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Taane Milne
Taane Milne signed for 2 years.

League: Former Wests Tigers centre Taane Milne signs two-year deal with New Zealand Warriors
4 Nov, 2018 2:11pm

Taane Milne played for Fiji in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. Photo / Getty Images

Former Wests Tigers centre Taane Milne has been given an NRL lifeline by the New Zealand Warriors, signing a two-year deal with the club.

The Sunday Telegraph reported the deal, which stemmed from a handwritten letter sent by Milne to Warriors coach Stephen Kearney.

Milne was sacked by the Tigers during the 2018 NRL season after turning in a second positive drug test. His note to Kearney was simple.

"I told him I'm not a drug addict," Milne told the Telegraph. "I wrote to him — spelling errors and all — telling him that I wanted to play in the NRL again. That I owned up to my errors and I was on the right track. I knew I could offer something to the club."

According to the Telegraph, Warriors skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck reached out to offer support, as did the man who recruited Milne to the Roosters earlier in his career, Warriors recruitment manager Peter O'Sullivan.

Milne leaves for New Zealand today will start pre-season training with the Warriors tomorrow.

The 23-year-old was born in Auckland and has represented Fiji on six occasions, and realises the opportunity he has been given at the Warriors after his mistake with the Tigers led him to a "wake-up call".

"I don't have a drug problem," Milne said. "I made a mistake. A really costly one and I embarrassed myself and my family. I felt so much embarrassment.

"It was my fault though and I can't blame anyone else. I did this to me. But I have learnt so much. I've grown up. I had a really good job and I lost it all.

"I thought my NRL career was done and people would just remember as a guy who had a drug problem. I want to use this to help people. Only now am I comfortable speaking about what I did.

"Alcohol was a factor and I've been off it for months. I've made a promise to myself not to drink the entire pre-season."

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Think he'd be in the top 30? On playing ability yes, but will need to earn it. Might be a good thing for him getting out of Sydney. Would prefer Herbert, maybe we're getting Milne instead?

Maybe they aren't keen on Kata next season.
Good luck to Milne.

Reading his comments about not being a drug addict, I don't think he 'gets it' the problem isn't addiction, the problem is engaging in risk behaviour that totally stuffs up something great you had.

Not to say that he won't get it eventually he's young and people do shit it is the way of it.

Right Center not left from memory, so Kata's probably still safe.

I am trying to think of a charity case that we got right and there was a middle of the road Aussie Halfback with booze and pills problems...always forget his name...Brett Seymour (Wiki'd it) mind you he was rumoured to be the supplier of drugs to the ill fated Kiwis WC squad.

Milnes a big Center with pace and footwork, pretty fancy hands in some situations his defence sucks...but don't all Centers...in others he excels in smashing people.

Hope it all works out I don't mind we are having a go.

He was highly rated at the Dragons who were sorry to see him leave for the Tigers, then the inconsistency and troubles basically stuffed his potential somewhat.

He is an NRL player, not an ISP player.

23 ?
Low risk, high reward type signing, but a few stories I saw coming out about his attitude to training and in general weren't pretty.

Hopefully his actions speak louder than his words otherwise this will probably be the most of a mention he gets in these parts.


One of the best in and always in the game, we’ll all be crossing our fingers and hoping our he can keep his shit together from here.
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One of the best in and always in the game, we’ll all be crossing our fingers and hoping our he can keep his shit together from here.

Shaun Metcalfe didn't work out playing-wise for us, but he seemed to get his life on track as far as I know. Corey Webster seems to be ok-to use a basketball equivalent. I think it helps young people more to be given chances than if we just left them on the scrap heap. Look at Gavet and Matagi.

When the self-esteem rises, when other people show faith and trust, eventually young people get there. I'm good with it. He's still young. The humble manner in which he has come to us is different to Kevin Locke's situation. Locke was told he was good very early, and his head seemed to get too big. People don't know a lot about Milne, except the drug thing. There's no pressure for the club to keep him. The onus is all on him to make it happen. it will either make or break him.

I'm happy with that deal.
Unsure on this

Aust schoolboy(RU) two time junior kiwi, one of the best centres in last years World Cup


He’s been stung for drugs at two different clubs, he was also playing really poorly for tigers ISP team this year before he was sacked. I’ve read he has a bad attitude and is a poor trainer.

Let’s hope he gives this opportunity a decent crack
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