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Tony Martin wants to be a Kiwi!​

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Aussie Warrior wants to be a Kiwi
26 January 2006

Australian-born centre Tony Martin wants to follow in the footsteps of fellow-New Zealand Warrior Brent Webb and play rugby league for the Kiwis.

Martin, 27, is eligible to represent New Zealand at the end of the year based on the length of his residency on this side of the Tasman.

The Queenslander said making himself available to wear the black jersey was something he had thought about seriously.

His wife's family is from New Zealand, while the couple's 13-month-old son, Tana, named after former All Black rugby captain Tana Umaga, was born in Auckland.

"At the end of the year, I would have been here for three years, so I would qualify to play for New Zealand," he said.

"It's definitely something that really excites me. Obviously how I'm playing is the big thing but I've got that at the back of my mind."

Martin said he spoken to his wife, Mel, about the issue and "she's obviously very supportive of it".

AdvertisementAdvertisementHe said he barracked for New Zealand during the Tri-Nations final in Leeds in November, when the Kiwis whitewashed the Kangaroos 24-0.

With a large contingent of Warriors in the New Zealand squad, it was the natural thing for him to do, he said.

"I had mates playing there, and you have to support your mates."

The one thing that would derail Martin from targeting a spot in the Kiwis would be if he got selected beforehand for the Queensland State of Origin squad.

However, he admitted he wasn't getting his hopes up too high on that score.

"They've had an Origin camp so they have pretty much got their house in order."

Fullback Webb, also originally from Queensland, has gained 10 Kiwis caps since making his test debut during the 2004 Tri-Nations tournament.

Martin, a member of the Melbourne Storm's grand final-winning side in 1999, joined the Warriors from the London Broncos.

The goal-kicking three-quarter is looking ahead to the new National Rugby League season with particular anticipation, after the frustrations of a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

He made 18 first-grade appearances in his first year with the Warriors in 2004 but managed just two last year before serious injury struck.

The mishap came in the away win over Brisbane in March and led to him needing neck surgery.

"Last year football-wise was a bit of a nightmare," he said.

"It's been 10 months since I've played, so I'm really looking forward to the trials."

Martin said he now felt 100 percent and had ceased to think about his neck during the Warriors' full-contact training sessions.

"It's come through all guns blazing, so all ticks in that department."

He said New Zealand's Tri-Nations triumph had given everyone at the club a lift ahead of a new campaign.

"It's an exciting time for everybody and those who were with the Kiwis came back from the UK really excited as well," he said.

"Every year there's confidence, but this year there just seems to be that little bit extra."

The Warriors open their NRL programme with a home match against the Storm on March 12.
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depends how this season turns out for him because we already plenty of talented centres in clinton toopi, nigel vagana and paul whatuira
yeah, i can't see him even securing a permanent position in the warriors 17 man squad to be honest, unless he pulls something out of his hat and proves me wrong (which i hope he does) i think he's missed the boat.

p.s. I am no longer a friggin ballboy!!!
Good luck to him. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. We need to keep increasing our catchment of players to ensure that the talent is always available - regardless of circumstance - to win against GB and Australia, and as a by-product grow the game in NZ.
Good on him. Glad to see that Aussie players are now wanting to play for the Kiwis. Shows how much times are changing!!!
Id rather kiwis played for the kiwis. Brent Webb i am happy with but not every second Tom Dick and Harry that happens to play for the warriors and an above average level.
Yeah I'd rather Kiwis play for the Kiwis as well but it is just nice to know that now Aussies are wanting to play for them.Aussies picking a NX team over an Aussie team is great!!!
well if he is good enough then pick him I say. webb is a kiwi as far as I am concerned and if martin does his time then I consider him one too.
Fat chance Tony

Villa come out and said the same thing last year but i supposed cos he played a test for Oz hes different. As mentioned above i doubt he will get 20+ games in for the Warriors this year
Fat chance Tony

