General Vulcans v Windsor Wolves


Saturday 7th May
Mt Smart Stadium no. 1
Kickoff 1pm (FREE ENTRY)

1-Johnny Aranga
2-Nuivoa Taka
3-Shaun Metcalf
4-Atelea Nafetalai
5-Bill Tupou
6-Isaac John
7-Willy Heta
8-Mataupu Poching
9-Pita Godinet
10-James Gavet
11-Matt Robinson
12-Steve Rapira
13-Sema Mataora

14-Willy Peace
15-Anthony Gelling
16-Saulala Houma
17-Tulson Caird
note: subject to change
Moon? Kingi? Lousi?

I bet a few of these guys are out on the off chance they might need to play for the main team. I'd expect the makeup of this team to change also.

Good to see Rapira back though.
Also, Godinet is being kept out of the halves... odd.
Yep doesnt make sense to take him as cover unless you plan on starting him and dropping one of Maloney/Seymour. I heard Johnson injured his shoulder a bit two games ago but was obviously ok to play last week. The vulcans do have a bye following this game so maybe they are resting him this game to give him longer time to recover.
Johnson wasn't injured, per say, but the entire match you could tell he had some niggles, he could have well been given a week off.
He's probably being rested since the Vulcans have a bye next week. two weeks off will help him get over any niggles.
As pointed out on another site, 5 players potentially missing to rep duty. Brown, Sam, Matulino, Hohaia & Mannering. The players missing from the Vulcans add up to, Moon, Johnson, Latimore, Kingi & Lousi. Manu returning would add up to 6. As to where Johnson would possibly play looks to be the unknown key to mystery. Until then though, do we conclude hes injured? Sunday isn't the ideal day to back up so we could well see some posistions available. Seeing as the Titans as one of our bogey teams, i see the circumstances as nothing but a plus as we could spring a suprise team on them.
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Wolves team

1. Codi Towney
2. Ryan Walker
18. Yileen Gordon
4. Adrian Purtell
5. Sandor Earl
6. Arana Taumata
7. Cody Walker
8. Junior Paulo
24. Masada Iosefa
10. Duan Poeneki
11. Dayne Weston
12. Nathan Smith
13. Jesse Sene Lefao

14. Nafe Seluini
15. Reece Goldsmith
16. Evrett Vaurasi
17. Shannon Wakeman
23. Mike Worrincy
24. Joseph Paulo

Looks like Nafe is coming home again this weekend! I wonder why they are giving him a week off, or a week on so to speak.
Wolves team

Looks like Nafe is coming home again this weekend! I wonder why they are giving him a week off, or a week on so to speak.

I dont think he left. lol.

He probably still in Mangere or Rewa as we speak.
He needs as much footy as possible as he still only learning the hooker role and has had limited game time.
Yeah, after I thought about it for a bit it did make sense. I didn't realise that the Panthers had the bye.
Interesting. Maybe they are looking at Pita as a hooking option in FG and have asked the Vulcans to trial it. I'd say maybe we could see him eased into FG as a bench hooker for a few weeks, before transitioning to the halves? Would see a lot less pressure on him for sure.
Radio update.

Vulcans playing pretty bad by the sounds. A little depleted, and the Wolves have been bolstered by the Panthers having the bye.

Quite a few mistakes and against the wind in the first half. They find themselves down by 20 with 10mins until half-time.
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Gelling with a solo try. Heta's conversion is away. Wolves lead 20-4.
Gavet crashes over a minute out. Shrugged off a 100kg-odd Windsor player on the way. Many lulz. Coversion by Heta. 20-10 at half time.

Very strong wind at the Vulcans' back in the 2nd half. Will make a big difference.
Nice little interview with Wally Tooman from Oats at halftime.
Break by Godinet. Hot potato play and nearly in knicked on. Wolves get the ball back, but knock on. Scrum on attack to Vulcans.

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