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Were Billy Moore's comments racist?

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Far Away Fan

Former Origin great Billy Moore feeling heat after Polynesian 'coconut football" slur.

Former Australia and Queensland rugby league star Billy Moore is feeling the heat after describing the New Zealand Warriors' play as "coconut style".

Moore made the Polynesian slur on Fox Sports' NRL 360 on Thursday night when discussing how the Warriors would cope without injured star Shaun Johnson.

"They play that coconut style, Polynesian sort of football…throwing it around," Moore said on air.

His comments sparked an immediate uproar on Twitter with many questioning if the former origin great was being racist.

TV3 Sports producer Tony Wright tweeted: "Billy Moore's exact words on the @NZWarriors on live TV 'They play that coconut style, Polynesian sort of football... throwing it around.'"

Matthew McKinnon asked: "Billy Moore just call Polynesians coconuts?@FOXNRLLive."

Moore's poor choice of words follows a week where racism in sport has been under the spotlight in New Zealand and Australia...


In my opinion it isn't racism, it's more like a bit of banter. Maybe we should just own the style we play and besides, I've never thought of the term coconut as being derogatory. But then I'm not an islander living in Auckland.

It isn't racist at all.

The way I interpreted it, he meant how you would literally throw coconuts if you're using it as a rugby ball. Like some of our Polynesian players might have done growing up. The same way I used a branch as a cricket bat when I didn't have a proper one.

I really hope none of the players say anything and make us look stupid like some fans (as fucking usual) already are on social media. It's the usual fake outrage on social media and will be gone once the whistle blows to start the round tonight.


It’s a bit on the nose, but who doesn’t love coconut football!

....successive warriors coaches apparently, seeing as we don’t really play like that very often.
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Read a Sci Fi short story where this planet had only two laws, both punishable by death, one was offending someone and the second was for taking offence too easily. Other examples
'Willie away', rugby move, named after Wilson Whineray, white All Black Captain, is that racist?
'Mankad', bowler in cricket running out non facing batsman for backing up too far, Mankad was an Indian bowler, racist?
'Fish head', Rugby term for older administrator, ageist?
'Chinaman', cricket, obviously racist.
'Maiden over', Cricket, sexist.

For me the question shouldn't be about racism, I am more concerned about the seemingly exponential rise in wankerism.
- Yeah it is over reaction but still he shouldn't have used word especially in context of what he was saying. That's why it's being perceived as racist because it is racist term that should never personally be used by anybody and I'm disappointed that in this day and age one of my childhood heroes Billy Moore didn't have sense to know this. Still just because comment itself is racist doesn't mean the person who said it is. Here's hoping that some people have the sense to differentiate between the two... :(
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I think it's because there's such a spotlight on racism at the moment with the whole Goodes thing (which I personally think has been blow way out of proportion) that the media and do-gooders are primed to attack anything that even resembles racism. Moore's not a racist, he just made an offhand comment that people jumped all over.