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Sad to see how far Bradford have fallen- the Bulls were a top club not that long ago
I remember them winning the Rugby Union Sevens tournament in London. They played a premiership match the night before drove down to London the following day and cleaned up all
the rah rahs. Robbie Paul was the skipper.


This year yet?
They were an awesome team back in the early 2000s. Had the Pauls brothers, Joe Vagana, a young Jamie Peacock and Tevita Vaikona who was a beast out on the wing.

How the mighty have fallen...
Aaaah the Paul’s- what a shame they never played for the Warriors, was a massive fan back in the day
They were an awesome team back in the early 2000s. Had the Pauls brothers, Joe Vagana, a young Jamie Peacock and Tevita Vaikona who was a beast out on the wing.

How the mighty have fallen...
Add Vainakolo and Hape.
Bradford were once termed the 'monsters of Rugby League' by the then Wigan chairman

An indication of the financial mess they got themselves into is here:

Although I don't know him, I occasionally bump into Robbie Paul as he is involved in a business venture with someone I know and I've met him a few times
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NZ was full of immigrants from way back then, mainly from Britain, so I think the Kiwis would have heard a Yorkshire accent but I doubt the Yorkshiremen would have heard a Kiwi accent,probably thought they were posh Cockneys.
Not often I get to use the word oxymoron but there's one right there Bruce.:D:D
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Knights Want to Belong to USARL Elite
The New York Knights enter the 2018 national clubs competition wanting to be competitive and to belong to USA Rugby League’s elite.
By Brian Lowe | USARL Media Relations | @BrianDavidLowe
June 1, 2018

The club has put the disappointment of last year’s championship loss behind it and according to head coach Guillaume Cieutat the players know the only way to achieve their goals is to earn them.

“Winning silverware, as a primary objective, is a dangerous distraction in my opinion and it's too often driven by selfish motives,” he says. “Playing good, consistent and smart footy is our #1 objective, not winning which is just the result.

“Losing a Grand Final is always a painful experience for the playing group and the coaching staff, but it's also a very valuable one. I think we learned a lot from that game and even if there were valid factors that affected our preparation (e.g. travel on game day, logistics), we were still in a position to win that game at kickoff time and we failed in that respect. What is interesting for us now is less to digest what went wrong that day and more to focus on taking the next step in our development as a group. That's basically what is exciting in 2018: exploring the headroom in our collective potential.”
This year’s Knights squad is 90 per cent identical to that of 2017. There are a couple of new and returning faces who the team hopes will add value where it was a bit short last year, but otherwise no drastic overhaul.

Coach Cieutat says New York is also making a couple of positional changes that are the consequence of players’ maturity and/or appetite to take on more responsibilities.

And he says even though the NORTH Conference is down a team, it will still be competitive.

“I'm not expecting an easy ride by any means! We probably have a target on our back from last year that I'm sure will be a source of extra motivation for our opponents. I know it sounds a bit lame, but the only pressure we have is to play our own brand of football. This group has been playing together for the last three years, so reaching a mature stage of football is truly the objective and it's not an easy one to achieve. Playing according to our strength, mitigating our shortcomings, patience under the pump - these are characteristics that are pretty hard to develop at a team level, so we have a lot of work in front of us.”
Looking ahead to this season, Cieutat says it will be a success if the Knights can look back at the end of it all and say they were a solidary group of guys who were organized, were hard to beat week in week out and genuinely had fun.

Rhinos Open Title Defense with Solid Win
The newest team in America has made its debut in the USA Rugby League’s national clubs competition and made a reasonably decent fist of things despite it being a baptism of fire.
By Brian Lowe | USARL Media Relations | @BrianDavidLowe
June 10, 2018

On a day when Justify made horseracing history by becoming the 13th winner of the Triple Crown, the Southwest Florida Copperheads hosted the reigning national champion Atlanta Rhinos, but it was all one-way traffic as the champs won 58-6.

The Rhinos got their season off to the best possible start by scoring early and never being headed.

“I don’t want to say we were nervous, but we were a little uneasy and unsure of what to expect,” said Rhinos captain Nick Newlin.

“We’re hurting a little bit on numbers this year with some guys moving on after the championship season. We had some guys at the last minute put their hand up ready to play that had never played league before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. But our core of six, seven guys that have been playing now for four or five years really stepped up and took charge on the field and got the new guys involved and got them comfortable which is really a key factor.”
On a typically hot and humid spring day in south Florida, storms rolled through Lehigh Acres, near Fort Myers, just before kickoff to cool things down and make for better playing conditions.

The new home team tried hard throughout the 80 minutes, although with a roster full of debutants, it was tough sledding. The closest they got was 12-6 about twelve minutes into the game but trailed 30-6 by halftime.

Atlanta also fielded a team containing several new players having their first hit-out in rugby league and one of them, replacement Irving Carcamo, had a dream debut scoring a hat-trick of tries.

