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An NRL team is a total reflection of the processes and structures put in place by the coach and his staff, from training schedules, game plans, defense and attack structures.

At the NRL Level you could implement a game plan that could also be used by an under 14 side, it's the coaches job to get the best out of every player and right now it is fair to say that Cappy is failing at this.

Some coaches can put so much emphasis on the technical aspect of the game they neglect the most basic of coaching techniques, building a positive relationship with your squad.

Here's a simple example of this in a real word scenario.

Your supervisor is a dictator, never acknowledges the work you do, only ever tells you what your doing wrong, you ask for personal leave and he denies it because HE has deadlines he needs to meet and couldn't care less about you as a person. Would this make you want to do the very best job you can for him?


Your supervisor is a respectful and fair man, asks you how your day is going, what you got upto in the weekend, tells you at least once a week "thank you for all the hard work this week mate", puts on a BBQ once a month for you and your colleagues, goes into bat for you and takes all the heat from upper management, is firm but fair and doesn't talk down to you, now would you want to do the best job possible for this supervisor?

The right coach for the Warriors is someone who understands the culture, someone who can master the art of man management and basically turn the switch on for each and every player, week in, week out, this is where Bennett reigns supreme.
Manu concedes the try then looks up at the big screen to see what went wrong.

You came in off your wing again big fella. Love ya but we'll never win a Premiership with you and most of these bums in our team.
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The feel good story of the week though was never us going to beat the storm, it was having a princess being the watergirl for the little ones on the weekend
Just waiting for the post-game hand shakes, hugs and laughs like this was all just a piss around in between catching up with the bros.
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