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Warriors Orange Peeler
Titans vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 14, 2017]
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Titans v Warriors: Schick Preview
Wed 07 Jun, 2017, 12:00pm
By Tony Webeck, Chief Queensland Correspondent‌‌, ‌‌‌

Schick Hydro Preview: Gold Coast Titans v Warriors
Cbus Super Stadium
Saturday, 3pm

It's fitting that as the Titans celebrate their 10 years in the Telstra Premiership this Saturday it is the Warriors who are the team that share the occasion.

So many of the significant moments in Gold Coast's history have involved the Warriors, from the 2010 qualifying final that drew the second-largest crowd ever to Cbus Super Stadium and put the team within reach of a grand final berth to the unveiling of Jarryd Hayne in Round 22 last year that saw more than 25,000 people converge on Robina, the biggest crowd since that finals meeting six years earlier.

Yet for all the joy the Titans have enjoyed against the Warriors there has been more than a fair share of despair with the Kiwis winning 12 of the past 13 meetings between the two teams including their past six at Robina.

The two sides come into this game level on the premiership table on 10 points apiece and cognisant of the need to start a winning run against a team that threatens to stand in their way should they sneak ahead this week.

Titans coach Neil Henry has played his trump card in the lead-up by naming Jarryd Hayne at fullback and recalling New South Wales Origin hooker Nathan Peats after he missed last week's loss to the Cowboys due to injury.

Hayne's shift to the back from left centre sees Dale Copley move in from the wing and William Zillman promoted to the starting side while for the Warriors Stephen Kearney has been forced to make the one change, Queensland prop Jacob Lillyman returns to the starting side for James Gavet (hamstring) with Bunty Afoa added to the bench.

The Titans will unveil their Team of the Decade during Saturday's celebrations but they aren't the only ones marking a milestone; Warriors back-rower Ryan Hoffman will play his 300th game in the NRL on Saturday.

‌Why the Titans can win: The Titans have shown the past two years that they are a team that finishes strongly so if they can keep pace with the fast-starting Warriors they should be able to power over the top late in the game. The Titans have score 18 of their 48 tries this season in the final 30 minutes of games while the Warriors have managed to score only half that many in the same period. The period between the 50th and 60th minute is the greatest concern for the Warriors; they have conceded nine tries in that period and not scored a single one themselves.

Why the Warriors can win: He had an awful game against the Eels last week but Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson will have his eyes on a Titans' left-edge defence that has been suspect all season and is again trotting out a new combination. With Johnson often the spark, the Warriors shift to their right 30 per cent more often than they go to the left and with Dale Copley moving in from the wing to play left centre and William Zillman coming onto the wing Johnson will no doubt test their levels of communication in defence more than once. If they can pull that side of Gold Coast's defence apart the points should flow.

History: Played 21; Titans 7, Warriors 14. Between 2008 and 2010 the Titans dominated this match-up with six straight wins but outside of that it has been all the Warriors. Their overall record on the Gold Coast stands at seven wins from 11 games including the past six on the trot and they also have a commanding edge in games played between these two sides on Saturdays, winning eight of 10. Konrad Hurrell has played in seven games involving these two sides and scored seven tries (six for Warriors, one for Titans).

What are the odds: The money is flowing three-to-one in favour of Gold Coast, with Sportsbet taking twice the number of individual bets on the Titans compared to the Warriors. Gold Coast 1-12 is the most popular winning margin while Konrad Hurrell is the one punters want in the first try-scorer market.

Match officials: Referee: Dave Munro; Assistant Referee: Chris Sutton; Touch Judges: Rickey Mcfarlane and Nick Morel; Review Official: Ben Galea; Senior RO: Jared Maxwell.

Televised: Fox League – Live from 2.30pm predicts: Titans coach Neil Henry may refuse to believe in bogy teams but as Winston Churchill once said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." After recording just one win from their past 13 games against the Warriors the Titans need to learn their lesson or be in danger of losing touch completely with the top eight. In a clash of two inconsistent teams it might just be the Titans who are the least inconsistent. Just. Titans by four points.
enjoy the game ...

i truly cant be fucked watching it.

the effort required to flick between that and what ever other shit is on tv at that time is not worth it for that team of muppetts.

The Warriors have finally done it...after all this time they are no longer a must see.

i cant find it within myself to support a team that does not want to win...and an admin that consistently rewards mediocrity.

the million dollar man being a case in point.
I hope johnson gets through a game without doing that annoying 5th tackle miskick - that would be progress. Cant see kata not dropping the ball at least twice tho
I'm sitting here trying to write something insightful about tonights game but I really don't care enough right now
Will probably watch it because I am a sad addict and I love the Warriors even though they are bad for me
Anyone in Wellington want to help with setting up a self help meeting? Maybe a 12 step Warriors recovery plan?
Well Ive been giving them all a fair bagging all week but today's a new day- a beautiful Gold Coast winters day- the suns shinning and I'm feeling fine.
Actually can't wait to take the kids down to cbus- it's always a great day when the warriors are in town. We always win and we'll win today, cop the bye next week and we're back in the running.
Vete and lisone to go nuts off the bench, Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to carve up the titans left edge.
Happy days are here again:)
I bet we'll pull off an arsey win to keep everyone interested.

They're the one side we seem to have the wood on. Most our tries conceded have been directly from individual player efforts, if these stop we might actually be able to hold a side under 20 points.

That's all I care about, defence. If we hold them to 3 tries or under, we'll likely win.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Kearneys master plan. Let Kata leak two trys in the first 10 again, then hook him for CNK once were on the back foot. Quality processing there ah Steven.
I'm sitting here trying to write something insightful about tonights game but I really don't care enough right now
Will probably watch it because I am a sad addict and I love the Warriors even though they are bad for me
Anyone in Wellington want to help with setting up a self help meeting? Maybe a 12 step Warriors recovery plan?

What's the point now they have shat on Benedict! 12 steps to a level crossing is a better bet. Now I have to battle a fucken mouse in my ceiling the smart wanker doesn't eat peanut butter.
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