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Anyone know anything good/bad about Melbourne? Why/why not to move? Tips for poeple moving there? Just any advice at all for 2 people wanting to move there?
IanS is our resident Melbourne guru...

4 seasons in 1 day is quite the norm says my brother who lives there..
Been there for a visit and absolutely loved the place, very metropolitan, lot's of different cultures..

but to live there, Ian will know..
Melbourne is absolutely amazing. Best place in the whole of Australia! Very flash as well. Beautiful and well kept.

If I was interested in leaving New Zealand for Aussie I would most def. go there.
YeeeeAhhh! Melbourne look out, here we c0me.

I know you dont need anymore convincing Ronnie. Just quietly I hope Monday morning is a disaster (you know what I mean) :wink: ...So we can go cause havoC in Melb :lol:
I'm leaving and going to Melb on Thursday maybe in a week's time I'll let ya know!! LOL.

Just quietly...I prefer Sydney to Melb :p
Only coz I hate AFL. haha
Melbourne is a GW8T place. The suburbs are just as good also. Thats coming from a person who visits the place quite often..
Now the casino, well thats tops.
If I didnt have to pay maintenance to three #$%^ women, I'd be there in a flash.
How long ya going for cuz ?
For good. if its a disaster on monday!I been there like 4 years ago on a school trip was quite cool
Bugga, oh well.
Guess we could 'bang' into each other at Olympic Stadium.
But hey, if its all about your future, then I sincerely wish you the very best. Heaps of maori's over there too.
Plenty of watercress in the drains, but there are a few snakes slithering amongst them also. Pono. I seen them.
You take care Ronnie, and once you're settled, maybe you'll log back on again.
Looks like Woopity, is gonna be left all on her lonesome.
Nah shes coming with me!!lol. I don't eat watercress anyway and if we go over its not till like September and we definitely won't be forgetting to log in here!!!
Come up to Sydney. There are more of us expats up here. We are part of the furniture
Yes guys Im going...woke up one morning and from out of the blue I was craving for a taste of Oz. I still think im on some kind of high to make a life changing decision in a nights rest.

Always told people I would never go there, big snakes, huge spiders look who cant wait to get on a plane, and put her body on the line for those flesh eating insects.

I hear those toads in Brizzy are a pest and poisonous, are there many down in Melb?

Roll on September 1st - Woohoo!
Melbourne is a lovely place. Not unlike Auckland and other parts of New Zealand. The weather does change a lot during the course of the day, and lately humidity has become an issue too.

As a Kiwi you tend to be "accepted" a bit more, although you still cop it every now and then. It's actually quite funny really when a "wog" gives you sh!t about sheep.

Financially, the benefits of moving to Australia have diminished a lot IMO. Prices are almost as comparable to NZ. There's really not much in it these days.

If you don't like AFL, then you'll find it a lonely place to get any sort of conversation going. The 1st thing they will ask you is, who do you barrack for.

Even if you don't like AFL, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a 70k + crowd at the MCG.

I haven't seen many spiders where we are, although they are around. The huntsman are huge.

Make sure you come with plenty of money, or at least make sure you have everything planned.

If you are here by yourself or don't know anyone it can be quite lonely. I found that the hardest thing to overcome.

If you need someone to talk to or advice when you arrive, I'm here and available at any time. Just pm me and I'll give you my details.

If you want to catch a game at OP, then I'm up for that too as my son's a Storm supporter.

All in all, it's an exciting place and really easy to get and find your way around. The public transport is, quite frankly, sensational.
Thanks for the info IanS. I'll have Woop Woop.LOL. Plus my brother is moving there soon. Do you by any chance know how far out from the CBD or Melbourne Grovedale is?

Blimey, forget about Melbourne, you'll be on the other side of Geelong.

You'll be looking at about an hour, maybe more to the CBD of Melbourne, by car.
Cheers Ian.....

We haven't decided on where we are going, hopefully when Ronnies brother settles in he can head us in the right direction.

At the moment Melb as a whole is looking good and close to the city would be nice. We will definitely be chasing work within a week of our arriva and we're up for anything, you always hear talk back home how they love the hard working kiwis.

Could you maybe drop a few names of suburbs that might interest us or some of the close surrounding suburbs of Melb that we can have a look at over the net.

I'm North of Melbourne and it's very nice where we are. Freeway very handy and about 25 minutes to the city. Shopping centres within 15 minutes of me, north, south, east and west.

Lots of suburbs to choose from. The good thing is, public transport can take you pretty much anywhere.

If you want something close to the city, then you'd be looking at areas like, Carlton, Brunswick, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Richmond, Clifton Hill etc.

If you want something a bit further out, but still handy to the city via public transport. Then look at areas like, Moonee Ponds, Essendon and Strathmore in the north. In the east you've got areas like, Hawthorn, Fairfield and Kew. In the west you've got, Altona, Footscray and Flemington. In the south, St Kilda, Prahran and Toorak. All those areas are expensive as is the south-east corridor in general.

Other places you might like to look at are,

Doncaster, Coburg, Northcote, Preston, Heidelberg, Ascot Vale. All close to the city by train.

Failing that, try
Such a lovely chap you are Ian.

Thanks for all of that, now we can narrow our options down a bit more.

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