high workrate types but needs to give his big boppers more game time to make an impact (satae specifically)
- Still lack size in the front row but we're looking better. Paasi, Gavet, Afoa, Ah Mau, Satae are a really good start, hopefully we can get at least one more solid FG prop to add to that.
- Don't think I'd like to see Lisone around in FG anymore, these guys have impressed me much more
Final word: Improved on last year and like the players we're working with, one or two more signings and another big offseason with corvo and i think we'd be really well placed for next season
Grade: B-

- Individually they had good seasons but don't combine as often or as well as id like (only combine on the attacking set plays in the 10m)
- Need more interplay between them i.e. Luke running with Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck both in support, halves kicking/grubbering for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Johnson/Roger Tuivasa-Sheck trick plays etc.
- Kicking has improved but needs to be more consistent
- I like Roache, Lino, Perham and Chanel Harris-Tavita as backup options
Final word: If we can keep this spine together and get them playing more creatively on attack while keeping their kicking game consistent I think they could be a top 2 spine in the comp
Grade: A-

- Too big for my liking, especially that left hand side. need more speed and skill in the backline otherwise we're relying on our individual brilliance and right hand set plays way too much for points
- Maumalo and Kata are too one dimensional so I'd put Hiku on the left and bring in Soosemea
- Also contemplaing bringing Fusitua in to center on the right and using Perham on the wing, either way we need more strike
Final word: The guys do awesome to get us on the front foot but imo that shouldn't be their job. Hopefully Kearney sees this the same way and changes things.
Grade: C-

- Too small for me, need at least a few BIG props coming off the bench or we completely lose any momentum we have
- Would go with Roache/Lawton, Afoa, Ah Mau and Papalii
Final word: Kearney started heading in the right direction earlier on when he was using satae and Pulu but went away from it and it showed.
Grade: D

My team for 2019 (signings pending):
1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. David Fusitua
3. Gerard Beale
4. Peta Hiku
5. Lewis Soosomea
6. Blake Green
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Agnatius Paasi
9. Isaac Luke
10. James Gavet
11. Leivaha Pulu
12. Tohu Harris
13. Adam Blair

14. Nathaniel Roache
15. Bunty Afoa
16. Leeson Ah Mau
17. Isaiah Papalii

Final Word: Overall a good improvement and step in the right direction, we're definitely a team on the way up and should continue to be better over the next few seasons.
Season Grade: C+
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Very good wrap up

Only thing I would change, our defence this year was better than our attack.

We blew out a few times but when we were on it was top quality defence. Showing real structure and commitment that hasn’t been there other years. There is improvements to be made but if we can get consistency at the level we showed at times this year, we will have a defence to win the comp.

As opposed to our attack... reliance on individual brilliance, lack of set plays and no long range tries. Focused on power over speed in the backs, Fusitua being the exception. Good enough but relied on the other oppositions teams defence failing rather than beating them. Again... Fusitua’s side being the exception
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I have them a solid B, lots of good stuff but even more to work on.

I had them at around a B as well but the thing that brought them down was that last performance. Just goes to show how different finals footy is and our 6 year hiatus has definitely made us rusty. Hopefully the young guys took a lot out of that game yesterday, this was supposed to be the closest finals series in years and we were beaten pretty convincingly.
Gave them a B- ... which is just a nicer way of saying C+ lol

If someone had told me in the pre-season that we'd comfortably make the 8 with a game to spare I'd have been highly skeptical

So the fact that we did that gives them an easy pass mark from me, if we'd won last night & then lost next week would've been B+/A-

The best thing about this season for me is that my pride & passion for our club has been well & truly reignited & I'm now champing at the bit for next season

The 5 wins in a row to start the season was utterly surreal & awesome to behold & the 2 wins against the Drags really standout for me

But my favourite moment of the season was bucking the Donks at Suncorp

The victory itself was immensely satisfying, but being able to pop over to BroncosHQ to see our banner on their header & rark those cats up ... priceless

Bring on 2019 ... GO THE WARRIORS!!!
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C+ as well, that team is exactly what I was thinking too, Hiku right wing, Fusitua centre and a speedy young blood on the wing.

We would preserve Luke’s body more playing 60, no need to push for 80 with current interchange and our back row.

We are also going to end Roger Tuivasa-Sheck early using him as a Manu prop, we need props to be props.
B+ for me. It is such an unusually tight contest between the top 8 this year. 15 wins based on previous seasons would get you anywhere between 3rd-5th spot which means a second life or first up home elimination final at the worst. Highlight was winning in Perth for the first time against all expectations. Lowlight was the Storm Anzac game - was so hyped up and for it to be over in the first 20 mins was a big letdown.
I think the biggest thing from this season was that we got the 'travel' monkey off our back. I read in an NRL article that in the regular season we finished up with the equal best away record with a few other teams (8 wins, 4 losses). If we can turn Mt Smart into a fortress and make it a hell ground for teams to travel to then I think we could easily be top 4 next season.
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I'm still too upset over last night to think about it properly, but overall we made some really good strides and I'm happy with how we went for the most part.

Couple of game where we just didn't turn up, but equally a ton of hoodoos broken - won in Perth, two wins over the Dragons, a win over Manly and our best away record in history. Those are some great things we can definitely build on. Having a season with Corvo under our belt and ideally an off-season to keep building on where he's gotten them to, rather than starting from scratch, may yield some really impressive results.