Villa come out and said the same thing last year but i supposed cos he played a test for Oz hes different. As mentioned above i doubt he will get 20+ games in for the Warriors this year

I have to admit, that thing about villa annoys me, i was part of a large voice of kiwi's hoping he'd play for us in 2003 as both his biological parents were kiwi's, but he opted to play for Australia which is fair enough, now that his form has slumped and he knows S.O.O is becoming less likely for him, he wants to play for us. i think it should be a first choice, last choice thing, like Carroll betrayin us. If Karmichael's form slumped in a couple years and he decided he wanted to play for us, i doubt anyone on here would like to see that happen. I wouldn't
Why put the guy down? If he wants to it's his decision. I'm all for it really, I mean as some one else said the more the merrier. It don't hurt. At least these players know what they want.
Yes it would be weird there's no doubt about it, but the truth is if he wants it then he's going to have to work for it. All the best for him.
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!
That 3-year residency rule is the one thing that pisses me off most in Rugby League at the moment. I like Tony Martin - I've said many times before I hope he gets a good run this year - but HE IS NOT A KIWI!!!

And yes, I was saying the same about Brent Webb before his selection too.
I'm not about to hang Tony Martin for making that choice ... my grumble is solely with the rule that allows this sort of stuff. Personally, I reckon it cheapens the whole idea of International League and playing for your country.
If players are allowed to chop and change then it does cheapen the jersey. If they make a straight decision then it's all sweet. Upshot is, whatever the rules, we must take advantage of them to further the strength of league within NZ. Which is why I don't cry if locals leave or imports arrive. It's neccessary to expand the amount of players performing at the top level as well as exposing NZ based players to the experiences that foreign players have had. Success at both NRL and International level, regardless of who represents, is absolutely vital to raise the profile and importance of the code in NZ.

I see your point LN, but league is not in a position to get precious about relatively trivial matters if the end goal is to have any sort of aspirations going forward. If there are no aspirations then fair enough, we remain at the current level and enjoy what we have got.

Of course, none of this guarantees his selection. Good luck dude, you've got a bit to do.
it is as though the kiwi jersey is a 2nd option for these aussie wannabe kiwis.
lee oudenryan was another who aspired to the black jersey.
I'm 50/50 on it really.

First, he's got to make sure he's starting at the Warriors, which IMO comes down to fitness and goal kicking and defence.

Secondly, on the issue at hand, I'm not a fan of country swapping - particularly if its a case of, I'm not going to rep for Queensland so why not? It has to be for a genuine yearn to do it, which in this case, I reckon it is. The reason I say this is a few things, one thing I was particularly impressed by was the naming of his son Tana in honour of Tana Umaga. I've lived in Australia for many years, but I wouldn't be naming any of my kids after any Australian sports person, so that is a sign of respect in my eyes.

Good luck to him, firstly and foremost in the injury stakes. The guy has had a wretched run and regardless of his performance health and physical well being is paramount.
yeah, i kinda saw this Tony Martin thing happening last year when in all his foto's he was wearing a big as Pounamu and when he started the season, he's representing with Maori koru headgear, then naming his son Tana.. I was like, mmm, this dude wants to be a kiwi. but i still say he's gotta think about performin for tha warriors before where his allegencies lie!!!!!!!!!!!
His Mrs is maybe holding out on the "extra cirricular" activites at home...

She could be saying "I'm a kiwi, the kid's a kiwi, what about yourself ?"......


I don't really think it cheapens the jersey, it don't think he should mention that he has not got much of a chance of playing for QLD, then let's try the Kiwis.....I think if he want's to become a Kiwi citizen then fairplay to him, once that happens he become's available for the kiwis.

If it widens the talent pool, good, but in all fairness to him ( and I am a big Martin fan) he has not got much chance of making the team, let alone the squad, he is behind Vagana, Toopi, Hape and Paul W for starters....
if brent webb and tony martin are going to play for the kiwis then other australians that play for the warriors could do the same after three years e.g. grant rovelli, micheal luck, which doesn't sit comfortably with me

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