General TAB Betting Thread

Mr Frank White

I started taking note last year after halfway thru the season, especially the predicted blowout games.

So like blackjack, tiny bets on marginal games and bigger bets on predicted blowouts.
Taking the line as well a couple of anytime try-scorers can be profitable. Also don't forget to hedge the underdog.

Mr Frank White

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My first sports bet was $50 on us to beat the tigers in the 2011 semi and Ive been trading off that money ever since (although I avoid punting on them now).
Not a big punter and don’t touch the nags or slappers (pokies).
I tend to bet against the odds rather than the team so if I see a team paying $5 and I think they’re a $3 shot I’ll take them odds- probably drop a fiver on it.
Also if a team is paying $1.60 and I think they’re a certainty I’ll take them odds too- that might be worth $20.
Not terribly scientific but it’s worked for me (although u could argue $462 dollars isn’t a great return for 11 years work 🤔 )

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