I'm also very happy with our recruitment. Beale has been a massive bust, but Corvo, Blair, Green, Paasi, Pulu and Harris have all been phenomenal. Ah Mau coming next year further solidifies our pack.

Next year, hopefully we'll see some changes to the centres/bench structure. I can't deal with another year of Kata stinking up the team, Beale dropping every fucking thing that comes his way and Hiku not knowing a tackle from a tackle box. They're all capable of great games on their day, but when they're off ... fuck me.

I'd also like to put an end to the back on the bench + Jazz experiment. If we're going to carry an extra back, we need three big boppers on the bench. Jazz plays his role well when we're moving forward, but if we're on the back foot, he's worse than useless.

Also - hot take, but I'm really relieved Mannering has retired. There were a couple of game where you could really tell he'd 'lost interest' and it cost us badly. Last night being one of those. He's a club legend, but man he was a liability this year.

Looking forward, I'd probably like to see this in round 1

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - Arguably his best ever season. No brainer.
2. Fusitua - Top try scorer AND equalled the club record. No brainer.
3. Hiku - REALLY needs to work on his defence, but he's the best at setting up Fusitua.
4. ???? - Kata and Beale are frankly dogshit. In an ideal world, neither. But I'm guessing Beale.
5. Maumalo - Poor bastard gets ZERO ball, but had a quietly excellent season. Super safe under the high ball and incredibly valuable starting sets. Another no brainer.
6. Green - He's our rudder. Quiet last night, but generally excellent this year.
7. Shaun Johnson - Hopefully they spend the off season reminding him that he can just run it, rather than try to organise as he's been forced to since Maloney left (Loo Loo Eyes and Foran were zero help)
8. Paasi - Came on strong and started to have some great games for us toward the end of the year.
9. Luke (Roache?) - Ideally it's Luke, but who knows where he's going so I'll put Roache in parenthesis.
10. Ah Mau - Straight swap for Gavet. I'm looking forward to his arrival.
11. Harris - No brainer. His combo with Shaun Johnson/Hiku/Fusitua is fearsome when they're in a mood.
12. Pulu - Some may have forgotten, but he was a BEAST early in the season. He wasn't back at full fitness after injury, but I think he'll be massive in 2019
13. Blair - Our designated grub. Prone to the odd drop or penalty, but he's a leader and has been really valuable. No brainer.

14. Roache (Jazz?) - If Luke stays, it's definitely Roache in my opinion. This will be the year he does his apprenticeship, with an eye towards taking the starting spot in 2020. If Luke doesn't stay, I assume Jazz gets the spot, while Roache starts. Regardless, we CANNOT have Jazz AND Roache on the bench. It's a disaster waiting to happen.
15. Bunty - pushing for a start tbh. I wouldn't be hurt if he starts and Paasi/Ah Mau come off the bench.
16. Papa - probably better suited to starting at lock, but I'd really like Pulu to start and get us on the front foot
17. Gavet / whichever prop impresses in the off-season - tbh I'd rather not have Gavet in the team because he's been shit all year, but we're a little short on options unless Satae suddenly improves or Sao emerges from Kearney's dog box. Lisone not an option.
Also, has anyone discovered where Kearney buried Sao’s body yet?

Bigger mystery than Stonehenge.

Gave them a B+, some improvement on last year. I sure as hell remember those 9 games on a trot in 2017. Still a work in progress but I'm mindful of some of the weird things SK did this year with selection and the bench. Either there's a big picture plan I can't see or he's a stubborn, one eyed summbitch.
One thing that was noticeable was our start to the season was superb but we started to fall off when the coach started to dick around with selections. Not good.

As I said in another thread, the building blocks are being put in place and I look forward to 2019 with some confidence. In fact, confident enough to renew my membership


I gave them an A. If it wasn't for an incompetent referee and linesmen we would have been 4th with a life and a home final. Maybe on reflection we didn't deserve that, but it is no doubt a fact. On that basis the team over achieved in the toughest rugby competition in the world.

Also they have shown continual improvement, especially in the forwards with more to come. Top eight next year for sure.
What impressed me the most is we made consistent improvements.
The defensive increase this year was massive , fitness was too.
We look like a real team now , not just Shaun Johnson and his motley warriors crew.
The best thing is , if we continue on our trajectory we will look even better next year.
Development and recruitment have been great.
To go from consistently Shit for 7 years to 2 points of the top teams is huge.
It's taken the knights 3 years to go from Shit to ok.
Under Kearney - with the support staff and cattle we have , we have gone from Shit to good in a year or so.

2019 squad:

1.Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

7.Shaun Johnson


I gave them an A. If it wasn't for an incompetent referee and linesmen we would have been 4th with a life and a home final. Maybe on reflection we didn't deserve that, but it is no doubt a fact. On that basis the team over achieved in the toughest rugby competition in the world.

Also they have shown continual improvement, especially in the forwards with more to come. Top eight next year for sure.
On the subject of that awful robbery of the 2 points against the Sharks they were the only side in the top 8 that we played just once - that is one tough draw for the season on reflection. The fact we got within 6 points against the Storm and beat the other teams it was a solid effort.

Ever Hopeful

Have we seen the last of Fusitua as a winger?

They need to bolster the pack, we cannot afford an outside back. I'd rather have a newbie at wing than at centre.

They have a full off-season to focus on the position if they do decide to go that way. We know Fusitua wants it.
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