He came on not long after the Copperheads had scored their try and had an immediate impact. The rugby union player from Charlotte, NC, scored all three of his tries in the first half. Another Charlotte union player Ty Elkins also made the trip to Florida for the Rhinos and had an excellent game.

Atlanta center Terrence Williams was another of the many Rhinos’ try-scorers.

Atlanta is one of several cubs in the USARL that have player/coaches this season. Englishman Joe Cowley, who has been a regular starter for the Rhinos since joining them in their second year, has stepped into the role to take over from former coach Jordan Smedley who returned to Australia.

At halftime, he encouraged the team to complete their sets, keep their composure and not let the Copperheads back into the game and that’s exactly how things panned out.

“Got to complement the Copperheads though,” added Newlin. “They came out there, they never backed down and hit till the last whistle.

“You can tell they’ve got a lot of potential. They’ve just got a lot of young guys that are new to the game.”

For the Copperheads, their lone try-scorer was import hooker Tyler Lenardson, who plays for the Corrimal Cougars in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. His score was converted by center Jude Kermundu.

“We did not fully achieve our two goals of staying flat on defense and finishing all of our sets of six for the full 80 minutes,” said Copperheads founder Curtis Goddard.

“However, we now know what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to fulfill these goals in this competition. We will learn and grow, and I know that because the 17 men selected Saturday exemplified our two core values, work ethic and coachability, and did not give up on themselves or each other. Everyone was humble, everyone checked their ego, everyone was learning for all 80 minutes and everyone stayed positive regardless of the scoreline. The great news is our senior leadership can help guys like this because they are excited about the game and want to be helped. We are going to have a big week of training and look to improve even more next week against a strong Tampa Mayhem team here at home.”
Atlanta wanted to get their season off to a winning start, particularly as they host an improved Jacksonville Axemen next week in what has become a heated rivalry game in the South.

The plan was to get their new players some confidence ahead of what shapes up as a very competitive game.

Meantime, in the NORTH Conference, the Brooklyn Kings (2-0), Philadelphia Fight (2-0) and White Plains Wombats (1-1) all posted wins in their Round 2 matchups.

Atlanta Rhinos 58-6 Southwest Florida Copperheads
Brooklyn Kings 46-20 Northern Virginia Eagles
White Plains Wombats 36-30 Boston 13s
Philadelphia Fight 40-16 Delaware Black Foxes


This year yet?
definitely on the radar for the NRL and NZRL and ERL have beaten them to it in taking care of their own National identities..

I wouldn't be surprised to see an NRL franchise based in Hawaii in the future..

They’d face a few challenges;
- time zone is a day behind and -4 hours from Aus, would limit home games to being played Saturday evening (Hawaii) to be of any decent time slot for Aus.
-Union is only just getting a bit of recognition(mainly because of 7s), league is unheard of. American sports are still by far the most popular.
-Weather, NRL season is essentially summer in Hawaii and is very humid with lows of around 24degrees at night.
-Travel is about a 9-10 hour flight, and people complain about Perth...
-Outside of the tourist areas there’s a decent amount of homelessness, poverty and slums. The people that could afford to go would be tourists and you’d get a Gold Coast scenario with trouble maintaining a supporter base.

Would be a nice away trip though

Rugby league's growing horizons

For a sport often accused of being moored in the 'M62 corridor' across Lancashire and Yorkshire, rugby league increasingly has broadened its horizons.

Catalans Dragons from Perpignan and Toulouse fly the French flag these days, while Canadian side Toronto Wolfpack joined the competition last season and have been a runaway success with League One and Championship league leaders' honours.

In terms of the Challenge Cup, despite not having a professional league or teams, Scotland have been represented by Aberdeen Warriors, while other French clubs such Pia Donkeys, Villeneuve and Saint Gaudens have competed.

Serbian rugby league has been in existence since the 1950s when it was introduced to the former Yugoslavia, while the national team are currently 17th in the international rankings.

Red Star, Dorcol and Partizan Belgrade are among the top clubs in the Serbian league.

Doncaster's Jason Muranka is a Serbia international, while there are Australians of Serb descent in the elite southern hemisphere National Rugby League.

Manly Sea Eagles brothers Jake and Tom Trbojevic both play for the Australian Kangaroos national team, while Brisbane Broncos centre Tom Opacic has also played first-grade.
Reports out of England suggest that a team from Belgrade and onenfrom Dublin are looking to follow Les Catalans, Toulouse and Toronto by joining the Super League lower divisions.
Amazing that Red Star Belgrade have taken RL up, a great production line of football players from that club before the Yugoslav split and it will be interesting how the game goes there. Playing a team from neighbours Croatia would be a bit naughty mind.


This year yet?
Like the idea of having more of an international flavour, shame PNG is a bit of a basket case and the islands are too small a market to support their own club side sadly for it to happen in the NRL
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