General The Get Better Brent Campaign! (Deadline: Thursday 14th May)


Okay, so to many of you, this isn't anything new. And I apologise for being so belated with it, but the wristbands have kept my attention for the better part of three months.

Anyway...I'm going to get a large 'Get Well' card for us to address to Brent Tate, on behalf of the fans at the forum. If you guys could please pass on your well wishes, I'll write them all up and deliver it to the club when it's finished.

To get an idea of past cards, here are other ones I did last year:
The Get Well Wade McKampaign:
The Farewell Wiki Campaign:
The Swann Song Campaign:
The Bye Bye Wai Campaign:

And to get an idea of what they look like:

So post your well wishes for Brent, and let's make him feel welcome in what is still a relatively new team in a relatively new country. I'll work out a deadline after I see how numerous and prompt your responses are.

A word to the wise: swear words will be censored and negative comments will be excluded, so let's give the guy a boost!


Get well brent. We need you. Enjoy a succulent Wendys Cheeseburger so you can get better.


Hey Brent!

Get well soon mate, the Warriors aren't paying you half the clubs salary cap to just sit on the sidelines and feel sorry for yourself!

You owe us.

Get well soon!


Actually you better not use that one, I'll think of something a little more sympathetic and get back to this thread later.

☆ИITЯO ßOY✯_old

Yo Brent!

Hey, hope you get better, everyone is looking forward for you to comeback and we've all been grateful to have you on our team :p

Get well,


Brent, keep your chin up we're all behind you and we'll see you back on the park real soon


Hey mate, if Wadeo can do it, so can you.

I'll see you at the Grand Final :thumb:

"Pain is temporary, quitting is forever"
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Brent, keep your chin up we're all behind you and we'll see you back on the park real soon

He has the biggest chin in the NRL!! Tonie Carroll and Brent Todd were also in the Chin XIII together with that Chinese guy.


Brent, success is your only mother-f**king option...failure's not.

Now I know you are going to censor that, and I don't worked for Wade, I'm still of the belief that my sentiment was the one that got him fit earlier than expected last year.


haha soz JB there's more joke comments than actual ones. I'll write a proper one soon


Hey Brent

I think you are very fast and tackle very well.

Sorry to here about the knee. You are a star and you optimize (sp?) what a warrior should be.

Seriously though you have been a real awesome addition to the boys in your time here, I love the way you play. You are one of my favorites to watch.

Cheers and God Bless.