General Tigers vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 2, 2019]

Who will win?

  • Warriors Taming 13+!

    Votes: 37 39.8%
  • Warriors 12-

    Votes: 34 36.6%
  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

    Votes: 11 11.8%
  • DRAW

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tigers 12-

    Votes: 3 3.2%
  • Tigers Strike 13+!

    Votes: 8 8.6%

  • Total voters
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I’m still optimistic, we beat ourselves this game and that is fixable.

Lisone... enough said.

Senior players rushing shit, should have known better: even Tohu Harris did it.

Buggered by Klein.

Kicking short over our wingers is a worrying weakness, exloited the same way the storm did.
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On hindsight this loss could be the best thing if we are to make the 8. Don't let last week's performance guide you as to how good this team is. Everyone will smash the dogs.
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Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
We are shit, we have no structure play and play park football, can't put pressure on the tigers, they are alll over us
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Disappointing game.

Stupid errors and lacklustre defensive efforts been worse than questionable decisions.

Shame to lose that points differential as well, bugger.

Still.... f@ck Jamie Soward 😂
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Rippin' and a Tearin'
How bad is Lisone? Can someone explain why they have persevered with him for several years now, and he always dishes up the same shit?

Fucking horrible.

Luke and Blair don't seem to understand when to offload or hold the ball.

General ill discipline killed the warriors today, they had no chance.
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This is one of their Top ten worst ever performances just when you think they have turned a corner they offer up this bullshit.
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Had high hopes for the season

Shaun Johnson leaving didn’t faze me, smashed the tigers in preseason, cleaned up last week. We looked fit, strong and fast.

This week was so unexpected and I feel absolutely gutted... still think tigers are not even a top 8 team
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